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[Suggestion] Allow for custom In-House leagues.

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  • Originally posted by Taff View Post
    As it is the Match making system sucks hard, i can't believe what i'm seeing.
    Played DotA for over 5-6 years, and now i'm only getting queued with russians/noobs/flamers/scum bags
    "Will be queued with players of simular skills" sure.

    Just yesterday my last dota2 game was with 4 russians who said 2 English words entire game "You suck".
    After having sniper with 1.1k hp for min 45, having bara with 4 battlefury who pushes every lane and by doing so dies every time, our awesome pudge without hod/pipe for 40 minutes and last but not least tiny, 0 ganks entire game, picked tiny as last pick knowing he'll lane with bara, just eeeeeh.

    I was talking entire game begging them to include me in their "TEAM PLAY", they never said a fucking word, and entire game i see some RUS letters popping in and out of the chat screen, and i was a lost mirana, with performance 5 bars after playing 30 games with it.

    I know whats expecting me in the next game.. do you?
    "match making system is getting better"
    will never be.

    IHL are inevitable we'll have them either you like it or not.
    Meantime, lets just dodge all those scumbags by: checking stats -> console -> disconnect - > leave game during loading


    • Some people want to play every game like it's the most meaningful game of their lives. Some people want to have fun for roughly 45 minutes, trying out something new. Some people want to run that Witch Doctor with a dagon - they may want to try on winning, but their builds and playstyles are mostly a liability - and they do it even if they are aware of it. At the same time, you get the other people, who pick heroes like morphling, rubick, invoker etc. every game and go for the rather standardish, most effective build they can get their hands on.

      So how did this boil down in Warcraft 3? You had inhouse leagues with whitelisted access, public leagues of all kinds. The leagues used to enforce different kinds of rules at the beginning - mostly about backdooring - but as the game developed, the rules were more or less the same on every platform. Some rating / point systems could have worked differently, and some heroes may have been occasionally banned (like TC after release, Roof after remake, Xin) but apart from that, you could easily transition from league 1 to league 2, there were no huge differences. The biggest difference between leagues ended up being the policy of the leagues themselves. Public leagues usually allowed you to do anything apart from tossing allies to obvious deaths or bloodraging to kill allies deliberately. You could do Aghanim's on Troll Warlord if you wanted. Inhouses and whitelisted leagues demanded you to play "at a certain level"; you could not do quite everything in those games. Game mode was usually CD, and everyone knew each other at least at a basic level.

      I don't personally have a huge problem with the current matchmaking, but to be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing the possibility for the custom leagues given back. Right now the custom game browser is horrible, and there is no real option to start an inhouse league. Within the client, it'd be easy to allow clans, playgroups etc. and whatnot to do their own thing. Making things go through iRC, messaging everyone that "game is up", having no stats recorded apart from the very basic ones... it's worse than what we had in WC3.

      So, in the end, people who want to have rankings or their history recorded, could play in leagues which did such things. People who wanted absolutely the most casual enviroment they could find, found themselves more comfortable in the basic-level public leagues.

      Some people may say that this just splits the community into many parts, and it's going to end up being bad. I disagree.

      Firstly, when you get to play within smaller playgroups, there's a higher chance of you wanting to start up a team and scrim with the same people. Secondly, the original dota could handle this very, very well. Third, if this is not allowed, and LAN is implemented... you're going to have these leagues. Outside of Valve's reach, outside of Steam, completely legally. Say hello to the new Garena, RGC or iCCup. They're going to be on another platform if it cannot exist through Steam. And you cannot sell hats there. But the alternative platforms will be selling name changes, stats resets and maybe their own cosmetics.

      Make it easy enough through Steam and nobody will have the reason to do this outside of the Steam client.

      The biggest reason I kept playing the original dota was because I could play with people I knew. Against people I knew. In enviroments where I could enjoy the game the most.

      <I'll post this here then, meh>


      • Originally posted by Cab View Post
        -i would like IHL, or anything that makes D2 more like DotaLicious.
        me too


        • Very good suggestion! +1.


          • Matchmaking is fine and all, but it's actually quite hard to get a decent game, even if you stack as 5. I think a clan war matchmaking option would be a nice fix to this.


            • I think Leagues is the way to go. It has worked in the past when networking was harder, I don't see why it shouldn't work right now. Matchmaking, no matter how well programmed, is just bad. It's not the right formula, it works for 1v1 games, not this.

              Transitioning from average pubs to a higher level of play - and not a matchmaking bracket - is really hard right now. You either stack or you don't, but then other problems arise. Just give Leagues to those who want them.
              Last edited by Radio; 02-27-2013, 05:28 AM.


              • checkout - first elo-based dota2 league


                • lobby games exist. Just do the paperwork (Excel spreadsheet) get the entrants and your up and ready.
                  Originally posted by Typhox
                  Nope. Windows Explorer is not a database
                  Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.