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One-Sided Matchmaking Game Log

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    All games below were played on lasted patch, EU (west+east) servers, -AP mode, I was solo queueing.

    Match ID: 110733927

    [feedback] I got matched with some tryhard stack, they walk together all the time and gank unorganized enemies. I didn't even have to try this game, because this stack was owning enemies even without my help.


    Match ID: 110843143

    [feedback] Dire had some tryhard stack and despite trolling they won easily. My whole team (Radiant) was just bad or trolling with stupid builds and using spells only to last hit etc. The difference in gold was just insane we had no real chance to come back.


    Match ID: 110943119

    [feedback] Dire had at least 3man stack. They were much more coordinated. Axe and Clockwerk from Radiant were playing very poorly.
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


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      So. Not only was this game a huge stomp for the enemy team (which was a premade, by the way), they also farmed us in the fountain for over five minutes. That is inexcusable. I want each and every one of them permanently banned from Dota 2 over this. This is ridiculous. If you let people get away with this kind of online harassment than you're enabling the worst of the worst.

      I'm going to be filing official Steam complaints about every single one of them and I hope appropriate action is taken and I'm not talking "Boo hoo low priority queue for 5 hours."


      • #33
        this is 4th time mm puts me with the same NOOB PLAYER WHO EITHER SOLO FARMS OR PLAYS BAD (void in this game)

        Match ID : 111732610

        Description :

        basicly 4 v 5 entire game since our void,NEVER ultied good,SOLO farmed when we tryed to deff,NEVER came to deff (and lost rax)

        this is so retarded,im matched with bad people so i can lose games GREAT JOB

        next game even worse

        Match ID : 111770996

        Description : ck and sk lost lane (ROFL,wtf?),mid invoker rarely took runes or ganked (pr0 player imo,even though he played quas wex)

        Highlight of this epic game :

        ck noob and feeder
        invk noob
        sk noob

        only kotl was decent even though he pushed the lane a lot bot

        final score 28-11

        TY valve keep up the good work

        Match ID : 111808726

        Description : storm noob mid player,lost it bad,pa feeder,warlock who dosent know how to play his hero,never skilled heal,great game

        score 48-24
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        • #34

          Five man premade again. I lost, again.

          Oh, and they fountain farmed for about 5-10 minutes. Cool of them.

          I hope you ban all of them from this game permanently, and no more of this "Let's send them to the low priority queue for a few hours" BS.


          • #35
            All games below were played on lasted patch, EU (west+east) servers, -AP mode, I was solo queueing.

            Match ID: 112782058

            [feedback] solo q vs stack roaming together like it was some kind of tournament.


            Match ID: 112726560

            [feedback] Dire was playing very poorly, especially Invoker (stupid item choices and overextending).


            Match ID: 112512725

            [feedback] Dire had a lot more cooperation, 23 min stomp.


            Match ID: 111617464

            [feedback] Dire had some tryhard stack with very good cooperation. Furion from Radiant was just afk farming and never helping his team.


            Match ID: 111588342

            [feedback] Radiant had some tryhard stack, very one sided 27min stomp


            Match ID: 111561697

            [feedback] Radiant had much better cooperation, 25min stomp


            Match ID: 111331732

            [feedback] Radiant had some tryhard stack, 21min stomp. Lina and SK from Dire were playing very poorly.
            Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


            • #36
              Match ID : 112865660

              Description : only one thing : PUDGE NOOB FEEDER MID,he managed to feed huskar at the point that we coudn't do shit

              final score 33-11,very stupid game,give beta to more pr0z like thiz

              Match ID : 112963676

              Description : highlight pa noob,has no map awareness/ability to farm,next pugna incredible noob player rarely puts nether ward on the ground,1st item veil then phase boots (rly now?),some extras below from chat to see how he is in game

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                • #38
                  Match ID: 111661116

                  Info: Troll Warlord completely owned in the early game, but the rest of his team refuse to communicate, so they don't push, let it get to late game, when the 5 carry enemy team stomps them. (look at the scores)


                  • #39
                    Match 113529976

                    Completely One-Sided.I played alone. I wouldnt call enemy players noobs they played mostly well but made some mistakes, some of them had 300-400 wins so i expected good game.I was 25-0 at one point dont know what happened.
                    p.s. of course next match i got owned playing with 4 russians in my team.


