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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match ID: 2480276025
    Description: We had 3 stack of assholes, two of which constantly went afk, getting boosted by Kunkka.

    Enemy team had a 4k invoker in a 3k game boosting up a 2k wk, but the difference was he didn't have his circlejerk AFK.

    Why don't we get personalized ban buttons for this shit. There should be a big fat button on the steam account that just allows us to permanently ban people from all of Valve's software for being assholes who ruin multiplayer games.
    Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


    • Match ID: 2481309797


      DO I REALLY NEED TO EVEN SAY ANYTHING? WHAT THE FUCK. How shit is your fucking software that you can't pick 5 randoms for a 5v5 game and you need to put a 5 man stack vs two randoms AND A 3 STACK BOOSTING A SUB 2k RETARD?
      Last edited by Iratus; 07-04-2016, 05:51 AM.
      Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


      • Match ID: 2483755589


        Duo queue of 2.8k shitstains who don't listen to the team or work together bring us down as the enemy gets free kills as WK sits there and farms all game for literally nothing of use or value.

        Fuck this game seriously, Valve will never fix it.
        Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


        • 2483604413

          24-4 says it all. 30min stomp.


          • Match ID: 2461797238 |
            Description: SF was feeding and farming all game didn't help much in team fight, after mid game he was building a Divine Rapier and wanted to give it to Sven (opponent carry) so we won't be able to win the game.

            Match ID: 2479832087 |
            Description: 2 players disconnected before first blood but stats still counted.

            Match ID: 2486594155 |
            Description: AM and DP started feeding from the start.

            Match ID: 2488439485 |
            Description: The Meepo player in this game intentionally trolling and throwing games. Check his match history.
            Last edited by coldfire7; 07-07-2016, 09:27 AM.


            • Match ID: 2502442897

              Basically, AGAIN, I was on solo queue and got matched with a 4 stack and we were up against a 5 stack.

              tl;dr your system is shit and so is your company :^)
              Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


              • Originally posted by Iratus View Post
                Match ID: 2502442897

                Basically, AGAIN, I was on solo queue and got matched with a 4 stack and we were up against a 5 stack.

                tl;dr your system is shit and so is your company :^)
                This is not a ranked match. In non-ranked matches, you can end up together with a 4 stack, which is intended. The no 4-stack rule only applies to ranked matches.
                Please, just call me buny.


                • Your signature iratus...

                  "You will always be stuck with shitty teammates."
                  Does that mean if someone get matched with you, you are a shitty teammate by default?


                  • 2506575513

                    Our team was favoured (-28 MMR), yet we were stomped completely.


                    • Match ID: 2506626913 |
                      Description: Trolling OD. OD lost mid started throwing, intentionally tried and fed the courier twice, intentionally using ult (Eclipse) on creeps, intentionally using skill (Astral Imprisonment) to block kills or make friendly heroes to get caught.

                      Match ID: 2504956295 |
                      Description: LC kept farming and feeding never helped in team fight or to push/def towers. Feeder sven safe lane carry.

                      Match ID: 2504783607 |
                      Description: Safe lane PA (4k mmr account buyer) gave first blood to a lvl 1 Kunkka and kept feeding (0-7), lvl 8 w/o taking a single lvl of Phantom Strike. Off-lane Timber didn't take any Reactive Armor until lvl 7 and kept feeding.

                      Match ID: 2504475368 |
                      Description: Nature's Prophet kept cliff farming all game never pushed any lanes nor did help in any team fight, tried to KS with Dagon a few times. Feeder mid Phoenix. Off-lane Husker who doesn't know how to use Armlet.

                      Match ID: 2504516103 and 2504436298 | and
                      Description: Storm and Meepo.

                      Match ID: 2506626913 |
                      Description: Feeder safe lane TB (not the first time I got queued with this guy he did the same last game).

                      8 solo queue losses, please fix this.
                      Last edited by coldfire7; 07-15-2016, 05:52 PM.


                      • Match ID: 2508974099 |
                        Description: Safe lane feeder Drow (this Drow doesn't even know that Blight Stone doesn't work with other UAM), carry Rubick (kept taking LH using Fade Bolt), Ragequit feeder mid Bara.

                        All of the solo queue games I'm getting nowadays are similar, please fix this.

                        Last edited by coldfire7; 07-16-2016, 04:58 PM.


                        • Match ID: 2515266466


                          Description: Our Slardar goes 2-18. Our Terrorblade goes 0-12. Our Dragon Knight goes 2-12. Three of the five people on team were feeding from the first minute. A grand total of 31 tower damage on the entire team. These aren't late-game death counts either, they had all fed 10 kills in the first 20 mins. I was the Undying faced with an absolutely impossible task of supporting suicidal idiots for nearly an hour, which was a gigantic waste of time. Of course, they all blamed Sniper - the only other person on the team who wasn't feeding catastrophically. Slardar has 32 cs in 51 mins.

                          Thanks Valve
                          Last edited by stesha83; 07-19-2016, 02:17 PM.


                          • Hey guys, 3 months ago i had decent unranked matchmaking, which i used to match up with players who have high dota 2 account level, total matches, and obviously more experienced. I was away matchmaking for about 3 months, and now, i'm getting matched up with level 2 dota players, who just lose the game that i'm already winning. what the ...??? i wouldn't complain if it was only 1-2 matches, but this is continuing like non-stop. what happened in these 3 months?

                            Here's some match IDs:

                            2513432830 (storm spirit)
                            2515485985 (furion and juggernaut)
                            2515749230 (slark)
                            2515701302 (gyro-fkin-copter)


                            • what's happend to "one-sided match making..."thread?

                              It is last match I played and It was pure one-sided
                              I was SD
                              Pluse:tanx for transfer it
                              Last edited by tvchn; 07-20-2016, 03:39 AM.


                              • Match Id: 2519637948
                                i don't know what gorgon and huskar is doing
                                and they feed and enchantress is not warding
                                so i did the warding tho

                                Match ID:251950906
                                all my team feed also in mid sniper
                                i can't do anything to stomp

                                Match ID:2519509067
                                all feeding again and i don't know why build
                                of the alchemist is armlet and battle fury lmao