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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

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  • One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

    This thread is to compile a list of all matches which you felt were completely one-sided.

    If you want to post an unbalanced match in this thread you will need to post in this specific format:

    Match ID: xxxxxxxxxx

    Description: Why do you think this was one-sided? Were there any particularly strong or weak players? If so, were both teams in the same situation? Did someone say something like it's their first time to play a hero? Was one of the team dynamics off (wrong heroes picked). Basically, give as much info as possible to help the devs investigate.

    Each Match ID needs to have a separate description.


    Remember, we are looking for completely one-sided games. If it was only a bit one-sided then please don't post it in here. Also, if someone was intentional feeding or disconnected/AFK/fountain camping then please don't report those here. We are looking for specific issues with the matchmaking algorithms only.

    You may only reply to a post if you have something helpful for the devs to add to the conversation, like if you noticed something in particular that's useful about a replay that someone posted. Any other posts will be deleted. Any posts that just list match id's and no detailed description will also be removed.

    note: battlepoints and battle level are not relevant factors for matchmaking.

    Originally posted by blash365
    the longer you search for a match, the broader the search range gets. unbalanced matches might be results of a broad search range. either change to a better populated server (in case you are playing at odd hours) or simply reset the search to restart at a finer search range.
    Last edited by blash365; 09-26-2012, 06:53 AM. Reason: added note about battlelevel
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  • #2
    **************UPDATE 20/01*****************

    Match id 104314368
    So I get matched up against the known fail 5man stack TDK... and on my team I get the pro thread closer moderator blash! Game was just a stomp, top feeds blash, bot feeds and middle doesn't feed since it's an Invoker against a solo Spiritbreaker. Even though I clearly failed woods, I quickly managed to catch up due to enemy feed (Brood even fed some extra spiders) and manage to outlevel everyone in the game. Doom with Midas was the one with the least xpm in the entire game except for the Dazzle who was just feeding. Game ends 36-7

    Match id 102535952
    Absurd game.. So this Viper takes mid away from me and gets 0 denies against a solo Tidehunter. Both WR and Ursa top feed hardcore against 2 melee heroes, Lycan feeds bot, Viper has 0 farm and just feeds. Game ends 12-42

    Match id 102257088
    Ridiculous game. I thought from the beginning that I would be an easy game since one guy in the enemy team was a known game ruiner. My team was just worse than him. Visage and Lina go top and they just feed and feed and feeed. I went for jungle as Lycan and the enemy BH was trying so hard to kill me, for 2 times he left the lane for me unsuccessful, even with all this time he left Clinkz to free farm when Bounty came back he sure farmed that Clinkz like some creep. Game ends with a very sad 15-43 score

    Match id 100321706
    And again I get matched up with a guy who previously ruined my games but this one I forgot to also mute so I only noticed it when I tried to report him. My team gets Sven and Lycan and he picks OD for some reason, and then claims that OD isn't a carry, oh boy you just know the game is going to suck. Anyways I manage to get first blood against the Mirana but suddenly, OD feeds and feeds and feeds and feeeeeeeeeeeds. The rest of my team also feed.
    Game ends 52-7 with OD ending with a score of 0-19-1

    Match id 99855849
    So I get matched up against a guy who ruined one or more of my previous games who is Tinker, surprisingly his team is even worse than him. Disruptor doesn't even skill Glimpse for some reason, russian picks Medusa. Game ends 40-10

    Match id 99572538
    This time I get matched up not only against one, but 2 guys that ruined some of my previous games, the Kunkka and Cherepa the obviously braindamaged Luna. It's even hard to describe this game, only Ursa is kinda trying to play while the rest just feed and die. This luna tries to jungle with a poor man shield and feeds and feeds.
    Game ends with a very sad 10-52 score.

    Match id 97630745
    This game was a total joke, Timber feeds top and becomes useless. Necro fails mid so hard that around the 18minute mark, Medusa who was laning against him had Midas, Phase, Yasha and Dominator while Necro only had Boots of Speed and Bottle. As a solo mid he almost had the lowest creep score AND THE LOWEST LEVEL in the entire game which is really pathetic.
    Game ends with a pathetic 4-31

    Match id 95561349
    Another joke game where my team should have the better picks for the early game, but completely feeds. WR feeds 1-10 and rushes an Ogre Club? Timber feeds 5-12, Clock feeds 2-9, Veno feeds 1-7. Even with some ganking by me it's impossible to scrap this game away from the early game stage so it ends really fast with a 14-42 score

    Match id 93998676
    Total joke game where even though I have more kills than deaths even though I had my ancient stack countered by the enemy tryhards, my team still gets smashed even before the 20minute mark with a 4-20 score.

