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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • 2301743140

    Another 2 man party in ranked. 40 minutes of my time wasted. KOTL first pick and says "I need to rush aghs". Here's the deal: From now on whenever I see a large gap in MMR in ranked that will be my indicator that I need to feed to end the game as fast as possible. Not doing this anymore. Not playing games where the two in the party are more interested in fucking around while the party with the guy 500 MMR over everyone else is going full tryhard. Just not doing it.



    • 2302029240

      2 man party.


      • 2302192981

        2 man party.


        • Nearly all unranked games from early moring till mid afternoon seem to be pretty one-sided. (I saw MMR differences from 2k and more between players in teams)


          • Can add another two games:
            2307398607 (two supports who dont know shit letting 5 ennemy cores farm and gank all over the map)

            2307306673 Sven rushing blink and then farming ( very slowly ofc) 20mor min while ennemy spectre gets ofc so farmed that sven cant do shit anymore. game was over after 10min (with knowing sven would stay passive)


            • Another one:
              Trash lanes, trash teammates, trash itemchoices, horrible, not even miracle could carry with this crapteam.


              • 2310658758


                • Perfect Example of Imperfect Matchmaking


                  As you can see in the image, enemy team had one tbd, where as I've been done with calibrating my mmr maybe like 6 months ago, and I Play Normal games mostly yet still tbd in our game seems totally worth easy mmr

                  our average mmr was +10 more than enemy team as seen in hero picking stage

                  and this guy invoker was smurf,
                  thanks for a smurf for the first time in my team (there's no solution to stopping them)

                  I saw their profiles and their past few ranked matches, and found out that their gpm, xpm and last hits are highly different than mine, although I know that if they are playing support, it can make difference, and if this smurf has such stats, then why does no one from enemy team had 800+ gpm, 800+ xpm, 200+ last hits, kda in their ranked match history, if team is not matchedup then it's not a good experience for all players,

                  I feel like change is necessary


                  • again mid-day dota is totally unbalanced. only one-sided games. one day i only win no matter what i do, next day only losses, no matter what i do. And ofc 90% of the games minimum 1 leaver/afk!



                      I'm the Omni. My team are nice funny guys, I have no complaints about them as people. But they have half the games played I do, their last hitting is atrocious, they do 80 tower damage between them, someone abandons and we lose 58-15. I lose 25mmr.

                      I don't know how I'm supposed to support that or have any real impact on the game as a support. Very disheartening.


                      • Match ID: 2334099441 - server: EU West/East

                        Pudge and Dazzle were premade dying a lot to solo offlane invoker, they got nearly 0 farm in that safe lane. I dont know if they were account buyers, but they cleary didnt belong to this mmr. Maybe it's just me but most of the matches with stacks seems to be very unbalanced.
                        Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                        • 2336672308


                          • 2338499348


                            • 2340628284


                              • Match 2355391983

                                I got matched with a 4-stack of beginners vs a 5-stack of good players.

                                No courier, Rubick clueless about how to support and how to play his hero. I did as well as i could, but they just fed constantly.