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General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Like

    - Relatively fast match times


    - Going up against stacks...... please force stacks into team matchmaking and leave us solo queue people online...


    • Likes
      - Can find the match fast
      - trying to make it balanced

      - putting me into a pub people against party people who has good communications
      - Putting me into someone new who doesn't know how to play dota and sometimes play around with dc heroes
      - Putting me to a team with leavers and blamers who blame on me because i didn't support them when they died so many times


      • Like
        -What is there to like

        - No way to monitor your skill lv.
        -Constantly getting matched with people clearly new to the game.
        -Constant one sided matches.
        -Solo queuing is impossible because of the premade stacks.
        Fuck the Commend/Report/Low Priority Feedback thread, Fuck the forum, Fuck Volvo !


        • DISLIKE:

          Captain going to random if not queuing as 5 in CM.


          Me and 3 friends queued as 4 because we couldn't find a 5th. The random 1 person we got matched with got Captain and was AFK.

          How to fix it:

          Whoever has the larger pool of members in their party should have that party's leader chosen as Captain.
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          • Likes:

            Fast Queues

            Dislike 1:
            People who fail to accept queue.

            Solution: Penalty for queuing and not accepting.

            Dislike 2:
            How matchmaking forces you to a 50% win rate

            Make every game a 50% chance to win and 50% chance to lose. Currently if you win too many games it will put you into matches that are almost a guaranteed loss. This is a bad system. Make every game a 50% chance to win so games are always closely matched.

            Dislike 3:

            People who do not speak the language of the server queued into.


            Region lock or reportable language settings.


            • Likes: Amazing MM system which places you in a great game almost every time when single queueing.

              Dislikes: My win rate with my friends. I cannot say for sure, but it feels everytime I play with my lower rated friend, we get put up against a 5 stack, or 5 really good players, then we have 1-2 really lower rated people on our team, and it becomes a stomp. Not sure whether it averages out the enemies MM rating compared to ours, or if it tries to match 1 persons rating to another persons, eg Blues rating=Pinks rating and so on.


              • Likes: Good idea great job!!

                Dislikes: Don't waste in new features... try to make the actual MM work better first ... less leavers... better balanced games...
                Regards,__________________________________________ ______________________________________________


                • LIKES
                  - the potential of being a good way of finding decent teammates & opponents
                  (it's not at the moment; reason is in the dislikes part)

                  - the fact that you perform matchmaking on a continuous scale (in your own words)

                  SOLUTION: perform matchmaking within level limits like this:
                  0-4, 5-9, 10-14 (5 level step) then
                  15-24, 25-34, 35-44 (10 level step) then
                  45-59, 60-74, 75-89, (15 level step), and so on.
                  The increase in level difference to accommodate the lower number of highly skilled players
                  compared to less skilled players.

                  I don't want to be put with level 5 players being level 30 myself.
                  Don't take away my chances at victory from the very moment I press "Find game",
                  that's not what matchmaking is supposed to be.
                  It's in the name - "match" + "making".
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                  • Likes



                    I will be short here, does Valve have any mathematicians employed? Because EVERY kind of ranking you have put in this game is a pure failure.

                    Normal MM? Failure.

                    Performance bars? A completely useless feature. What, it shows me that heroes >75% win have 10 bars and others have less? Thanks, a 10 year old kid can design that.

                    Hall of fame? Completely random system putting normal bracket players with 45% win in it and featuring random heroes. Useless.

                    TMM system? Only ranks you based on combined personal ratings of the people in the team, what a brilliant design. Then you get 0-5 points for a win/loss, woopdeedoo. Doesn't matter if you're 10-0 or 0-10, the difference will be 100 points at most. Do you have any mathematicians? Because dotabuff has done a 20 times better job so far than your whole company.


                    • Likes: Put me with other humans to play

                      Dislike: Put me in Very High skill braket when I'm having a little win difference (+40)
                      2012 - Siince july: 3 games
                      2013 - Since jan 30: 6 full pages...(????????)
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                      • likes:
                        Games are actually very often balanced. I sometimes even win against stacks and stuff like that!
                        Matchmaking considers my performance, not my kills in a game.
                        You can get a higher skill level by playing supports.

