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Feature Request: Social Alternative to Matchmaking

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  • Feature Request: Social Alternative to Matchmaking

    The problems with matchmaking are obvious and the subject of frequent discussion here; that's not the purpose of this thread. One of the first responses in any such complaint thread is 'queue with friends', and that's the subject of this thread: in-game groups.

    Steam Groups are a wonderful tool that allows any player to create and manage a community. It is my proposal that alongside the friends UI in game would be a Groups UI - allowing you to select a group(*) and view online members much as you use the friends list. Further that the currently empty Socialize tab include tools that make it easy for groups to recruit and players to find a group of their skill level, language or temperament etc.

    (*Worth considering is an option to choose which of your subscribed groups are shown within the game client, to reduce clutter.)

    So far, unless I'm mistaken, the implementation of my request should require very little resource investment - a small gamble with the potential to appease a lot of players. Should it be implemented, and should it be successful, the potential exists for further iteration on the social matchmaking platform: Group limited matchmaking pools and pre-arranged GroupVsGroup tournaments ran entirely by the community.

    Valve, IceFrog, please consider alternative solutions to matchmaking: I'm not sure a perfect MM system can even exist, and I can't imagine the resources that would be required to design one. At the core of my proposal is the idea that, given a reasonable scale to work on, players are better judges than an algorithm. Give us the tools to create this reasonable scale, let us decide our own fate instead of playing matchmaking roulette

  • #2
    I always thought a system like that should be implemented, sort of a clan.
    I thought that there should be a team system and a clan system.


    • #3
      Integrating Steam Groups into DotA would be interesting, though it would be a frustrating thing to work with considering the Groups cross over games. So if someone wanted a particular DotA clan name, slot could have already been taken by TF2.

      Would be very interesting to see, I for one would support this. Or any alternative that includes some sort of clan system as Kachkaval mentioned. We need to expand the community from inside the game, right now I feel really disconnected when using the client. The Region-## Chat rooms are just filled with just trash talking or random reporters, afraid to even say anything as to not get reported for speaking lol.


      • #4
        The idea of group-limited matchmaking is pretty interesting -- I'd love to see this integrated as a way to run smaller leagues and tournaments directly through the game's interface.


        • #5
          I support this.


          • #6
            yep support..
            I doubt this will be implemented though
            if this gets real, people queing in the public matchmaking and soon it will get reduced up to making it nonexistent
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              I support this idea as well. It'd be nice to sort through different groups of friends. Even with the team system, there would still be different groups of people I play with.


              • #8
                In reference to the group-based matchmaking. Can't you do this already by creating a Steam group, filling it with buddies, and then whenever somebody feels like a match they make an announcement and a passworded lobby? No single group is likely to be large enough to make matchmaking worth it anyway.


                • #9
                  mm limited in scope to a specific league or clan would be really cool. It would be like the current IHs that happen, etc it would be automated within the client instead of put together outside of the client then formed in a private game.


                  • #10
                    Sounds decent. I'll support this.



                    • #11
                      Something definitly needs to be done. ATM I see no reasonable means of us meeting people of = skill levels short of praying you stumble across an entire group of them in a public game. And for those of us that play support and frequently just get dragged along with the skill level of our public teams we have no means whatsoever of distinguishing ourselves from our win ratios. I for one lose more games playing with friends than I do alone. Of the 25 or so people on my friends list only two of them I know of are at = skill level and neither of them are interested in grouping up with me because they have higher win rates due to their insistence on playing carries and controlling the games outcomes. Inability to see past the win ratio does put their actual skill level into question tbh though. But then alot of people would question mine as well. But then I have also never been given a chace to work with 4 other competent team oriented palyers who all five understand composition of heroes lineups and gameplay in the same way I do. Do something about this. I am sure there are hundreds more people feeling the same way I do.

                      Edited for clarity: There are people far above and far below me on my list. I just meant there are only a few at very = value. Not that im the best on my list. Don't want none of my friends to read this and start givin me hell lulz.
                      Last edited by kenshiiro28; 07-02-2012, 12:44 PM.