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Tactical map on replay & stats.

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  • Tactical map on replay & stats.

    Saw this thread and thought I`d open new discussion on suggestion :

    Index :

    2.)Image + details (Mock-up)

    Open Mock-up in new tab first , You won`t understand what I`m talking about.

    3.)References to post game stat threads and other suggested features

    Outline :

    (To indicate on map in real time where what is/was done.)

    Imagine two live pro-sport casters has a channel.
    They have two screens,with which the view the game on one PC.
    On one screen they have the physical replay or actual game play and on another they have this new feature and now much more fluently they can talk about strategy,tactics,hero & roles ,items ,abilities in real-time.
    All the information will be presented to them as they choose and they can choose to show either the game play or switch to the new feature and show the audience what they are talking about in perspective.

    Without needing to click on a single hero they can see what all 10 heroes items ,lvl ,HP ,mana ,abilities ,GPM everything ,anywhere ,at the same time in real-time and cast according to that!!

    This is the ultimate casting and spectator tool all stat junkies and caster desire but don`t have.

    A1.)Adding a button to open a map in the post game stats menu that would display certain features via small icon indicators relevant to certain important events,e.a positions of wards and its owner`s name , time/duration off all wards. And to add filters options for hero death ,kills etc of the entire game.


    A button in post-game stats that will open a new page : (Real-game replay time)Tactical map + stats :

    B1.)A real time replay of the events on the map : a time bar (interactive time lapse bar of game in real time ,like the replay bar , but used for the map) that would display the progress of these features :Player`s name on top of ward on the map+time for ; Observer wards,sentry wards,Your Hero deaths and Hero kills,Ally hero kills/deaths,enemy hero kills/deaths,endgame,items bought,Roshan kills,Pings,Glyphs activated,aegis used,courier,Buybacks,runes, all hero positions at all times.
    *Almost every single decision made by players in game.*

    - Basically it just turns the stats diagrams and bars and lays them out on a tactical map.
    Including taps for all the heroes/left and right winged slots,with respective ability slots and 6 slots for items,their gold at current time and GPM .
    A replay bar and timer and filter options.
    This system I feel will help indicate "where" and when what decision where made by what player using simple icons and highlighting key moments.

    - Now with this feature we could see every : gank ,tower deny/destroyed/glyph,Rune and duration and rune activation, item bought,item used,spells used ,spells upgraded ,when a player leveled,distance traveled by what hero,Courier,kills made by what players.All via icons (heroes icons items icons spell icons,death icons etc) moving in real time on a map.But most importantly something neither replay or the stats show exactly weer all this happened on the map even possibly at the same time.

    B2.)For post referee analysis in tournaments ,stuff like when game was paused and by whom can be indicated as well.Possibly also displaying name of who paused.
    In tournaments referee`s name could be displayed.

    B3.)For post game discussion the ability to draw on the tactical map should also be available,for instance to show a new player where he misplaced wards,where he should have Juked etc.

    -The auxiliary drawings can be set to disappear after a selected few minutes.This would be a great tool for mentors to help new players

    E.A *Move the time bar to certain time, draw and explain tactics(Places wards 'here', creep stack these 'areas'),*move the time bar another 10 minutes and explain(Place more wards 'here' for meta game),move time bar and revise,etc.

    Can also be useful in tournaments for game casters to explain complex team strategy , Post game analysis,much like we see in cricket etc.

    The tactical map and stats replay should be able to be saved with your normal replay.This could help coaching by giving new players an example of play style which they might understand more clearly by looking a t a tactical map instead of just a good coaching replay.

    B5.)Also if the option is available to view the replay on one monitor and have the stats and tactical map stat feature on a second monitor it might make viewing both stats and replays in conjunction with each other so much more exciting?

    As a reference to thread posted above I would quickly like to discuss the impact this feature could have for Support players.Using filter option you could see who bought and placed wards where and when,also visible could be the the impact the ward had on the map and battle by showing outline of AoE.Highlighting or indicating via "EyE"-icon ,heroes as they come in its parameters.This will in turn show how ganks could have possibly be assistant by support player`s warding capabilities.

    With this layer of clarity players can now really see who was MvP material or who was a non-sportsmanlike player.

    B7.) All filter options of stat information should be in multiple tick boxes as to give player an unlimited choice to view anything at any time.

    B.8) Using the same current replay function on the tactical map the 'Tactical Map game replay' can be paused reversed,forwarded etc.

    B.9) For the option of not revealing any competitive tactics off a Player or Clan (which I feel shouldn`t be much off a problem anyway,an option in game-setting to keep your own Tactical Map replay & stats private or shareable.
    If its set to private,action icons by that player/clan would not be revealed to other player`s Tactical map replay.