    Match id 93980739
    Another obvious matchmaking fail where the morphling in my team starts the game with a NAKED RING OF HEALTH. It was plain obvious that he would lose mid, just not so hard that he dies FOUR TIMES IN FOUR MINUTES to the enemy Shadow Fiend. He ONLY GOT 8 LASTHITS ON A 20MINUTE GAME. This is the best example of forcing a 50% winrate on solo players, matching them with total trash. I got smashed by the SF's gank. What can I say about the rest of my team? Gyro goes poor man shield against Dark Seer, Naix barely gets a Midas and CM had no impact whatsoever.
    Game ends with a very pathetic score of 26-3 with only 18minutes of gameplay.

    **************UPDATE 01/12*****************

    Match id 71050918
    So I get matched up against link from MYM... along with 4 bad players. Total trash game. Mirana calls for solo mid but then just feeds and gets underleveled. Around 8minutes in, Mirana was only level 5 while Viper was level 11! Slark feeds like hell going against Dark Seer. Lina feeds. Mirana feeds. Rubick feeds. Our solo mid Mirana has the lowest gold per minute in the game. Embarrassing 20 minute game ends with a 26-6 score

    Match id 70475910
    Invoker feeds mid lane, Kunkka and Rubick feed top lane. Wisp makes these really bar relocates into Void chronospheres that account for about 4 of my deaths in this game.. No one buys courier for the first 30minutes. No wards. Enemies way too much fed for me to kill them even with Daedalus and Madness

    Match id 70059061
    Perfect babysitting play by me on the Lich, keeping Drow out of the lane and making her stay level 1 until 4 minutes,b though Jugger fails last hits and pushes the lane, and then dives the tower when we had no chance to kill the Drow so he dies. Storm feeds mid. Dark Seer feeds bot lane over and over again. Nature's Prophet doesn't do a damned thing the whole game. A 17 minutes game that ends with a 30-8 score

    ************* LONG TIME UPDATE 14/11*****************
    This is an update because I think I got used to the fact that matchmaking has went down the toilet, but here it is a long one with many really ridiculous games:

    Match id 68616773
    Joke game ending with a pathetic score of 28-4 (2 of the kills are enemies diving fountain), after I see our lineup, I call woods, and the last guy for some reason picks Nature's Prophet and goes woods as well. Windrunner feeds first blood on the first wave, Windrunner feeds one minute after, then feeds again. Storm feeds mid. Alchemist feeds top. Prophet doesn't teleport to kill a guy with 10% hp nor to kill the courier. Windrunner feeds yet again, flames, says he doesn't care and then afks. Even the opponents complain about the game being too easy due to massive feeding.

    Match id 62664224
    I'm queing solo against a 5 stack, and I know that 3 of them aren't really bad players... problem is that I get 4 totally randoms who all are bad. Both top and bot lost, no one ganks and I lose mid because of the retarded nerf on Invoker's damage that makes Sniper survive with 20hp and then Bounty comes and ganks me. Final score was Radiant 30-6 Dire. I'm fine playing against a stack, as long as matchmaking doesn't give me 4 random baddies.

    Match id 62677381
    Right in the next game I get paired up with Calculus from MYM. He goes against this really bad Pudge who feeds him first blood at level 1. Enemy Venge, Drow and Lycan also play really bad. I just farmed jungle and basically didn't have to do anything because the enemy just played like crap even though they had wards up. We had a bad Puck but the enemy had 4 low skilled guys.

    Match id 62234494
    Really bad picks by our side but still... I get an AM that finishes the game 0-7-1 with a 36minute Battlefury. One assist out of 20 kills that our team had and still really crap farm. I buff Ursa multiple times but he doesn't even skill Earthshock (the kills Ursa had was because of my Surge). Ursa goes Sange and Drums... My friend Tiny loses mid because going against TA and I got really foccused down by BH. Their team had no real bad player while my team has this really bad Ursa and one of the worst AMs I've ever seen.

    Match id 61548538
    Silencer feedfeedfeedafkfeed. Drow also feeding even though severeal times warned to stay back. But Silencer is so bad that he even finishes the 30minute game at level 7. Prophet playing well even though I owned him mid. Their team just way above my team's level.

    Match id 61490314
    This game was really easy since Rubick, Viper and Prophet were really bad players, always getting caught alone, overextending and suiciding. Windrunner wasn't that good also, the only reason this game lasted was because PL was playing really well, too bad he had to abandon his farming to help failing team mates. We had a trash BM (who even went armlet for some reason). But one bad guy doesn't compensate 3 baddies on the other team.

