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Just got reported by my awesome team

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  • Just got reported by my awesome team

    So basically we were playing coop-bot game on hard. I was jugg and I am suppose to farm while my team defend base and stuff. But my team ended up calling me useless for not helping them and decided to report me. I hope I don't get ban from this. What is the procedure like for banning people for valve? Do they actually watch the game replays before banning or just go with the numbers?

  • #2
    Probably you get nothing.


    • #3
      Much more probably is that they don't care and let the system do the work for them. Which is right, because the amount of false reports is really high.


      • #4
        Afair all reports get double checked by Valve. Therefore you do not have to fear any punishment.
        You won't get banned for being useless, except you were abusive in text or afk'ed.

        On a site note, Juggernaut may help his mates with his ward nevertheless Check XBOCTs utility Jugger from TI2.


        • #5
          Jaga is herokiller not neutralkiller


          • #6
            Leaving your team alone is never the best option man, you force a 4x5 and the only situation that is reasonable is when you have an aoe team and they DEPEND on you to farm -> because it's their only chance to win, this is something you must chat with your team and never do the "I'm gonna farm 45 min because I'm a carry", that strat sucks and the game will be usually screwed at the point you are farmed enough, so if you wanna do it check with your team and contemplate the risks first.

            Anyway, you won't get banned because of that but you can be banned if you were raging and went to the jungle to hurt your team on purpose, it doesn't seem the case, but we can't really know unless we watch the replay (and personally I won't :P)


            • #7
              Who reports in a bot game lol


              • #8
                No one gets 'banned' by the system. Bans (from the game entirely) have been given before, but always by a human, and only for the most disruptive players.

                For placing people into low priority, there is a semi-automated system. Without going too much into it, it is set up so that people won't go into LP because of false reports.

                If you have any other feedback, please use the commend/report/ban feedback sticky at the top of this forum. If you find that you have been falsely placed in LP, pm me or EricTams. So far though, we have not had any positive cases of false reports putting people in LP.

                With that, I'm closing this thread.
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