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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #16
    Match ID:102639338

    Wow, my very first really one sided game. Our drow admitted to being drunk, but that wouldnt change anything. Basically, their skill was way higher than what I have ever encountered. They got first blood before the game really started, continuing to own every single lane of us.
    What I am used to is, farm some minutes, try to get a gank at lvl 3-4, get more last hits and then shift the lane at lvl 6.
    They were playing the very high skill dota: Dont wait for items, youve got skills. If someone gets out of position, show him what that means (in particular: show "us").
    Even after 10 minutes the Guys refused to begin to farm and just stomped us with the strength of their heros. Something I have never encountered or could reproduce myself.

    From the "watch games" tab I could see some of them actually played many very high bracket games.. I know that doesnt mean something, but yet, they were actually playing with Skill.


    • #17
      Match ID: 108293903

      Kills: 3-20 by 15 mins, 13-50 by 40 mins. Terrible game that lasted way too long.


      • #18
        Match ID: 108399428

        Solo queued into a 4-stack of Chinese players. I was queuing on the US East server. Their English was very broken, so there was no communication between them and me. Aside from this, they simply did not know how to play. At one point in the game it was 10-0. I was supporting the Morphling as Wisp which enabled him to freefarm against the enemy Bounty Hunter, but his CS skills were very poor so he missed most of it anyway. The other three were gathered bot and feeding. For the rest of the game, all of them just wandered around looking confused.
        The game only lasted 30 minutes because the enemy team refused to push.


        • #19
          Match ID: 108332452

          Dark seer and clockwerk has a little idea about what's goin on. But seriously. They were just really unskilled players, missing heros runnigh through their screens, not responding to map-pings etc. Slark was the guy who decided to talk more during match than play. On the other hand, there was enemy pudge in the opposite team, who owned this game hard. I don't remember how the rest of the enemies went along, but i get teh impression that my team (radiant) was generally way low in skill than the enemy team. There was a moment in game when it was 10:3x/4x or somethign and i got half of the frags while playing pugna. My teammates few times died alone etc.

          EDIT: I would like to add, that from last patch (with troll warlord) I get the impressions matches are less balanced, generaly i lost 2 other games which were semi-one sieded :<


          • #20
            Match ID: 108200239

            Only remotely competent player on Dire team was Sniper.

            Score: 38-6
            Duration: 27:32

            Complete mismatch.


            • #21
              Match ID: 108992855

              I played all random and random hero picks were really unbalanced. Here is picks,

              Radiant: Bounty Hunter (Repicked Meepo), Shadow fiend, Rikimaru, Spectre, Slark (I was rikimaru)

              Dire: Brewmaster, Troll Warlord, Skeleton King, Queen of pain, Dragon Knight

              This picks are really unbalanced. How we supposed to win with full of easy broken agility heros against 3 streght carry, 1 nuker, 1 agi carry that gives all allies a huge atack speed. In early game or late game either, we got no chance. It takes 32 min but they just came and destroyed towers easily...

              Thank you.


              • #22
                Match ID: 108401046

                I played All Pick and randomed Crystal Maiden. Most of the people on my team and theirs were shit.

                Strong Players: Crystal Maiden, Chaos Knight, Rubick, and Phantom Assassin

                Weak Players: Ogre Magi, Lycanthrope were the only truly awful players. Most of the enemy team was way below me though (obviously since I went 22-9 as support).

                How does this happen? How was I matched with somebody who gave first blood to neutral creeps? I didn't mean to brag when I said I was a strong player but I was a 22-9 support. Please fix this. This game was so one sided and unbalanced it wasn't even funny.


                • #23

                  I got team with 3 russians, cm 2:14 0 wards or detection, bara 2:19 charging other lanes since level 3 to feed, lone druid 2:10 bought pt on himself and boots & javelin on bear in 30 minutes... I'm not sure if shreder was russian too.

                  How am i supposed to get into higher skill bracket when i get retreated teams like this all the time instead of normal balanced matches with people on my level.
                  54 20 81
                  19 59 19
                  120286501 <-scoreboard
                  This was supposed to be a very high skill bracket game... Enemies were playing as if they were total newbies playing their 20th game or something... This was one the most pathetic stomps i witnessed throughout last year.
                  Last edited by omnomnomnom; 02-08-2013, 04:30 PM.


