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[Suggestion] New chat wheel idea (context sensitive)

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  • [Suggestion] New chat wheel idea (context sensitive)

    I'm just copy/pasting this off my reddit thread, it's just a basic idea that could go in any direction, but that I think would greatly improve the communication of players, especially those who speak different languages.

    With the chat wheel as it is currently only a few of the messages are of much use. The other thing is, it's very generic. It does have one important feature though that I'll talk about at the end, multi-language support.
    How about make the chat wheel targetable on allys, enemies and area sensitive, so that if you mouseover an ally and bring up the chat wheel, you have the opportunity to send a relevant message about that character, "Support X", or "Back X". Here's a mock up image I drew up: [1]

    The same can apply to enemies units/structures. Say you want your team mates to target a certain unit in a fight, sure you could ping them, but that's unclear and it doesn't provide any textual info. The chat wheel for enemies could have useful commands for them, eg "Gank X", or "Stun X": [2]

    For someone without voice chat these could be incredibly helpful in fights or just in general to reduce typing done in-game.

    The most important feature, and the one that inspired this idea was the multi-language support. On this reddit board there seems to be a lot of bickering about different languages. The chat wheel right now automatically translates the message to the users language. If it had all the lines you needed for a typical game of DotA, you could get through a game with people speaking other languages, without much trouble.

    Another possibility is being able to target areas, say you target a empty area in the bot lane, it could have "Push bottom lane" or "Defend bottom land", or the Rosh pit for example, "Attempt to kill Roshan" or "Enemies Roshing". Even more useful commands for empty areas, "Invisible enemy here", or "Move here".

    Edit: I received a suggestion that you should be able to open this context sensitive chat wheel from the players character icon up the top, so you could use it from anywhere. Going off that, I think it would be cool to too pop open the score board with the hotkey then pull the chat wheel off a hero on that.
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    nice idea. but the question to me is whether this is actually controllable ingame.
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      I absolutely love this idea. Context sensitive? That is brilliant, it can infinitely help a lot better people with language barriers and etc. I really think this should be put to the worktable by Valve as it seems to be a neat, more-improved feature.
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        I like this idea a lot. Would be really useful to have some more detail than the generic messages currently.
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        • #5
          Interesting idea! + 1


          • #6
            Really good idea.
            The chat wheel can be a really powerful tool.


            • #7
              Brilliant idea!


              • #8
                This sounds awesome


                • #9
                  For the love of what used to be europe yes!


                  • #10
                    i think this idea is pretty good!! i hope valve guys are be able to incorporate this!!


                    • #11

                      This can improve the quality of pub games.


                      • #12
                        +1 for the idea


                        • #13

                          I really like it, especially since the actual chatwheel doesn't look very useful to me.


                          • #14
                            +1 to this.

                            The problem, IMO, is seeing whether the system can handle / store all those lines to be used, and how can it determine what "situation" is it when it was brought up or something.


                            • #15
                              +1 if it's implementation is good enough and not buggy. And seriously... who uses the Chat-Wheel for anything else but "Missing"? A simple ping does the trick for almost everything. And a simple "gj" is faster than the wheel option in my opinion.
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