    Match id 54182165
    Me and my friend QoP get paired with 3 russians who obviously have no clue about what they are playing and they go suicide multiple times fighting 2v4 and the likes, which makes us lose the game.

    Match id 53032469
    3 feeders in the enemy team. Maiden Tiny lane loses hardcore against a solo WR. Maiden finishes game with only level 8 because of feed and afk. Ursa not even caring about the game and dying on dumb places, like attempting roshan alone when I'm visible farmnig next to roshan pit with Aghanim Nightstalker.

    There were many many more one sided games... and matchmaking seems really random, I can get matched up with worlds best dota players like Dendi, Bamboe and SingSing, and in the next game I get matched up with low skill scrubs that I know from my own country.

    ************* UPDATE 01/08*****************

    Match id 29451435
    So not only I get one, not two, hell not even three, BUT A FOUR 4 MAN RUSSIAN STACK ON MY TEAM. Just one look at the score and you get the whole picture, this game was me against 9 players. What more can I say about this game? Prophet only feeds and has no items with one of the easiest farming heroes in the game, Lifestealer has one armlet in a 40minute game and only feeds, pathetic Tinker doesn't even get his Boots of Travel in 40minutes and Sand King also just feeds.

    Match id 28773987
    Horrible team on this one. Morphling only has Linken in a 32minute game. Windrunner doesn't know how to play and feeds, KotL feeds... but the worst by far is Drow... Even when I get a first blood on the opposing mid solo Queen of Pain, Drow still dies a lot against her and feeds, but besides her atrocious score of 1-9-1, she completely throws by getting a very late Hand of Midas and then a Sange of all things..... Guess 2k for +10 damage is a good recipe for losing games.

    Match id 28692418
    So I'm playing against Casper from Starladder TV so I hope I get a good team... but I just get another trashcan team. Sand 0-6, Enigma 0-9, Phantom and Kunkka 3-10... Even when I bust my ass to get a very early Hex on my Destroyer it was just impossible to win with this amount of feeding.

    Match id 28682281
    Very fast win by the opposing team, even though my team manages to feed hardcore. Lifestealer 20minutes jungle and has NO ITEMS. Sand King feeds. Huskar gives First Blood on the 2nd wave and then proceeds to feed once every 2 minutes before going afk.

    Match id 28455399
    Don't get fooled by this final score. The enemies started going 1 by 1 and giving us free kills after our horrible whining ES left the game. Besides mass feeding ES, I also had probably one of the best Luna players I ever saw, with an awesome score of 4-14 !! Who goes for the best skill build I ever seen by maxing Moon Glaive at level 7! Both Riki and Spectre only got kills in the late game where opponents become sloppy but riki especially fed hardcore, ending the game with 12 deaths on the invisible hero. I had the most kills by playing a hard support...

    Match id 28314329
    Absolute trashcan team. I get first blood with Queen of Pain against the solo mid Invoker, rest of the team just feeds. Feed and ragequit, nothing more to say.

    Match id 26716165
    I'm the only one who is even trying this game, and with a support Venomance I manage to get a 4-4-4 score while the rest of my team feeds. Pudge feeds, Prophet feeds, Viper feeds, Huskar feeds, nothing more to say

    Match id 24182852
    Another one of those games where I feel like I'm playing alone. Huge feeds with a 3-13 Luna and a 3-14 Shaman. Even my 10-2 Juggernaught couldn't carry this game. SF and Veno were semi decent but not enough to compensate for the lack of brain that the others have. Also would be nice if some Dev could ban the Luna since after he fed and flamed, he went AFK for a huge amount of time and did not receive and abandon.

    Match id 27649350
    And yet another one... Ursa 4-11, ES 1-8, Viper 5-10 and Prophet 1-12 with no boots. Zeus is a hero that I simply can't lose with on pubs, but this game is just impossible to win with this huge feeding.

    Match id 25250499
    This game was such a joke for the enemy team that the Lina made two SANGE YASHA. Even with the huge map control that the other team had, I've managed to farm almost 2 items on my carry. Morphling on my team was barely decent, having only farming one item. Riki feeds 1-10 and Shadow Demon feeds 2-12. QoP trolls and goes Dagon. In the end, these players feed just made it an impossible game.

