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[Suggestion] Allow for custom In-House leagues.

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  • [Suggestion] Allow for custom In-House leagues.

    While we are getting a big slew of modes with Matchmaking, Practice Mode which is basically a Bot Mode and an Inhouse Mode combined, Tutorial Mode and the Tournament Mode, I would really look forward to somethinglike good old DotAlicious.

    Basically it would be a nice feature to allow People to create their own custom Leagues with a very own custom set of rules.

    Imagine Matchmaking in a place with other fun modes like -ar and -rd variants. Or maybe even CM. Or a place with higher leaver punishment etc.

    What those people would need:

    - A possibility to List people into their inhouse league either with free access coupled with bans or with a whitelist. (Or other methods)
    - Customizable Stat/Score/Elo feature
    - Their very own Report feature (which is managed by those who create and maintain the league)
    - Customizable choice of game modes.
    - various other gameplay and rule associated stuff
    - A report function for the quality of this league. If the people that created this league do not manage to provide the standard they support with their own rules (E.G. Banning for certain abuses ...)Valve can shut them down.

    While one might argue that this is not needed due to the matchmaking system provided by Valve I am going to ask you:

    - Do you believe everyone will be happy with it?
    - Do you think everyone wants Matchmaking to be AP only?
    - What if you change it? Then there will be people that are pissed about having Random Draft in their Matchmaking.
    - Smaller supervised (by the creators) IH-leagues allow you to escape from the randomness even the best Matchmaking system will suffer from (It`s a team game in the end)
    - Those leagues might even offer a pure match-making (without paties) or match-making with a limited party size.
    - They might also offer you to play some completely retarded modes in some kind of league (who doesn`t want an OMG DotA Matchmaking)

    Rules that creating/maintaining a League should obey:

    - You need a certain number of staff members to create an IH-league
    - With higher number of players you need a higer number of admins/mods/judges ...
    - If a quality check is ordered and the IH-league fails it they get a second chance. If they fail that one too the IH-league gets disbanded and none of the creators of this league can reopen one in like 1 or 2 month.
    - If it passes a quality check the next check can only be done one or two month later.
    - A qualitiy check is only done when there are complains from roughly 20% of the players participating in that certain league. It is only visible to Valve that someone is complaining and someone can take back their complaint as they want.
    - The last 3 points were obviously made to not totally screw valve by overloading them with IH-league related work.

    I know that this might sound utterly weird and might have the downside of splitting up the community a little but I find a such a system directly supported by the game an interesting thought.

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    I sure hope something like this will come.
    Not all people are happy with the casual matchmaking.

    There will be sure no transition to Dota2 for me if smth like DIV or comparable is missing


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      Some are against player segregation because it creates an elitist type of feel for the whole dota community while some are for it because of having better quality games and having a larger selection other then just pubs (practice) tours and General match making.

      While I can understand both sides I side more with allowing players to have a better ability to create their own leagues/communities around the game rather then just having the match making system, this is largely due to my belief that DotA expanded drastically because it was segregated rather then everyone playing in the same place it allowed for hundreds of great communities to spring up and promote the game across the globe to remove this now that the game is its own entity (not part of wc3) I feel would take away from the community experience and growth you gain from having tons of places to play at.
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        If casual matchmaking would be the only option to play, it would seem like Valve claiming to have a superior matchmaking system compared to every single league out there.

        Segregation does not seem to be any problem for me. There will be enough players.

        Some people want their custom rules (dota-league= maximum 1 or 2 hex per team, div= awesome exp system, rgc= special vouch system on higher leagues) and an articifal limition by Valve on matchmaking would hurt alot more than beeing useful.


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          That just separates the player base and create many segregated groups of little leagues that can be made by anyone who may as well customise the matchmaking, ruleset, gameplay,etc to something that DOTA 2 is not meant to be played competitively.

          Just allow custom games, but they are not part of the matchmaking and recorded stats.


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            Inhouse league are a huge part of Dota, mainly because Dota lack matchmaking, hostbots, moderators, rules, etc. They are a fix to a problem. Valve are fixing this problem and making inhouse leagues irrelevant. It is still in beta though and are far from perfect. You should focus on how to make the matchmaking perfect for your need, rather than focusing on how to make a fix for something that isn't even made yet.
            Ofc you can suggest what you think is best, but wouldn't it be more ideal if everything just worked through dota2?
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              Communities can work through dota2 the point is to make it so its not 3rd party like it was in wc3 where it was required there where as in dota2 it can be designed right into the client, and like I said before I dont side with this idea because I like player segregation I side with it because it allowed dota to become as big as it is today and I think if you restrict this then players will have to use other games (HoN and LoL) as away of diversifying what they can do in the game in terms of playing.
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              GPU make and model: Nvidia Geforce 860M
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                YES PLEASE
                I cant stand all these new players.
                0-11-0 windrunner minute 19, 0-8-0 AA minute 6 what the fuck is going on
                give us a reasonable matchmaking system or allow inhouses with w/e features/addons they might need pretty please


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                  Originally posted by Cocofang View Post
                  I would really look forward to something like good old DotAlicious
                  As i am one of the 2 owners of dotalicious i can't help but approve of this statement

                  Bless you son for that compliment. Thankyou!


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                    A better solution to this is to let teams enter a tier based division like SC2.
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                      In House leagues will never be irrelevant. They're much more fun to play in than random match making. An IRC bot or something will come along and make one if Valve doesn't. This is how it always has been in Dota, HoN, and then DotA 2.


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                          IHL will be irrelevant once valve turns it attention to releasing more things around its matchmaking/ladder part of the game.

                          thank god for that, no more tarded 12 year old im-insecure-irl "admins" fapping over a ban-button at these lame ihl leagues.


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                            Originally posted by crazy View Post
                            IHL will be irrelevant once valve turns it attention to releasing more things around its matchmaking/ladder part of the game.

                            thank god for that, no more tarded 12 year old im-insecure-irl "admins" fapping over a ban-button at these lame ihl leagues.
                            You know thats a good point. One of the reasons that turned me off playing DOTA in small leagues was that there were admins and private servers where they would do whatever they like. I remember getting kicked by the admin for getting first blood against him in mid solo. Things like that are no go.
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                              not all communities made around dota are full of ban happy moderators and admins, 90% of the time players that get banned deserved getting banned because they broke a specific rule outlined within that community.

                              Of course theres still that 10% where admins and mods blatantly abuse their power and ban people just because they dont like them.
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                              GPU make and model: Nvidia Geforce 860M
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