                  • #24
                    All games below were played on lasted patch, EU (west+east) servers, -AP mode, I was solo queueing.

                    Match ID: 109251213

                    [feedback] Another game ruinned by stacks. Dark seer and Void from Radiant was trolling, buying stupid items and afk farming etc. Meanwhile on Dire side there was some tryhard stack on the tri lane with 2 supports + carry. I bought myself wards so I could see what's waiting for me, but I can't farm in that lane, because whenever I get close to creeps I get chain stunned and killed so I went farm jungle instead, since my team didnt bother to come help. If you'll watch the replay you'll realize how big difference was between both teams ganking and supporting. Stacks simply have too much cooperation which lead to very snowbally and one sided games.


                    Match ID: 108846107

                    [feedback] Again, I got matched against some tryhard stack when I sign solo q. They group early and gank a lot, my team lacked cooperation to do anything = 20min stomp even if I buy wards etc.


                    Match ID: 108294358

                    [feedback] This game I got matched with some tryhard stack which was very coordinated and without significant help from my side raped enemy team from the very begining. 14min in to the game enemy team members started to rage quit, score was 6:24.

                    I feel like all this feedback is not even read, since the issue with stacks in solo q is here for a long time and we still don't have real solo queue.
                    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                    • #25
                      Match ID: 109624036

                      If all matches were like this i wouldn't play it and this match has made me want to try the other two games, i have not played them but heard they have better matchmaking.
                      5 man premade should never ever vs a 5 solo queue. Communication and teamwork are too important and play a bigger role than anything.

                      Even a two man stack who lane together is going to smash their lane hard, you don't see pros stacking in pubs, they respect the rules and know it's not fair.
                      I really don't think the matchmaking is taking into account how powerful stacks are and should handicap them immensely by putting much higher rated players against them.


                      • #26
                        Game: 109880766

                        I think we need to stop chinese players from playing in SEA. 2 seconds matchmaking, both friends instalocked carries and proceed to voice chat throughout the entire game. I understand mandarin but the way they speak is too annoying. It became a one-sided game anyway.


                        • #27
                          Match id:110234033

                          This game was onesided. Nyx, mirana, lifestealer was just bad. They were not newbie or something. Enemy have zeus, windrunner! And nyx said me "i need 3rd skill not 2nd skill noob" also lifestealer did not give his 1st skill. They feeded enemy. I will quit to playing dota 2 and i will try hon and lol... This game just sucks


                          • #28
                            All games below were played on lasted patch, EU (west+east) servers, -AP mode, I was solo queueing.

                            Match ID: 110302003

                            [feedback] Totaly one sided game against some tryhard stack instant locking broken tournament combos in pub game. If you go alone you die in few sec due to global teleports and if you go 5 you still die due to lack of cooperation. In the end it's just a waste of time.


                            Match ID: 110174861

                            [feedback] Again game against some tryhard stack. SF and Dist from dire were very unskilled. Dist didnt lvl up his nuke and he wasnt able to out harras BH which lead to him dying. SF would just overextend and die to ganks.


                            Match ID: 110060796

                            [feedback] This time I got matched with some tryhard stack. They run around together from the very begining like it was some effing tournament. They keep killing unorganized enemies and 12 min in to the game whole enemy team started rage quitting. I could've go afk in that game and my team would still win without any problems. Do you really think that such games are fun or is this some stupid kind of justice to balance my win ratio?

                            I just want to play pub games with and against other solo players and not with / against organized teams.
                            Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                            • #29

                              What's this? Another premade stack against a solo queue? REALLY?

                              CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?

                              I LOST! I LOST TO A PREMADE.

                              I'm shocked. Totally, completely, unimaginably shocked.

                              Your matchmaking is a joke.


                              • #30
                                Match ID: 111271029

                                Description: Radiant consisted of a 4 man (possibly 5-man) pre-made. Totally stomped the random team I was on, it's ridiculous that such large pre-mades can be matched against random teams without an equal number of pre-mades. If they pre-make with that many players, they should be prepared to wait long enough until another equal skill bracket pre-made team is available, pub players shouldn't have to suffer because a bunch of noobs need to pre-plan and stommp pubbies to get any wins. The entire game was one-sided from first blood until end. Radiant was just prolonging the game and spamming ratings and otherwise just trolling the chat.