    ************* UPDATE 27/06*****************

    Match id 22799987

    So I pick my Enchantress which is one of my best heroes and I play it a lot on -cm becaúse I figured both Mid and Bot were going to be easily gankable in this game. Couldn't I be more wrong... Mirana goes mid instead of bottom so I can't kill her (since leap pujts her safe in the tower) and Prophet goes bottom. Prophet SHOULD be an easy kill, HOWEVER, bottom lane has 0 control (dunno if its Rubick spamming his Fade Bolt or Doom devouring full hp creeps) and the lane is fully controlled by Nature's Prophet, always with the waves very near his tower. The only way I could gank him was with a troll, when I finally got one, Rubick who was right next to me did nothing, and Prophet escaped.
    Meanwhile, I get a team mate that goes top, WHO HAS ONLY 20 GAMES PLAYED!!! Feeding top hardcore. SF was kinda ok I guess, not enough to survive an overfarmed hard lane Nature's Prophet tp'ing to his lane and a support Tidehunter that got a really fast level 6. Rubick for some reason only had lvl 5 at 20minutes in (he got extra levels from fountain kills).

    ************* UPDATE 20/06*****************

    Both of these games involve the same stack, which for some reason are way above their skill level

    Match id 21419532

    The noobness level on this one is just far too big that I don't even dare watch the replay. I random Omni and have to take a solo top against AntiMage and Shadow Demon with a jungling Nature's Prophet. Lina loses mid to AA. Bottom with Riki and Lich (yes freakin Lich!!!), feed a solo Razor!!!!!! It doesn't stop here... Lone Druid in the jungle farms Phase Boots on his bear in 15minutes !!! After that they just go afk and report me, probably because I wasn't feeding (only one death trying to defend tower against overfed guys and another one at fountain). How did my mmr got so low to get matched with these individuals... or maybe matchmaking decided that I'm pro enough to carry all this dead weight! Anyways I got my revenge on these guys...

    Match id 21424328

    I got matched against them
    Obviously, the game was so easy that it wasn't even funny. The only thing making this game remotely fun was the enemy Invoker, who was the only good player and wasn't part of the fail stack of death. They were just over extending, getting ganked in really stupid spots (even though their CM was warding like mad) and feeding our BS/Gyro. I felt sorry for Invoker

    ************* UPDATE 15/06*****************

    Match id 20570773

    So I go queue with a friend of mine that is a beginner player (he went Venge), I go with him to the bot lane. Meanwhile top dies and mid dies as well, and Axe clearly doesn't understand jungling because he leveled a lot slow and did not do any creep stacks which are essential to jungle as Axe (supposed to be high skill game). This turns out to be me against the entire Dire team who have a far inferior lineup and still stomp my team for some reason. Both Axe and Kunkka don't even do anything the whole game, Invoker is half decent but not enough to compensate all the dead weight. On the Dire side the only bad player was the Alchemist and even he did what he was supposed to do and farmed.

    Match id 20576816

    Still queing with the same friend (who now plays Tide). For my surprise, I get matched up with 2 other guys from my country (the jugger and the veno). After having played a few games with them in the past I knew that one was bad and the other was just horrible. Game went according to expectations and both of them fed in the safe lane with their strong combo (Veno gale + jugger spin while enemy slowed to hell for 15 seconds), without ANY ganks from the mid lane, just them dieing like the bad players they are. I randomed Naix and had to solo him against the Queen of Pain and I still did a decent job (treads armlet at 14minutes in). Even my team's Mirana is kinda bad judging from the really horrible item build. Also, this time I can't even point out one single bad player from the enemy team while my team is really bad.

    Match id 20582791

    I don't give up on my friend and keep playing with him, inviting another newbie friend of mine to come and play with us (the guy from previous games playing Lesh, the new one playing Drow). I random Brood, who is probably my worst hero in the entire pool, in hopes that matchmaking will pit me up against lower skilled opponents...... the hell it did. I got first blooded by a weird combo of CK + QoP and they even had wards as starting items!! But even though CK was always getting the max duration of the stun I didn't give up, I kept going and using my nuke on CK, he was about 100hp for 2 times and our Prophet played by a russian didn't TP once, and our russian EXORT Invoker didn't even use Sunstrike.... Invoker loses mid, my unexperienced friends lose top, Prophet doesn't farm anything useful in the jungle.. matchmaking gave me strong opponents against my newbie friends and also gave me even weaker team mates...

    Match id 20604305

    Another really horrible game in the same day, Windrunner skills shackle at level 1 and proceeds to feed. Jugger has free farm on her lane. Tiny takes my mid so I had to get my farm and levels on the jungle, which I thought I did better than I expected.... but it wasn't enough since our ES decides to feed and do nothing. Their midas Bloodseeker starts to own Tiny on mid and proceeds to gank our Morphling who has an unimpressive creep score, considering that about 1/4 are spiderlings. We got stomped with no chance.

