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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match 2271002294
    Matched with a 4 stack. Totally incompetent. Sniper builds manta (why is everyone building early manta). No damage. No communication. Told them I don't have ravage for 100 xp, they dive and die. Told them 300g for blink. They die. Check mmr of some players. Few sub 2.5k. Sniper 4k solo (calling bs). "Report Tide"

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Where's the all pick for ranked so I don't have to play this lousy unranked crap? What are you doing?


    • 4stacked matches tend to be really one-sided. Never really had a balanced "matched into 4 stack vs 4stack +1".


      • 2277064779
        "Match will not be scored due to poor network conditions."

        Undying dropped on our team when it looked like we were behind. We won. Where's my points?


        • 2281868534


          • 20160410133708_1.jpg

            Match 2286406146

            My MMR 3400
            Our mid: 2900 (no indication until after the match)

            This was a ranked match. I bought wards. I begged for a push. I got to listen to the 3/8 mid piss and moan about wards as we're being split pushed into our based. This was a ranked match. This was a 2 man party. This is still a problem. FIX IT. WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING!?
            Last edited by fauxnetix; 04-10-2016, 10:55 AM. Reason: indication of party size


            • 2287043961


              • 2288630720

                Another 2 man party in ranked. Maybe if I buy a steam controller you'd be inclined to actually fix this? How does it work with Dota 2?
                Last edited by fauxnetix; 04-11-2016, 12:24 PM.


                • 2289020344

                  Another 2 man party in ranked. About 2 weeks back after not playing for a year. Unreal how awful the MM system still is. Spread of almost 1k MMR. Lost almost 200 MMR in two days. Peruvians and other various South Americans on USE refusing to speak English. Jesus. How have you not found a solution to this, or is it that Valve just doesn't care about match quality?


                  So I can't queue for Peru, but they can queue for USE. MAKES PERFECT SENSE!
                  Last edited by fauxnetix; 04-11-2016, 04:57 PM. Reason: pic


                  • 2290888798


                    • 2290936707


                      • Although valve seems not interested in changing the most broken part of mm, here is another example of 4stacks creating the most unbalanced games by a far and more often than not:


                        • 2293095519


                          • 2293120636


                            • 2297054234


                              • 2297383268