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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match ID: 2846283867


    Also retard peruvian LC
    Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


    • 2851357503


      • MATCH ID: 3098126651

        5k mmr Storm, 4.7k mmr Axe, 4k mmr Sniper in opponent (also a 4 man party) and all I get in my team are bunch of 2-3k mmr feeder headless chickens (PA CM Lifestealer). nice balanced game volvo!!! :|
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        • Enemy team always stronger. I am so tired. In my team always muted ppls for me. Will be great if u not give me muted ppls in my team. Mb its too much, but i rly not want play with muted ppls in 1 team. Put them vs me if it possible.
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          • Match ID: 3135627145

            Like a fucking idiot I bet my last 250 and 6 streak on #yolo team


            Holy fucking shit these guys threw and fed on purpose so many times.
            Petition to remove Single Draft. All Random is more balanced than Single Draft.


            • Match ID: 3136507199

              I have played around 3000 games and I got matchmaked with a team of 3 people who were playing their 2nd game after a year, but probably almost all of their games were back in 2013 (at least judging by the one visible Dotabuff account). They ended up going double mid with Jakiro and Storm Spirit and LC went jungle. They left a solo PL (who was another good player) on top with no support. The game ended with them feeding 0-11, 1-15, 4-15 and was completely one-sided after the laning stage was over.

              I checked the previous game of these guys and it is Match 3136469167. They fed as well enormously. Isn't a year-long break enough reason to lower someone's rating in unranked MM? And if it isn't, a very well fed games after a gap should be enough.


              • Match ID: 3307773427

                This game was an extraordinary display of how one-sided a game can be, and people abusing that. The highest MMR player in the whole game did not seem to know how to play and lost his lane when they were getting help. All of our lanes besides the safelane continually fed, and all the team kept doing was trying to fight when clearly that's why the enemy team had the advantage. I don't understand how this entire game that any of the players on my team could not do anything correct, and this was ranked too. It's ridiculous.


                • Match ID: 3389815900

                  Description: Probably unavoidable due to Monkey King having 0 hours and only Dota on their account, so he wasn't calibrated. Pretty obvious he just rolled through us like it was a bot game.
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                  • I have 7200 dota matches, and even today I dropped 2 times in low priority for 3 matches. I do not play badly, but Valve's matchmaking system sucks. I am a programmer and I know when something is poorly implemented.
















                    • match id:


                      Nice balance Idiots.


                      • Match ID: 3741478469 team:Me = 4/8Player 2 = 0/11Player 3 = 0/10Player 4 = 0/8Player 5 = 2/6 (Anti-Mage. I'm supporting and trying to save him several times, even do the last hit kill, but always go away and dies alone)I always play as a support 5, I always make the first pick of hero.I do not give any last hits, anyway, I'm the best player in the game, looking at the stats of the end of the match (that green or red marking by the bars), in 76% of all games, even as support.


                        • Match 4104528999

                          Match 4104528999

                          Radiant members' winrates (58%, 67%, 51%, 56%)
                          Dire members' winrates (44%, 43%, 49%, 45%, 40%)

                          Everyone on my team had abysmal winrates, with the highest not even reaching 50%. However, almost everyone on the radiant team had above 50% winrates. They even had a player with a 67% winrate. Needless to say we got completely stomped, and my teammates kept making rookie decisions and mistakes, e.g. pos 5 Silencer buying orb of venom and tranquil boots but very few wards. This was a ranked game, but it still felt incredibly unbalanced.


                          • Match 5157986477

                            Our invoker was legend 4, yet he got destroyed mid by the enemy legend 1 ember, who proceeded to snowball and wreck the game. Our carry was our lowest rank at archon 5 and was completely clueless. Enemy had a legend 3 carry.
                            What was really jarring about the situation was that our team was clearly at a disadvantage (12-49 kill score by the end of the game), yet Dota saw fit to deduct a whopping 28 mmr points from my support mmr (that's excluding the points that were also taken off my core mmr).
                            Please Devs, this is really unfair ... the unbalanced matchup I can almost understand as there will be exceptional cases, but the mmr loss system is just way too unbalanced.


                            • Match ID: 5394335098

                              Description: I felt the game was unbalanced since the mid matchup mmr difference was WAY too high, my team's mid player was an archon 5 and the enemy's was a divine 2.
                              That must be more than 1000 mmr difference in a very decisive role.


                              • Match ID: 5464214625

                                My gauntlet match was completely ruined by this matchmaking. A party of 5 versus a team of random solo players. It was a stomp.