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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • 2356210584

    2 times in a row playing vs the same stack, 2 times with stupid noobstacks in my team. The obvious "lets have a bad evening"-MM luck. Happens from time to time, but ONLY with stacks. I want the solo q back!


    • Match ID: 2356567119

      Plyaing against a stack of one 6k mmr and some high 5k mmr players. Unranked MM is a mess.


      • Match ID 2365095066


        • Match 2365980428

          What creates a toxic community? This shit. Fuck you guys for wasting my time. Fix your god damned matchmaking.
          I have to play on a team of 4 with an SB who doesn't buy boots for 14 fucking minutes, while I have to solo offlane against a trilane that stacks, pulls, and zones. FUCKING FUN! 2 man and 4 man are cancer for this game. Figure it the fuck out.
          "LOLOLOL Our SB doesn't know how to play SB...har har trollz lolololol. We told you he wuz bad! LOLOLOLOL!". Fuck you guys. It can't be that difficult of a problem to fix.



          • Match 2368190236

            And a double fuck you to you. Another miserable game. 0 communication because it's a 4 man party.



            • Originally posted by henpara View Post
              Nearly all unranked games from early moring till mid afternoon seem to be pretty one-sided. (I saw MMR differences from 2k and more between players in teams)
              Yea, same here. Something must have changed to the matchmaking since the last 2 days. I wont even bother posting the match IDs here, because it's not going to help.

              But first game was me trying to support guys who are on a lose streak, who insta-lock carries.
              Second game turned to be 22-4 after 8 minutes where I was matched with people who have no clue about what dota is.
              Last 2 games - the same feeder in my team, who fed courriers both games.

              This is not normal, I usually get matched with pretty average people. WTF is this.
              Threads I think are useful to read:

              Just another day on EU servers.

              ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE BETTER PUNISHMENT SYSTEM ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


              • Match 2375459873

                No excuse for 2 man parties in ranked. "La! I lag. HAHAHAHA!" Philippines. Ranked. TBD party. How does this make sense?

                How about a ping lock? Yeah? You don't like region lock but how about a ping lock. Over 150? Can't queue for that server. Done deal.


                • Match 2376851732

                  South American party in ranked on US. Bristleback never showed up to fights. Another case of inflated party MMR ruining a game. Any ETA on the fix? No?


                  • From this point on if they speak Spanish I feed. Then I'll just pay for the MMR reset. GG Valve. I see what you're trying to encourage.


                    • Match ID: 2379250507

                      Description: Feeders in my team. Last few games was also similar. 12 Losing streak.


                      • Match 2379974290

                        This is a 3k match. Tiny has a solo MMR of 1628. He got in because he's in a 2 man party. His "party" MMR is 2600. Fuck you. Do your job.


                        • Match 2380491116

                          2 man party in ranked again. 2 JAJAs spamming chat, pausing, and ping spamming for 45 min. Fuck you. Do your job. I selected ENGLISH and only ENGLISH.


                          • 2384572004


                            • Match ID: 2384357026 |
                              Description: 2 useless players Bristleback (4K MMR, even 3.5K MMR Tinker played 1000 times better than him) and Earthshaker kept farming and feeding all game never joined team fight.

                              Match ID: 2384785625 |
                              Description: 700ms~ Tusk, feeder Veno, useless carry Abaddon.

                              Every solo queue game I'm playing nowadays is similar. Please fix this.


                              • Match ID: 2387279441


                                A: Peruvian Lina supporting and feeding because she's bad.

                                B: Instalock Clinkz, first words out of his mouth are "i'm doing final challenge so either win the game or kill yourself"

                                This is all on the international battle pass ranked matchmaking and I'm understandably salty that my placement matches got these kind of scumbag players and 1k mmr trash players.
                                Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.