                        It doesnt work good enough when pairing new people together.
                        When I play with my brother (we play very often together) we get really interesting fights. But when we play with a 3rd person, that has our similiar skill level, the game outcome seems to be very random. Sometimes we absolutely stomp then - and then 1 game later its suddenly fair again.
                        Last time I played with a friend, who I didnt have played with for some time. The first game was a mess, we were stomped. Then again, the second one was quite fair.
                        And after I quit playing with my brother and solo queued again, I was in a skill level, which did not match at all (autoattackers and stuff like that). As if Matchmaking didnt care that I won games in the high bracket with my friends, I was put in normal bracket again.

                        I believe that I have another matchmaking level with certain friends than when solo queuing... If this is really the case (it does feel like it is), than the system has to consider the fact, that I have a certain skill that does not change when playing with friends. It feels like its trying to find a place for me first... I know that it tries to build an average level, but its always too high or too low at the first game..

                        A second thing might be obvious, but I wanna mention it: Try to improve the match making by putting more factors in it. My (obvious) suggestion: Pair communicative people.
                        And as wrote, try to find out how well someone did in that certain lane against this certain hero and suddenly you can balance the first 10 minutes of the game better!
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                        • Likes : none, there is absolutely nothing positive about dota 2's matchmaking.

                          Dislikes : solo que vs premades.

                          Being teamed up with random casuals to fight a group of tryhards with some coordination ends up with you losing 99% of the time, when I see a premade I just alt+f4 during the loading and cancel the game.

                          How to fix : solo only queue.


                          • Likes:
                            - Solo queue seems to work better than playing with friends.

                            - Playing with friends results in erratic matchmaking. When playing with 2 friends, one of them is around my level (50 % win rate) and the other has significantly fewer games played (and less skill). The matches vary greatly, some are impossible to win, others we win easily and sometimes rarely we get an even match. When playing 2 man team with the friend who is around my skill level and nearly the same amount of matches, we constantly get very difficult matches and our winrate is well below 40 %. Curiously, when I play 2 man team with the friend who doesn't have that great win rate, our team winrate is 57 % and matches are generally easier than solo and much easier teaming with equally skilled player. Generally I've noticed that teams have great differences in matches played (like a couple with 50-100 wins and then compensated with 3 players who have 700 wins) produces horrible results, usually perhaps favouring the team who has a couple of highly experienced players rather than 5 players around the same (lower) skill level.


                            • Dislike- FIX StaKED vs Random , see for example 127290481 , this is only thing i really piss off , i am with complete random team vs a team , i not fun at least should no count because i am complete disadvantage , i dont believe this be so hard all, i ask stack vs stack and the let 5 random people vs 5 random in peace
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                              • LIKES
                                Can't think any of it, to be honest. For me its the worst matchmaking experience within so many online games i've played. Well, it finds games, let's credit matchmaking for that.
                                Valve made a step in right direction with Team Matchmaking feature, but it's not enough obviously.

                                - Huge queues time for no logical reason. Online increased in last few months drastically, with the bigger player pool it should take less to find players.
                                - Huge discrepancies in win rate between players in one team. Like one guy is 47% and another 51.5% (i will update with matchID if find it: thanks Valve for anonymous players, it's so easy to prove my words since)
                                - The system is pretty sloppy when you're or on winning streak. Normally, you should get better players but it happens that you get people who can't even last hit in a very high game. Overall, i don't feel a progress. No matter how many games you won in past 50 matches. I can get my winrate increased from 50.5% to 53% and wouldn't get better quality of matches (and i did increased it).
                                - Hidden MMR, absent ladder. I really don't like it, explained why so many times in different threads. Arguments are common within the community and I'm sure Valve knows them.
                                - Not exactly MM issue, but it is related. Low priority system is a shit. Happened for myself to get in LP first time in a whole year. Currently it takes 4-5 mins to find a match in LP, while it takes 3-5 minutes to find it a normal pool. Crappy, right? (EUE, EUW, English only, AP mode, prime time)
                                - English filter obviously doesn't help. I've found myself 3 times with a stack of 4 russians yesterday, they didn't speak english. I suppose, they tick both Russian and English to decrease queue time. My suggestion is: allow to choose either English OR Russian OR Chinese.
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