    Match id 20614802

    I go queing with another friend of mine who is slightly better than the previous guys, but still bad. I got a random Chen, a hero I perform well, my friend went PA. I got the first blood mid even though Kunkka failed with his skills so the lane should be easy, I kill Pudge again when he tries to gang bot. But even with these ganks, Kunkka still feeds him for some reason. Meanwhile Weaver feeds top against 2 melee heroes. And bot starts to feed. And it becomes a feedfest. Weaver argues that he doesn't have any farm because he claims Weaver can't solo a lane. This game was just so bad... I think that matchmaking is rating me as a low player so that I get really bad team mates, but still giving me opponents far better than the guys on my team.

    **************UPDATED 09/06**************

    Match id 19629403

    So I get one guy who I previously muted playing Lifestealer (and I only do that to the absolute worst players and game ruiners). I got solo WR and go against WD and Tide. Solo mid Tinker loses mid to a Storm Spirit and keeps feeding him there. Silencer goes top with CM against a solo BH. Silencer has treads 12 minutes in while BH has almost a full Battlefury. CM doesn't buy a single ward. Tinker keeps feeding. Lifestealer only completes his Armlet at 15minutes (without being ganked a single time). I die once bot due to a Ravage being used solely for me, and I die again because Enigma does the same thing and uses his Black Hole just for me. All trash players on my team while their team actually played good

    *************UPDATED 12/05**********

    Match id 15654047

    I queue with 3 other friends, who range from bad to mediocre, and we get a 5th random guy who is bad. They just feed and feed. I go solo PL against WR and Veno for a long time, not only do I survive well but I also manage to get great farm, while all the other lanes lose and feed hardcore. Game ends with a ridiculous score of 46-8.

    Match id 15738438

    This time I solo queue against a 4 or full stack. I get rNdM who I already know that is a bad player (lost once with him doing the most retarded build for Lancer, and won 2 times against with him feeding), surprise to me is that the other 3 players I got are worse than him... Void with support from Bane has treads at 20minutes against solo brood, and top just feeds hardcore mode and even though they had SK + Pugna. Naix with support WR somehow still free farms and gets 11minute Armlet + Treads. 1-9 Void, 0-11-4 Bane and 2-11 Pugna. Game ends about 15-40

    ***************UPDATED 06/05************

    Match id 14862684

    Ok so I'm up against Playmate from EG, Lacoste, and Dement, former mouseports player (SingSing's team). So I'm against 3 pro players, I hope I have a good team. Well I don't have and it was a stomp. Even with my ganks on the mid lane, Bloodseeker still loses because he is so bad that he didn't even skill his silence. Axe almost looks good, but most of his early game gold came from my neutral stacks. Windrunner missed a lot of Shackles and almost didn't do anything the whole game. Team so bad that no one has tp scrolls, so the pro players push our base without any form of opposition.
    I'm fine about playing against pro player stacks.... as long as I have a decent enough team

    **********UPDATED 27/04*********

    Match id 13300344

    This game doesn't feel one sided due to the score... The score ended 12-15, but without me the score would have ended 3-15... And that's only because I got a really bad team that should be put in lower skill matchmaking, not high. We even had the advantage in the hero picks because they had 2 hard carries that are useless without farm. I even had the only hard lane against SK and CM.. the other lanes were against a solo weaver and against a solo Storm (both of which bad laners) and my team still loses hard on both lanes.
    Prophet should belong to low skill since he didn't even gang once with his global tp, he never did any scouting with his trees, he never defended anything.
    Pudge should be in low skill since he hit about one hook out of 20, he rushed a Boots of Travel for no reason and comes to my lane to steal farm.
    Pugna should be banned from beta since besides his flaming, he just fed the enemies, went afk, and fed the enemies with multiple couriers.
    Clock was OK, but not enough to even play a decent game against 8 other players..

    Match id 13321649

    This game was just a stomp from beginning to end. I random Dark Seer, go to the bathroom and when I return, Death Prophet for some reason had taken my bot lane. Also for some wierd reason, Axe decided to go lane with Riki, so my only choice was to go woods myself. Axe then decides that he can't farm with Riki on the lane against Lesh and Jakiro, and decides to stalk me in the jungle and he tries to take my creeps. Meanwhile, Storm heavily outplays the mid Kunkka and kills him repeatedly (should be the other way around before level 6..). Riki then decides to go AFK and stays in the fountain for over 10 minutes but without getting an abandon. The only decent player in this team is Death Prophet, the rest just fail hard.
    Second joke match in a row in only one day...

