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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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    Russian Alchemist... can't say 1 word in English... and I selected ENGLISH language ONLY!
    Tide fails hard offlane... and doesn't ask for help.

    Spectre and Mirana stacked Russians -> 0 English... and I selected ENGLISH language ONLY!
    non stacked: Shadow Fiend player Also Russian -> 0 English... and I selected ENGLISH language ONLY!
    Fails middle vs an easy hero.

    I said I'll stop playing Dota... I hopped something changed... my mistake... won't do it again soon. 2 games per week and all 100% lose. There is no fun in this game...Every game is a 1 sided stomp with incredible feeders.
    Will search other games.Thanks... maybe I'll come back when this is fixed or adjusted in some way.
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6


    • id 603929945
      fail mid, useless am who farm all game and can only die, visage without ult on 14 lvl and really bad earth spirit = thx for team my dream volvo


      • 604117009
        Queen of pain only ever blinks in often dies quickly. Terrorblade doesn't really do anything except die. Axe has trouble using abilities.

        Dazzle and Doom abandon lane early to roam, but wander around our jungle for ~5 minutes, leaving Phantom Assassin alone for free farm. Lifestealer jungles at less than half health, dying just about every time Zues ults.

        Kunkka teleports to lanes with the express purpose of auto-attacking waves from as soon as the game starts. Warlock also auto attacks wave. Batrider plays fine if not a bit ballsy. We are at a huge disadvantage when the enemy starts to group up, and my team mates die as one or 2 against the 5 man train. I foolishly try to save them and die quite a lot.

        Timbersaw, Nature's Prophet, and Lion feed pretty hard. No one wants to take towers or avoid the enemy when they group up as 5.

        These are 4 consecutive games that I played. I realize I didn't have the greatest conduct, but it is frustrating when these types of matches make up the majority of my games. The common theme seems to be that no one communicates, or if they do it's almost all insults in other languages (I am queued for US East, English only). Usually one or more people (usually 2 or 3) feed hard enough to give each of the enemy heroes a 3 or 4 level advantage and a ton of gold, making the game unwinnable. I understand there's winning streaks and losing streaks, but it feels like I am playing with people who have maybe a handful games on file and don't have the basics down, while I'm fighting against 4 or 5 stacks, or at least people who speak the same language.



          Nice one valve. Sure win then "Unstable server, no stats recorded"

          WHy the fuck would no stats be recorded into a 40 minute game?

          This is worse than fucking wc3 dota

          fuck you


          • id 604484644
            Supports who dont buy wards, mider who dont ganks, void who cant use normal chrono vs normal team with wards normal mider who go on lines after 6 lvl, pull ancients for more money and exp. Thx volvo....again


            • id 604547814
              team idiots who overfeed dire. Today day idiots team with me or what valve?


              • id 604974138
                team noobs... again... Today really nice day volvo, thx very much. 100% games with idiots or noobs


                • id 605123225
                  4+1 vs 2+1+1+1 nice, very nice. Mid briestl with 0 ganks, 0 supports, 0 wards. Valve fuck you with this games.


                  • ID: 605129029

                    So, their team had a sucky player, which basically let us feed on him, then he abandoned and we won easily.
                    You guys should add a "DO NOT GET COCKY" lesson in the tutorial. Like, just give people a quick example of how being out of position is a bad idea in general, as well as things like observing the fact that the enemy team is missing and such.


                    • id 605249087
                      3+1+1 vs 5 cool. 0 wards, 0 heal, mid never gank. Thx again volvo 9 loses in a row.


                      • ID: 605502396

                        got stuck with all-carry team on all random.
                        enemy team had 3 supports, 4 disablers, and basically a much better early-game team-fight overall. We had 1.5 disablers, and it didn't even matter cause we had no AOE.


                        • 608958459

                          lastpick Clinkz absolutely not needed and already full of carrys, he fucked my lane, gave 4 kills in first 5 mins in the meanwhile his russian friend alchemist lost top and gave another 2 kills top, the third russian (clock mid) came bot in order to suicide against 3 under their tower at lvl 6 without any reason.

                          average russian doto, gg volvo


                          • Match 609077576

                            I die by a diving weaver under my t1 tower while dk and lion (my mates) watch at 1 cm without cast a single stun

                            storm focus skeleton king first, then abaddon then the game is over


                            • 609315535
                              basically my entire team doesn't know how to play :| every single one of them knew nothing about positioning, teamwork, or the value of a teleport scroll. Basically enemy team was dominating so hard they started to throw a bit which game riki a stupid amount of money. We would have won if any of them had teamwork and didn't run around wayyy out of position solo, fully capable of being aware that the entire enemy team was between them and our base every time (we usually saw the whole enemy team chilling somewhere). Riki died 3 times during laning cause he decided he could 1v2 or 1v3 on top lane at level 4.


                              • id 609842191
                                3+1+1 vs 5 solo, ok but nyx fb then 0-6 for 14 min, fail mid 1-4, top feed and then nyx buy couriers and kill it, wtf valve are you fucking kidding me? Where is normal games?