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  • Nickname-spoofing

    Currently you can just change your name all the time, and there are players who change theirs every day.
    While I am okay with this, I find it not okay when players use it to spoof other players.
    Especially when I use the Watch-Function and try to find some players from NaVi or Ehome, I only find spoofing people on the first few pages. It gets hard to find the real players.
    On another side, I also imagine people using my Nick, then playing bad and thus cause me a bad reputation.
    For me, this is a really serious issue, and currently I'm looking for ways how to deal with it and suggestions how to prevent this from happening.

    Yes, I know that you can lookup someone's steam name and that you could do that for every 9 other people before the game starts.
    But seriously who is currently doing that? Who will do that? If it was a problem of the one who got fooled, people would do this.
    But what I'm talking about is, that it's a problem for the one whose name got taken/stealed. Even worse, that person has no chance - as long as the spoofing person is with that name logged into the game - to get his name back!

    For the people who did not understand yet: I'm no way against being able to change your name! For me it's an important thing that you can change your name as often as you like and tbh I would like more anonymity in the game as well. I'm just looking for a solution that also prevents abuse/spoofing. There are some good ones in this thread.

    One way to partially solve this would be to mark player names who changed their nick within the last 2 weeks (for example adding an icon or recolouring their nick or something like that). That should at least be doable quite easy with current Steam and should not create any problems. This way, everyone could see if a player "just" got his nick, so if you're curious, you can click him to watch his Steam profile - or not.
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    Valve should start organizing the replays by Steam ID's instead of name. That way you can search for a particular user instead of the text reference. This would also solve the problem of people of spoofing other players as you could show all their past nicknames as well.

    Since Steam Id's are unique you could bring up a list of player you ever played against. You could also put notes on these Steam ID's that could be stored in the cloud for future reference. I.E. "This player is difficult to play with." or "I liked this guy." You'd also be able to find replays by player's steam community profile and or their webpage


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      You could also just prevent people to have the same name on Steam...
      That would be already a very big step I think...
      I thought about showing the steam ID, but the thing is, it has to be shown very clearly, which would make the other nicknames kind of unneeded. If you for example just show them on a specific setting, many players wouldn't do that and thus someone would still be able to pretend to be me, then play bad, and thus leaving a bad reputation for me...
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        You get Nickname fighting if you make them unique. Steam has so many users with the same name, you'd end up with 125 shadows fight over who gets to be Shadow.


        • #5
          And there are soo many other plattforms on which every name has to be unique. Even your Steam ID has to be unique.


          • #6
            Steam has been around since 2003 and they've never done this. Why would they do it for Dota 2?


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              Originally posted by vladhood View Post
              Steam has been around since 2003 and they've never done this. Why would they do it for Dota 2?
              That's bad. Then I won't play Dota 2.

              Edit: Since a lot of people misunderstood this comment...
              This has been written way BEFORE they implemented the Profile page, so it wasn't really possible to check other players identity other than by Steam Profile. But if someone calls himself Typhox and impersonates me, almost nobody would be able to know that he's not Typhox, because noone knows that his Steam ID is not mine.
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                Because impersonating someone else and causing them a bad reputation has a much larger scale in Dota 2 than every other Valve game? Especially when you start impersonating pro players. Maybe you should be allowed to change your nickname all you want but your ID can be easier to find and so you can see if this is the real pro player or not.


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                  Originally posted by Typhox View Post
                  That's bad. Then I won't play Dota 2.
                  Do you really believe someone will copy your username? Your name is quite unique.


                  • #10

                    Originally posted by Typhox View Post
                    That's bad. Then I won't play Dota 2.
                    Shhhh, we got him to stop playing Dota2.


                    • #11
                      You can always check who's who looking at their profiles when you start a game with anyone.

                      This never been an issue in any of the other Valve games, in particular TF2.

                      I've been playing it since 2009 and never saw this happening.

                      It just doesn't make sense since you're still able to tell if he's the real one or not.


                      • #12
                        Too some degree I can understand what you mean. Some guy on the European servers uses the nickname IceFrog, and it clearly isn't him.

                        But then again, if someone has been called IceFrog since he was a little kid, then why not let him be called IceFrog?

                        I don't really care if someone uses my nickname or anybody elses, but what I do care about is if people fake nicks IceFrog and go around and say: "OMG U NOOB, I ban u from game, Im admin!"
                        Aka NamDohtem on
                        Danish DOTA2 Steam Community


                        • #13
                          This is an issue I don't like. I was supposely playing beta 2 months before I got here and had to make an anouncement on my site I wasn't playing.

                          Now I'm still getting spoofed.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by nimeco View Post
                            I've been playing it since 2009 and never saw this happening.
                            But it's happening here already very extensive...

                            I have no doubt that people will copy my name if they don't like me (or even if they). And I'm not paranoid...

                            From what I see on Japanese Garena Rooms, I can be sure this will happen.

                            Originally posted by Ladar View Post
                            Shhhh, we got him to stop playing Dota2.
                            I see, already some haters here.
                            Last edited by Typhox; 10-30-2011, 01:31 PM.


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                              Eventually your profile will be tied to you Steam Community page, or Dota2 community page (You'll probably be able to click anyone name and go to it like you can for reporting.) At which point you can put as much identifying information as you like. You'll probably be able to tie it into your Youtube and Facebook account. Steam as a whole has a non unique name policy which is wonderful and changing it now would meaning changing every game that uses Steamworks.