    Match id 13343375

    ...And another one sided stomp. I random Spectre, a hero in which I excel at but can't really do anything with it in the first 20minutes. 2 friends pugna and wr go top and catch enemy necro out of position a few times. Meanwhile Invoker loses mid. Me and Kunkka were in control of our lane against another bad lane of Void and Razor, but around 6minutes in, we get ganked without a miss call. Game just rapidly snowballs from here on. After dieing in really stupid ways, both friends decide to go afk. I reported them both as usual, but luckily this time WR got an abandon, so I left the game, afterwards they used my hero to feed more, not that I care.
    So 3 out of 4 games today were complete one sided joke stomps... I don't really know what's going with matchmaking

    Match id 13359972

    ........AND ANOTHER. I get a random Void, we get a Tinker for mid, a support Sven to help me bot, a jungling Prophet.......... and a guy that last picks Slardar. This guy instead of going to his own lane, he proceeds to ruin the game by leaving the top lane completely empty and he went mid to ruin the game for Tinker as well. Matchmaking was good except for this one guy that made it become a one-sided game... I know the report function exists but for some reason matchmaking keeps rating these game ruiners higher than it should and it's not a sole example... It's the 4th game today. At minute 12 they had a 5 tower advantage on us, a 12k gold lead on this time is very significant. Even with my Void i was unable to turn it around

    Match id 13404352

    Oh hey after some good games matchmaking decides to go bananas again on the same day. Game ended about 23-3
    So one guy gets Skeleton and agrees to rosh lvl1 so I get Ursa..... except he skills Hellfire Blast instead of aura... his creep score is also amazing! On a 18minute game he gets 17 creeps! Oh and bot lane goes hardcore feeding mode, both Dragon Knight and Warlock go about 0-5 in the first 9minutes!


    I will be posting from the dota2 stats site, so that people can see the scoreboard without the hassle of searching the game. All of my games are supposed to be high skill.

    Match id 12620946

    So I get peppe from mTw in my team, still the other team smokes us completely. Our team's Crystal Maiden (who appears to feed intentionally) ends the game with a 1-19 score. Drow doesn't know how to play and feeds 0-12 as well. Game ends with a ridiculous score of about 10-60. With about 4 of our kills being them diving the fountain.

    I will be updating this post as more games like this occur
    Last edited by Luffydude; 01-20-2013, 04:13 PM.

    Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed


    • #3
      Match ID: 12792545

      clearly one-sided the entire match from the very beginning, with 3 friends queued together on the other side. not only did they have more wins collectively than most of the people on my team (except me and shadow fiend), but they were also clearly more knowledgable/skilled. Deity (Shadow Fiend), freddylau (Juggernaut) and beyond goddess (Sand King) were performing extremely poorly, while Marc! (Earthshaker) and 312 (Enchantress) just had superior play and communication due to being queued together with their other friend. my team just gave up 15 minutes into the game. then..

      Match ID: 12797098

      i queued up immediately after the aforementioned game and i'm put into a game with 8/10 of the players from the last game. i'm against the same 3 friends again and this is quite clearly a loss, again, from minute 1. i'm also paired up with the Juggernaut and Sand King from last game (why? i don't want to play with people that performed extremely poorly and with whom i literally just lost with 1 minute ago) again. they again perform extremely poorly and while the other team excels and has the advantage the entire game. the 3 queued up friends even admit "we were just dicking around for 40 minutes" near the end of the game.

      Originally posted by movethatbud
      Match ID: 12650620
      Description: I played bloodseeker middle. I think bloodseeker mid is incredibly hard to counter, especially below the "pro" level gameplay. Also, rupter/force staff combo needs to be considered, I should not be able to 1-hit crystal maiden 10 minutes into the game
      i don't think you understand what this topic is about
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        MATCH ID: 12757776
        Balanced picks I think but top failed really really bad. Extremely bad dark seer, didn't level up surge and would miss vaccums altogether. No wards by support WD and no one would listen when i'd tell to back off as NS is coming their lane. I was playing on Clockwerk and Viper was my friend who is a bit weak but the i would except this to be balanced by placing a similar skilled player on the other side. Instead we get a really weak DS and WD who doesn't really do his job. Radiant feel all pretty decent, warding up etc. Result is massive stomp.
        MATCH ID: 12619013
        Stacks on both sides, but radiant ones were horrible. 0-12 slardar and like a 3-10 clockwerk. Viper and Slardar get dominated by a solo pugna in our easy lane. Tiny is farming top without TP while the dire push and rax through base as he walks all the way back.


