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A request for the ability to split stacked items

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  • A request for the ability to split stacked items

    You know, to remove 3 tangoes from one 6 stack, or two potions on top of each other, or scrolls that sit on top of each other. What do you guys think?

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    edit: It could have an interesting impact during the laning phase.
    On the one hand I'd like to see how it plays out but on the other hand I am afraid it's too useless to be an additional UI element.
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      Originally posted by mr.ioes View Post
      Handing a single potion/tango to someone, being able to sell-back consumables that stacked onto each other within the grace period, being able to take one ward off then putting the other back on a courier (for example)

      Tons of uses, really. Maybe not all that important but they're nice touches.


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        stacked 2 tp scroll in courier, that's a problem. Mb. right mouse click? If full equip items go on ground?


        • #5
          Originally posted by moczopend View Post
          stacked 2 tp scroll in courier, that's a problem
          This aswell.


          • #6
            i +1 this
            it should be key+click&drag


            • #7
              Splitting stacks or selling 1item/click

              ever bought 4 wards and wanted to sell back 2 of them ? or potions..or whatever stacks.

              there's no option to split the stacks and when u use the sell options it automatically sells all stack at once..
              think there should be implemented an dissasemble or simillar option for stackable items or at least when u press 'SELL' to sell only 1 item/click.


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                I would also like this. Waiting at base for 50g.... And realise you have 2 teleport scrolls.

                I should be able to sell one scroll and buy my item instantly. Or sell some tango's but not all of them.


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                  +1 for this idea!
                  Originally posted by Keowee
                  It`s okay. I`m always ready to prevent "cyka violence" for those Russian players who did put effort into Google Translate.

                  The sad part is, OP`s logic and communication skills in both languages make me want to type "cyka" as well. I guess I`ll just facepalm and pretend I didn't see it.


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                    Is there a disassemble function?
                    Happened to me once that I had the items and it built the wrong item =/


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                      +1 Great Idea


                      • #12
                        I was able to disassemble a Ring of Basilius yesterday. (Right-click > Disassemble)


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                          Originally posted by CvP
                          retards don't count as people.


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                            Originally posted by HowToEnglish View Post
                            I was able to disassemble a Ring of Basilius yesterday. (Right-click > Disassemble)
                            Thanks dude no more fear of running into wrong item builds.


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