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  • Save Game Support

    Save games are a feature of Dota 2 that allows resuming multiplayer games in event of a server crash, network disruption or other interruptions of the game. It is available in League, Tournament and Practice lobbies that have at least 10 players. Games with less than 10 players, games with bots and matchmaking games are not saved.

    For games that are eligible a checkpoint of the current game is saved every minute and uploaded to our central matchmaking server. In the event of an interruption of the game, anyone who was a participant of that game can make a new Practice lobby and hit "Load Game" in the bottom right. After a few seconds, a list of all the saved matches that player participated in will appear. Choosing one will then give a list of the minute to minute saves for that particular match, allowing the lobby leader to choose an appropriate minute to resume. All players who were in the match should join the new lobby and place themselves on the same teams and slots if possible. Once everyone is back in, hit Start Game to find a server. The hero selector will come up momentarily, then the server will load the game. If the load was successful, players should find themselves in the correct positions at that save point and the game will be paused waiting to resume from that point. Un-pause and resume!

    It's recommended that the save point chosen from resume be at a recent minute that wasn't during a major battle or other intense moment in the game.

    Issues and important notes about save games:

    - The replay of the game will only start from the point the game was loaded.
    - Save games are stored in our central server, which means you can start a game on one server region when resume it in another region. For example, you could start a game on USEast and then move to Europe if latency issues or a network interruption arose.
    - If you have the console enabled, you will see the message "Save Game X Successful" every minute, where X is the save game number.
    - Save games are only stored for 72 hours, after which they will expire and be deleted.

    If you have any issues or questions about the Save Game system, please use this thread. Thanks!

  • #2
    Great feature! So cool!!!


    • #3
      very cool thanks

      1. So far, I do not think that people in Public are doing this,
      2. most players doesn't agree to change server,
      3. I think this is intended for Team Matchmaking and private lobbies
      *reserved for questions and issues*
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        Cool feature.
        I <3 Jakiro.
        Like Jakiro on facebook!


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          LOVE SO MUUUCCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!
          sorry for my bad English ...

          From Vietnam with Love - Lagest DOTA 2 Community in Vietnam: DotA-2.Vn


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            Would it be possible to later support downloading one of those save states, and uploading it back to the server on demand at a later date? It could be useful for practicing certain scenarios, and trying midgame tactics with a base early game.

            And since I am spit balling ideas, something great in conjunction would to be able to take an replay, go to the frame of choice, and make a save state starting there, and use that in conjunction with the above idea.


            • #7
              - Save games are stored in our central server, which means you can start a game on one server region when resume it in another region. For example, you could start a game on USEast and then move to Europe if latency issues or a network interruption arose.
              People will love it!


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                EPIC VALVE as usual
                CPU : Intel i5 4690k RAM : 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3. VGA : Nvidia GTX 970

                My suggestions for Dota 2 :
                Designating Captains, Challenge Maps/Skill Training, A Suggestion for Stats., In-match party chat & voice

                Personal wishlist : Auras, Weather, -EM, Sleeping neutrals, rest of neutrals implemented. And bring back Basher for all

                Best suggestion of all - a mod API for Dota 2 : solves 95% of suggestions...


                • #9
                  havent tried this feature yet

                  im hoping that when u load the game, the game will start in the pause state and not immediately in the play state
                  for obvious reasons

                  if it is already like that, then this save game feature is nothing but perfect


                  • #10
                    The game automatically pauses after the load.


                    • #11
                      Great job Valve. TI2 will be a whole lot better than last year!


                      • #12
                        no bloodchow no agree this la


                        • #13
                          Nice Cool!! Like!!!


                          • #14
                            Why don't you realize saving game with less then 10 players?
                            For example I try to practice with bots but don't have enough time to play the whole game.
                            In 1st dota I could save the game and finish it later...


                            • #15
                              A minor thing but the gpm stats do not seem to get saved properly.
                              I just have watched the LGD vs. DK Game which was reloaded at some point and in the end game statistics the gpm for everyone was pretty low:

                              Easy example:

                              I can't really make out right now how gpm is actually calculated (it is a mean value right?) (I'm very hungry) but I think that the gpm prior the save/reload gets discarded.

                              Then when they load in again they are for example already at minute 30 so the first 30 minutes count as 0 gpm. So if a player has a gpm of 500 for the last 1 minute of the game it will actually show as 500/31 = 16 gpm.

                              That is just my assumption. Maybe it is something totally different or I don't get how gpm is calculated.