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          match id: 12823937


          match id: 12817361

          the problem was _Bunny_, well not really, but all of the other players played more then 200 games, and has more the 49% win-rate, he is way too far from these numbers

          these matches are from today only because I can't think any recent match where we own the entirely enemy team this much, maybe the mm system put me one level down, but these games were really unbalanced

          oh, I forget, these matches were after the server crash at ~10:00 am (GMT +1)
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          System #1 Spec for Bug Reporting:_____System #2 Spec for Bug Reporting:
          CPU: Intel Core Duo T2300______________á.CPU: Intel I7-3770K
          GPU: ATI Mobility X1600________________á_GPU: Nvidia GTX-670
          RAM: DDR2 667 2GB__________________iiáááRAM: DDR3 1600 16GB
          OS: Win7 Ultimate 32bit___________________Win7 Ultimate 64bit
          Res: 720p_______________________________.Res: 1080p

          Net: 25Mbit/1,5Mbit


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            On my cellphone right now so sry for bad formatting

            I basically had to win the game alone...

            Our storm spirit went mid against mirana - he fed her horroble

            Anti mage was doing nothing the whole game and overall was just bad to watch
            His high gpm comes from afk wood farming and me being able to get a fast rax top (where he got the lasthits on tower) and me doing rosh

            Pudge was also not noticable

            Omniknight didnt know how to play his hero either... He didnt give me a songle repel the game even when i asked multiple times

            The enemy team were ok players ( no one being particular bad ) and if i had not randomed lycan + got rax early there would have been no way of winning with these rly low skilled players against those mid lvl enemys
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              Everybody was feeding, Omni refused to support all game and acted like a dick as he got bottle first and never bought wards/courier, ursa was really terrible.
              Tried to gank, nobody was following me, they missed easy kills, obviously they had no clue about what to do as they seemed lost on the map.
              Brewmaster kills happened when enemies rushed our fountain to get some kills in the end.


              4 players stack in radiant. Their 5th was decent.
              3 horrible players in dire. Despite shaman bought courier and wards, he was really bad. Never called miss, I got ganked twice because of him.
              Sven made an horrible fail when he took invi rune and totally screwed the easy oppotunity of kill enemy mid. He was nowhere near to be a match for enemy team.
              Nature's prophet was awful too, never where he has to, never doing what he was supposed to.
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                Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                Match ID: 12797098

                i queued up immediately after the aforementioned game and i'm put into a game with 8/10 of the players from the last game. i'm against the same 3 friends again and this is quite clearly a loss, again, from minute 1. i'm also paired up with the Juggernaut and Sand King from last game (why? i don't want to play with people that performed extremely poorly and with whom i literally just lost with 1 minute ago) again. they again perform extremely poorly and while the other team excels and has the advantage the entire game. the 3 queued up friends even admit "we were just dicking around for 40 minutes" near the end of the game.
                I can understand that you might not want to play against the same people that just beat you but this match doesn't look terrible to me. Pudge on your team seems to have more then made up for the lower skilled player that he was teamed up with.

                Also - I hope you reported that Razor.


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                  yeah, the pudge was good, and is actually a semi-friend of mine that i run into often in solo queue, but what i said about the rest of the team applies

                  Also - I hope you reported that Razor.
                  of course.

                  also, just for clarification, i don't mind being put up against people that just beat me, but being paired up with people that were on the same team as me when i was being beaten and doing pretty poorly even by losing standards is what is pretty frustrating.
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                    Match ID 12885982 (it new game from this day 24.04.2012)

                    I queued solo q. I was in the Dire team and my team had some stacks (that's what they said, but they didnt said how many of them were premade). I went bot lane with sven and we got 1 kill, later sven went roam and I couldn't farm in 1vs2 lane, so I just leached xp while enemies free farmed but it didnt help them much. I got gank later and died once, after this I went to jungle and I was farming there for like 20 mins. This premade team pretty much won the game 4vs5.

                    / Side note:
                    1. I really dont like playing with and against stacks, because they make games one sided and often blame the rest of the team for no reason.
                    2. Im still getting matched with players who have like 5 wins! despite me having 122 - 102 - 2.
                    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


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                      i was on the winning side, but it was a horribly unbalanced game.. every player on hellbourne feeding despite decent picks from both sides (considering it's mm)


                      me on the winning side again, all teammates are decent(invoker actually plays rlly well) while enemies played really bad(with the exception of am, maybe)


                      me losing as morphling with highest gpm on the team, 5/1 at the end of the game... all teammates horribly underfarmed and feeding, while enemy team doesnt play particularly good or bad


                      me as dark seer on the winning side, no one on my team playing particularly bad, but all enemies except am feed... game over after 14 min

                      havent played a game since 1 month because of mm games like these.. especially the morphling one was annoying
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                        People usually post 'bad' games where their team gets stomped. I thought I'd post 3 matches where we ended up completely stomping the other team and the game felt completely imbalanced. I was playing with a friend, but I only laned with him once.