                    • #40
                      All games below were played on lasted patch, EU (west+east) servers, -AP mode, I was solo queueing.

                      Match ID: 113432930

                      [feedback] I was solo q and got matched against 5man stack. They used troll builds but still won very easily due to much better cooperation. The difference in gold was over 40k+ and difference in xp was around 43k+.


                      Match ID: 113358983

                      [feedback] QoP only afk farmed and never came to gank, kotl was trolling, stealing cs and pushing lanes for no reason, enigma was either trolling or just very unskilled, overtextend and died a lot, at 50min he had only dagger and meka. Radiant was trolling hard with items and rambo actions but won easily due to much better cooperation.
                      Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                      • #41
                        Match ID : 113631341

                        Description : sf vs necro epic duel mid (note sf skills necromastery and presence of the dark lord) ,he end up feeding and loosing mid,top wr feeder dies 3 times,dosen't know to stay hardlane,so great game 3 v 5,wonder why people stop paying


                        • #42
                          Match ID: 113698789

                          This is similar to the previous one sided match I posted earlier. And as before, see if you can spot the player who doesn't belong. No hints, you'll have to find it for yourself!

                          Radiant Wins:

                          Dire Wins:

                          Lucky #12 did everything he could to make the match unwinnable. He stole farm from the carry (and not even a little bit - he would dual breath every creep wave and steal every hit), pushed the lane into the tower constantly, and fed over and over again. He managed to go a whopping 1-15-9 (his only kill was a suicidal tower dive).

                          We also had lovely Mr. 383, who was either Russian or pretending to be Russian; yelling with a heavy accent things like, "PUUUSH, PUUUUSH NAOW" every time he got ganked, and "VULTIMATE! VULTIMATE!" during the teamfights. He went 0-10-4, and ended the game as level 8 (the highest level in the game was 21). In fairness, this guy was playing Chen, and Lucky #12 did his best to never ever help him when his lane opponent went into the jungle to gank, so I'll give him a pass. I only mention him because it illustrates the ridiculousness of the match.

                          I can't even report anyone for this, since it's really not Lucky #12's fault, it's Valve's. This was on the East Coast server at 10pm on a weeknight, playing All Random, so there was no reason for MM to lower its standards so much. I would have gladly waited another 5 minutes during queue so that I didn't end up wasting 30 minutes in the end. I think the queue for this match was only 3 minutes or so.

                          And no, no one was partied with Lucky #12.
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                          • #43

                            Solo queue match. Random draft. Fair picks for both teams. Lion feeds in lane, no awareness. Tide doesn't want to solo. Nothing particular about Scourge though. Prophet levels sprout to 3 before even 1 in treants. To show how good the other team is, Prophet brags about sprout being useful given no one on Dire had countered it with QB/tango.


                            • #44
                              All games below were played on lasted patch, EU (west+east) servers, -AP mode, I was solo queueing.

                              Match ID: 114297385

                              [feedback] There was stack on both sides (not sure how big) BH and Rubick from radiant were playing very poorly. Even with all the wards I bought they would still overextend and die, very bad map control and poor farming skills.


                              Match ID: 114119953

                              [feedback] Radiant had 4-5man tryhard stack instant locking wisp, tiny etc. Score was 32:8 for Radiant only because Tiny started to troll at the end and throwing his teammates on Dire fountain.

                              I hope this bs with stacks will end once team queue is up
                              Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


                              • #45
                                Match ID : 114430519

                                Description : medusa total noob went mid vs od (look at items and you will see what i mean),sk and tide noobs,never tped when needed stayed like statues on lane and failed,so yeah another "high" game,ty valve

                                next russian game

                                Match ID : 114520306

                                Description : pudge noob mid fail ganks ,veno useless (meaning dosent gank or dies top),weaver semi-noob,and troll strugles to farm is ganked in wood even with wards,so yeah great games,final score 23-9,keep up the good work valve
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