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General Matchmaking Feedback Thread [READ OP]

This is a sticky topic.
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  • LIKES:
    -Matchmaking generally matches same skilled people which is great

    -Matchmaking rules are too strict, because my behaviours score is F on my account and it only matches other people with this behaviour. So I have been trying to search for games and unable to get any matches. I am talking about searching for 50 mins without finding a single game and I am not even in Low Priority Even the racist scumbag people in Low Priority are finding games whilst I am not. I literally can't play the game and THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.
    ***So what you (Dota 2 devs) can do is make the rules less strict or make it so that after 15 mins of searching then place the person in a high priority search so that the person will find a game. In League of Legends if you are in their Low Priority then they make you search for 20 minutes and when it passes then a normal search starts and then you find a game in about 2 minutes after the 20 minutes of search. So you will never search for longer than 24 minutes. Dota 2 should incorporate this because I am not finding any games. I am trying to improve my behaviour and get my behaviour score up, but I can't.
    -The matchmaking keeps on resettings. It is very irritating that the search timer resets. Please stop this. At the moment I search for 40 mins, it resets, search for 20 minutes, it resets and keeps on going on like this.


    • LIKES:
      -It matches people with around same mmr, not a big difference between them.
      -A lot of options to chose from, turbo, drafts and so on.

      -Even with behavior score on Normal, i still get matched with people who are really toxic (have a lot of pictures to prove it if needed), and some of them i added as friends since they were okay players, just to find out they are C and D. How come is that possible.
      -For ranked roles, most of the time even with 500k+ players online, it takes around half an hour to find a match. I got some pictures that prove me waiting 99:00 minutes, and it cant go pass that mark. So yes, that sucks..if it could go to 120 minutes, i might would find a game then.
      -Matched with cheaters, boosters, smurfs. Boosters and Smurfs are not a problem, since i can mostly outplay them..but they are problem nonetheless. Cheaters are the biggest problem, as people commonly take them as smurfs and boosters.
      -A lot of options to chose from, as i said in LIKES. THis sometimes can be totally unnecessary, since some of these games are not played at all, or very little. Captains mode, lets say, Single Draft...
      -Matched with people of lvl 15 on profile. How can you compare a lvl 15 profile to a 180 lvl profile? Maybe that account got boosted to that rank, maybe its an ebayaccount... Dont match us with 150- account levels, thats just sad.
      -If you get a DC, and team dont pause, and Steam gets some weird bug "cant connect" get an Abandon.
      -If you get a game of ranked roles in 99:00 minutes, and you have 2 supports on your team..why can they chose heroes that are not supports, like jugger and pa lets say? Why are they able to chose from entire hero pool? And why can a offlane role pick Puck, Meepo or Invoker? So they can cry later why they cant hold the lane? I dont get it Valve, help us understand.
      -Getting matched with same people. If i ignore someone, its clear that i dont want to play with them. Why do i get next match with them in a same team? Why does that keep happening? It says you have peak 700k players this month, not 100 players.

      How to fix these issues? I dont know. You are Devs, not me. If you want, you could and can find a way.


      • How fair is that man with 0 day old account and 3 games is able to play with people with around 5k games???
        He predictably picked pudge, went to mid, fed 3 times to storm and left!
        Perfect matchmaking system...
        Match id#4966123897
        Last edited by Iiawko; 08-14-2019, 01:14 AM.


        • Constantly matched with russkis help!


          • Issue still persists language settings ignored, always matched with teammates I can not communicate with 5158696168. They pinged me angrily


            • damn I bought so many rainbowseige cosmetics on Uplay store completely avoiding steam :weary: maybe if I played with people that i understand this money would have been spent on dota plus enisve: shit load of people switched to COd instead to BUY Season Passes ;-; Because they don't have to deal with russkis flaming the fun out of their games :weary: Pog AYAYA Clap


              • 9876 matches as support 5 and Valve's system says my worst role is support, in the new role search mode. My best role is core (in Valve System), with only 80 games on the account... The system gets worse with each update.Matchmacking just doesn't work for supports.I can easily play a core game, staying 100% in the jungle, but I can't win as support at finest. Playing since Dota All Stars 6.76 Beta.All support 5 heroes as level 25 hero. Last rank: Ancient 6. Current rank: Crusader 4.


                • DISLIKES
                  i dislike the battle gauntlet matchmaking

                  There is a issue of unfair matchmaking in Battle Gauntlet, I've been playing it since the battlepass update and I've noticed a very unfair/ one sided matchmaking in battle gauntlets always against me

                  my current rank is ancient 3 and i always get safe or mid role but i get very low mmr players in my team like crusaders and guardians but enemy always has extremely high mmr players like divine 3 or immortal mid and safe,there is surely something wrong with this matchmaking ... following are the match id for the proof
                  id : 5591904841( i was alchemist against divine 3 medusa, ancient 5 ls ... i was the highest mmr in my team but just ancient 3) result lost match

                  id : 5588416588 (i was zeus against divine 3 ursa mid, their safe lane was divine 1 fv and my team had legend 4 sven ? how is this fair? 2 divine players against ancient and legend? ) result lost match

                  id : 5584036062 ( i was ursa mid against an immortal 1300 ranked alchemist!! ancient 3 mid ursa vs immortal alch) luckily their offlane dc and they all left the game so result won match

                  please look into this matter i would've been 2 tiers up if not because of this matchmaking issues

                  suggestion on how to improve matchmaking and make it fair :
                  - try to keep mmr range between all the players in a team between 2 brackets at max i.e if highest mmr in a team is ancient lowest mmr cannot be less than archon, for example if there is position 1 ancient player , minimum mmr player should be atleast archon (position 5 support) in that team AND on the enemy team too.

                  ​​​​​​​- or just keep normal matchmaking process if ancient player everyone on enemy and my team should be an ancient bracket player i would suggest this option strongly


                  • Proof.pngI am here to criticize what you calls as a new feature to dota 2 Matchmaking .I am getting more than 1 hours cooldowns on matchmaking whenever a party member fails to accept even though i accepted got to selection menu and did nothing to get a cool down. Sir, i am totally against this so called feature of yours to give all party member ban for other members failure to connect .justify please i can't play my favourite game due to somebody else fault !