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[Suggestion] "Rematch" option (play next match with same team/opponents)

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  • #46
    This is a great idea!
    Originally posted by vladhood
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


    • #47
      +1 .. Also make the option rematch come in every players screen ( Like "Your game is ready" window) and only when all 10 accept it , the rematch should happen .. This would mean that everyone will have the opportunity to accept or deny the rematch .. if one or two players doesn't accept then the rest goes to matchmaking ( without stats if that's an issue) ..


      • #48
        Good idea


        • #49
          +1 This is a must.


          • #50
            seems like a really good idea. +1


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              Added to Common Suggestions.
              Please read Common Discussions, Common Suggestions, Common Technical Issues, Common Bugs, and do a website search prior to making any new thread.
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              • #52
                Originally posted by slowreflex View Post
                Added to Common Suggestions.
                Thanks to you and the author!


                • #53
                  If all 10 players agree, they should be assigned the same heroes they just played, but have them switch sides. A true rematch. (ie: Jim playing Juggernaut on Dire would be assigned Juggernaut on Radiant in a rematch)
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                  • #54
                    This is a great suggestion!


                    • #55
                      I like the idea, but I have one question:

                      If we're not assigning stats to the "rematch" games, how are you going to pull people in from the regular MM pool? Do they get no stats? How is that fair to them/how would this be addressed?

                      If we can sort that caveat out in a nice way I love this idea. I also really love the idea of adding a button to queue with the same team in normal MM circumstances.

                      Great suggestion though.


                      • #56
                        we need this when we get awesome team with awesome enemies
                        and we wanted to revenge

                        Originally posted by Gh0stRAT View Post
                        If all 10 players agree, they should be assigned the same heroes they just played, but have them switch sides. A true rematch. (ie: Jim playing Juggernaut on Dire would be assigned Juggernaut on Radiant in a rematch)
                        whats the point usin same heroes?
                        u already watch competitive game? bo3 bo2? they never use same heroes

                        not usin same heroes mean we can fix our strategy and correct our false from the game before
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                        • #57

                          Good idea, but needs a bit refinement. I would have teams locked, but having hero choices the same as before: If it was AP then AP, if it was RD then RD again, etc.

                          How I would implement it is something like this:
                          1. If anyone clicked Rematch, those who already left the game would get a popup "you are invited for rematching" and can accept or decline. It could count it like with match preparation and little lights: 1/10, 2/10 etc.
                          2. If all ten people accept rematching, the same two teams can fight again
                          3. If only from one team does all 5 person agree, the they get a new popup: "The other team declined rematch. Play with the same team against new opponents?" If all accepts, that team stays and get 5 new opponents (in case of 5 man party, this wouldn't happen, they just get back to menu and can normally start new MM).

                          If ppl really think that many ppl will "abuse it" somehow, just put the option there, and it doesn't count towards your score.
                          Yes, that is still better than not having this option. But maybe do this:
                          • You can rematch ONCE, and get a normal game, get scores etc. If people successfully rematch a second time, you simply get converted into a private lobby.
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                          • #58
                            Originally posted by 4saken.infinity View Post
                            People go to great lengths to break the system if they can. Rematches should simply not count as matchmaking because they aren't through matchmaking.

                            And yes it should be in the game otherwise.

                            In fact, the same option should be available for practice games as well. Go again without having to go through the whole host a lobby ordeal.
                            This simply...
                            makes sense!


                            • #59
                              All thoae complaining about abuse don't propably know how ELO works.


                              • #60
                                Originally posted by Forgoroe View Post
                                This is a great idea. I would also like to have the option to decide to queue in matchmaking with the same team, against whoever. Like the feature in BLC (Bloodline Champions).