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A suggestion for stats.

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  • A suggestion for stats.

    So I've read my share of threads in these forums, and was expecting the violent clash between those who support not having stats and those who support them.
    From what I've seen so far, I've distilled the following thoughts :

    Reasons why people are against stats :
    • Will lead to bigotry and 'racism'. We run the risk of people being pre-judged based on their stats before they even pick a hero, much less play.
    • Will cause people to "statwhore", focusing only on kills while having as less deaths as possible, and leaving the team exposed in ganks/teamfights.

    Reasons why people are pro-stats :
    • It's nice (and useful !) to have an official indication of your performance (with cold, hard numbers I might add).
    • Possibly for clan recruitment reasons.
    • To show off ?

    Those are all valid arguements of course, and having witnessed first-hand the animosity caused by stats in HoN, I too am cautious concerning stats.
    A possible solution would be to have these stats privately, but that would not solve the problem of 'statwhoring', because someone might still want to have a 5:1-10:1 K/D Ratio.

    So what I propose is this : Stats per role.

    While the game could track the overall number of kills/deaths/assists and other stats (games played, won etc.), there would be a breakdown of stats per role, with emphasis on the stats crucial to each role :

    Carry = Pure K : D (as the purpose of carries is to kill enemy heroes)
    Ganker = K+A : D (since they need to help feed the carries and not take the kills for themselves, it's unfair to judge pure K : D and not add assists in the mix.)
    Pushers = Average Number of towers destroyed per game.
    Support = Wards per game, Assists, average number/worth of "support" items purchased per game.

    While I do like hard numbers, and would love to have all the little stats tracked visible for study and personal improvement, I suggest a simple percentage indicator (or bars) of how well a player plays a respective role, for quick reference during picking for his teammates.

    It would also help because, for example, a Rhasta who pushes a tower but lets the carry get the last hit on it for the gold, still was 90% responsible for that tower going down. With crude numbers, since the pusher didn't get the last hit, his performance would degrade/not improve as much. But taking into consideration how much damage/assistance was given in taking down the tower, that would solve that problem. Same would go for the extremely important and underappreciated role of the support.

    Those are some examples where emphasis is placed on how well the player performed their respective role, not just "raw" stats. A Zeus/Invoker who gets all the kills from the carry/ies using ulti/sunstrike is naturally counter-productive to the team. A Jungler who has 5k GPM but ends the game with a score of 0-5 has obviously failed being useful to his team.

    Like the hero performance bars, the role performance bars would start showing up after the player has finished a number of games to gather adequate data (5-10 per role).

    I'll update this thread if I have any more ideas on the matter, but I think this would be a neat solution to the above problems. As always, constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged.
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    at least it will be good to have private stats, KD for all heroes, % of games winning that hero, number of wards and so on
    personally i dont mind to have all that stats visible to everyone


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      the stats debate has been officially closed by chairraider.
      read his closing post.

      Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

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