                        12895773 I randomed CM, my buddy picked Jugg. We ended up completely destroying the short lane. As an addendum - I had to beg Mirana to give us the short lane, and if we would have been forced to go in the long game, the outcome would have most likely been completely different.

                        12891912 I randomed Dazzle, my buddy was mid with queen of pain. I was babysitting a pub playing a Juggernaut, who at first seemed rather clueless (blocked wave too much to let enemy wave autoattack at tower, kept autoattacking creeps, etc) but he ended up getting free farm, and all lanes were really easily won - including a Sand King + Riki long lane.

                        12880896 I randomed Storm Spirit, my buddy randomed Silencer. I was solo mid, and I started off pretty poorly with a really dumb death, but then started ganking all over. Interestingly, this game I ended up getting only 2 kills and 18 assists - guess I need to work on my sniping skills.

                        What is completely striking to me is how the outcome of the game so often hinges on intangibles - had Mirana insisted on going on the sort lane in the last game, we probably wouldn't have had nearly the advantage we ended up getting.

                        I should add, that most of my games are with a group of friends (completely different from the friend that I played with) that are clearly better than me. I don't know if that results in me having an abnormally low MMR since my performance in high skill games is usually pretty terrible.
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                          Here's one that tops all the previous games posted: 12061322 (

                          Final score is 48-7 in 27:26. I was on the winning team. I'm not sure if they destroyed more than one of our towers. They just did very poorly in the laning phase. Witch Doctor and I (SK) keep double killing them top. We would ping them until one or both were ~75% life then just stun and attack. They made no attempt to stay back from us and it's almost as if they'd never faced someone actually attacking them in the lane before (and my laning style is not aggressive). I mean, Witch Doctor finished 11-2 for god's sake.

                          Some other notes:

                          * We were a five team stack and so were they (checking their previous games showed they all played together).
                          * The win totals of each opponent seemed comparable to those on our team.
                          * The previous and next game I played resulted in me getting blown out. So, it's weird that I'd lose horribly, win by a preposterous amount, and lose horribly.


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                            Man i could fill this thread up...this matchmaking really wants me to quit dota 2. Last 40 games, 12 wins 38 losses. 90% of them complete one sided stomps.

                            Dominate mid, 9-4 with destroyer rest of the lanes get stomped. Extremely bad bad picks, i get destroyer and my team gets sniper and clinkz.
                            Get 14-0 with storm, completely dominate mid. Keep ganking and killing their top and jungle farmers, rest of the team completely getting stomped. Axe makes vanguard, gets a ring of health and sange. Void just keeps getting caught out. No courier not a single ward whole game.
                            Dominate mid completely with clinkz. Team gets stomped and leaves in 20 mins.
                            Support lion, keep buying wards, ganks, help carries. Get completely stomped

                            Edit just for good measure some wins.

                            Bad lanes by dire, just keep running around the map completely abandoning mid and bot. Stomp
                            4 melee by radiant with 2 of them hard carries. Get pushed out and stomped.
                            Massive skill level difference. Radiant gets absolutely stomped, all of them play bad compared to dire.

                            I could keep going on, the wins were also completely one sided affairs with scores like 60-20, same with losses. Harldy 4-5 decent games. Matchmaking in its current form is retarded and this is coming from a really patient guy. 70-80% of the matches are nearly stomps.
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                              Close game at the beginning? No! Brown was outright horrible, unable to use his hero correctly, never with the team and feeding with drow. Then proceeds to troll hard and blaming me along with those 2 other fucktards.
                              Shaman & slardar spent all game crying and blaming the team while they were actually playing very poorly.
                              Weaver was lost too, had some kills but never where he had too.
                              They died continuously stupidly and fed the enemy carry that went unstoppable pretty fast.

                              Instead of fighting BEHIND our tower, they rush out of range and get anal raped by enemies ulties.
                              I was the only one not doing the mistake and they started blaming me for it... seriously?!

                              Enemy team was way more organized, always ganking together and impossible to counter them with this team.

                              IMO, the shaman has been abusing the commend system in some way, it's way too high for this kind of behaviour. Insulting/blaming all game long.


                              The other team was way too weak. Only brewmaster was decent.
                              They were all running around, totally disorganized, unaware of the danger and dying stupidly over and over.


                              Should stop there, every games I play are totally one sided.
                              Just played a game where the whole team didnt listen and let the enemy lycan and spectre free farm while they were busy roaming on the map and failing their ganks/dying to creeps.
                              I went from 57% wins to 47% in a few days. Games are worse and worse.
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