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Couriers Being auto-shared

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  • Couriers Being auto-shared

    There is a problem with couriers being auto shared because any team mate whether you like it or not has free use of your courier

    and in some cases they tend to use it without any care and let it die

    so I am suggesting to have a lock and unlock feature for couriers to let them be shared to all team members or be locked for personal purposes

    with this trolling with couriers will be deterred and will be more effective in managing..



    Auto shared by Default but has a locking feature or you could Block a specific person from using it

    and if you want to share just unlock or unblock the person if the courier is not busy.
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    what's the purpose of the team work if you buy the courier for yourself?


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      do the bots even use the courier?


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        Someone actually asks for the game to be less team game...
        You know this is Dota right...?

        When someone buys a courier, it's for everyone to use

        If you hate someone on your team and don't want to share it to him... then you're a kid... and if he makes it die on purpose... he's even worse than you.
        Here you go bud =)


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          well in dota you could share your courier by just checking the names of whom you'd like to share it with, so why not in dota 2

          then how about blocking someone from the courier, i think thats better..


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            Honestly, what kind of lowlife would purposely send your courier to die?


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              Originally posted by darkRogue View Post
              Honestly, what kind of lowlife would purposely send your courier to die?
              Carl Sagan!
              He hit again!


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                i'm on the fence with this feature, i really like that it auto-shares because in the 95% of cases where people are actually good with a courier, its a HUGE advantage over not having one at all, and this removes the unnecessary step especially for new players, to understand the mechanic of "what i have to share my courier? how do i do that? where is the button? oh i have to open a window and share it with certain people?" How many times have new players asked, "why can't it just be shared by default?" As veterans we neglect the fact that its an inconvenience and get stubborn in the fact that we are used to that system from dota, so it should be the same here. But from a design perspective, there is no reason why a courier shouldn't be auto-shared by default.

                Now i can understand the reason some might want to remove control from certain people, trolls can suicide it when you actually need it, sometimes people buy stuff on the flying courier mid-late game, hit D,shiftQ, F, and forget about it, then when a team fight happens, they dont remember to shield the courier, or stop it from coming in, especially if your inventory is full and you need to drop something to make room or to combine something. Often i find myself playing support, seeing a carry try and courier out something like a vitality booster and we're pushing a second tier tower. they bring the courier out, but dont take the items, or they get the items and dont send it back. Because i'm support, i'll usually blow all my spells, then stop microing my hero and send the courier over some trees or to the edge of the map out of danger until the fighting is over. I've started doing this because i've seen countless couriers bring people items and then sit there middle of the fight and die, and they lose their items because their bags were full and they didn't get their items. using a courier takes practice, and even some friends i play with aren't very good at microing other units, so i know my one friend sean, gets couriers killed all the time, he's a decent player, we have fun playing, but honestly, even tho he's my friend, i'd rather he not have control of the courier sometimes. he usually plays gankers so if he needs consumables early game i just but them for him and bring them out myself, then he can buy me something like a tp scroll or something from the side shop when he's got the money, since everyone needs tp scrolls at some point in the game, i dont mind buying a potion or two earlier on, since i usually have better cs then him.

                Another argument is for solo mids that random, and have a hero like tiny or zeus, or nevermore, and want to ferry their bottle from mid back to the fountain or to bottle runes. These people need full time usage of their courier early game, and because they randomed, they invest the money specifically in the courier to do this, the team might even have 2 couriers for this reason, but not being able to remove control from everyone else, really makes this strategy not doable. Its too easy for someone to hit their hotkey twice by accident and grab the wrong courier. potentially getting it killed and losing mids bottle.

                On the other hand, in matchmaking with people who solo-Q all the time which right now i have to do because none of my friends have beta or even play as often as i do anymore because we all have jobs, alot of people have the attitude that its a single player game, they have to carry and they have to do it all themselves, they can't trust anyone on their team because everyone but them sucks. So they buy a courier, they dont share it, they get their boots form fountain because their lane is pushed and they can't get to side shop, then they never use the courier again. And mid asks for control so he can get his boots without leaving the lane, because he has no sideshop, but the dude who wont share doesn't listen, doesn't care what mid needs, just keeps farming. Mid ends up losing because hes got a hero like tiny or doom or nightstalker who really needs early kills to be effective in the mid game, but he has to run all the way back to fountain with no boots, or risk wasting all his mana and combo trying to get a kill or losing a race for a rune, the reasons go on and on and on why auto-sharing is important for a team game.


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                  Based on what you've said, there are more points on the courier being used in "soloing" than in "team play"
                  that is why people try to convince others to buy a courier for the carry or whoever wants to go on mid.
                  and everyone knows that the courier is essential during the early stages of the game.
                  If a bottle comes late it will take away your advantage.

                  team play is another thing, but if your teammate is a pain in the a** and let your couriers run wild around the map making it susceptible to attacks you can't really say its team play

                  and there are many instances where I scout using my courier and if someone else is using it then how can I effectively take advantage of the current situation.

                  auto share is good once you buy the courier but needs to have an option on whether you can share it or block it for some people..
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                    This is one of my favourite things about DotA 2.. but at release, I'm terrified of how it will be abused.

                    I haven't had any bad experiences in beta with courier being autoshared, though.


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                      Originally posted by capgrass1 View Post
                      This is one of my favourite things about DotA 2.. but at release, I'm terrified of how it will be abused.

                      I haven't had any bad experiences in beta with courier being autoshared, though.
                      Working fine in HoN, will work fine in Dota2.


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                        Well in HoN you can check and uncheck players who you don't like to share your couriers with.

                        It can be auto shared but can be checked and unchecked


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                          Originally posted by Kaho View Post
                          Well in HoN you can check and uncheck players who you don't like to share your couriers with.

                          It can be auto shared but can be checked and unchecked
                          They added a free courier for every game now. Shared with everyone.

                          I thought the same, omfgwtfbbq it will get abused!!!1111
                          But it's fine. Since in the end nearly everyone cares about winning the game.


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                            Originally posted by capgrass1 View Post
                            I haven't had any bad experiences in beta with courier being autoshared, though.
                            Perhaps the first is auto-shared, but if you buy a second one for yourself it is not - but this is pretty petty, same logic would extend to a gem not been able to be used by another, because they can lose it and they didn't buy it.


                            • #15
                              I haven't had any bad experiences in beta with courier being autoshared, though.
                              Same here, although I saw some players who used the courier quite egoistic (like it was their private one).
                              I guess an option to exclude players from using the courier would not be a bad idea.

                              On the one hand you can prevent the courier form being abused or misused. Another advantage is that new players don't have to learn how to share the courier, because by default it is still autoshared with to whole team.

                              On the other hand this could lead to situations where you forbid players to use the courier, which will "encourage" them to rage/flame/feed or leave. "Yeah if you do not let me use your courier, I will leave. Bye Bye".
                              Or for example two mates buy a courier in order to use them just for themselves and do not allow others to use it.

                              The question is if the possibility to exclude players from using the courier will overall lead to more satisfied games.

                              In my opinion this function would do so and I would like to see it.