    B.10) All information could be accompanied by the audible announcer as it happened in game.Audible info + the ICON indication on the map gives extra level of game analysis.

    B.11)Notification for all actions ticked in the filter options :Kills, Double kills,Towers destroyed , Roshan slain etc.

    B.12) A glossary tab.icon legend : explaining all icons and functions displayed on the map.
    This could be accompanied with a glossary of items as in Learn tab and a button on each hero portrait that can expand to explain Hero stats and abilities.

    B13.) The stonework much like the in-game UI. If you played Radiant the UI stonework would be like that of the Radiant and likewise for Dire.

    If you are spectating ;the Radiant and Dire stone work can meet in the middle. [ ]


    Tactical/Event map Image :

    This mockup is in no way indication of my knowledge off Dota but somewhat of my paint skills.
    So it doesn`t look very charming and is missing a lot of masonry work still and the correct tabs.

    Please take consideration ; This image is not full scale and is meant to take up the entire screen.The map can also be a bit bigger and the portraits resised or spaced differently ,including the ability and item grid.

    See Red numbers 1-9 on image for description.

    *CLICK IMAGE : ----->>> Tactical Map 1.png <<<-----

    1.)Notice the Windows minimize,resize and X bar.The X isn`t to close the portrait in this case ,I only used it to explain that clicking on the X block will show that hero and his/her actions on the minimap as an active ,aswell as skill upgrades ,items,cooldowns,hero death(Portait-greyed out)Buyback,Heath mana etc.
    Multiple portraits can be active at the same time as the spectator pleases.The map in relation any heroes portait set as 'show' will also only display mechanics selected via the Filter options(9).

    Also notice the size of the portrait image on Necrolyte. Images can be grid snapped or resized if that heroes portrait information is not important to the spectator.

    Color coding : Color coding bars are also present for easy identification.Hovering the mouse over portrait could display player name.
    Color coding will also effect use of courier.
    When a hero dies it is greyed out and the buyback option appears with amount.The hero portrait loses its color bar and is ,replaced until respawn, by a colored border of the bar of the enemy/friendly hero who killed/denied you.In big and small fights, this with the announcer + the action notifications will assist visual information.

    The number allocated on the portrait displays the hero level.
    When a hero level both the portrait and icon on the map will flash.
    In the top left corner of Radiant and Top right of Dire rune and aura effect icons can be shown.

    Death : When a hero dies it is greyed out and the buyback option appears with amount.
    When buyback has been used by player it will indicate in portrait by glowing or have some uniquer graphical effect.
    -When a hero dies an option to view their death replay becomes available on their portrait.
    See 8.) Special replay function

    All portraits could face inwards to the tactical map for aesthetic reasons .

    When portrait is minimize all action announcements particular to that hero can be shown.

    Minimizing the portrait will give a single bar off actions performed by that hero.
    Because this is an actual replay of the game only viewed with icons the announcer is still present informing the spectator of any actions. Click again to enlarge.

    The button that looks like your Window`s folder enlarge button again is a place holder.
    This button when clicked will show mana and HP.This can be in a bar or percentage.

    I have forgot to add an option to show Creep kills,K/D/A and current gold and GPM, but it is also very important at all time.

    The yellow 2 on the buttom right of Necrolytes portrait shows his Level.Notice I have inserted two attributes in one of his skills,shown by two yellow blocks.Much like in the game.

    2.)The two buttons(green and yellow) can be clicked and activated,both at the same time or only one at a time.

    The green option displays the item grid with items currently in hero`s inventory.This will show item cooldown ,item mana cost if available,bottle runes etc and will expand information plus item pre-builds when hovering over them long enough.
    Selecting both will snap the Portrait smaller like with Necrolyte.See all the other hero portaits are bigger ; the green button(Show items have been selected).

    The yellow option displays basic Hero attributes which the Items assist with.Notice there are`nt any current attributes in the mock-up but you get the idea I`m sure.
    Hovering over this button will show the hero`s stats ,pre-build ability ladder if chosen or just the hero`s abilities if not.

    3.)This is the area that displays the Hero abilities.Including it`s current level via the yellow blocks we have come to love/cooldown,when hero is silenced,mana cost and any information required when hovering over it.

    4.)This Grid 6- block displays the items in inventory as mentioned in number 2.)Items purchased at the shop will be greyed out in this area and only get color when delivered or fetched from the shop.It will indicate any charges and cooldowns as well. This area will correlate with the item icons(purchases,used ,sold ,dropped etc) on the tactical map if that option is selected in the option filters.

    -Live-caster can make great use of relying the information of all heroes(players) and their starting/early/mid/meta game item purchases to the viewer.For instance when a game starts ,this feature can show on a single screen what items each player buys.

    5.)The Tactical Map : This area will display what you tell it to display via the hero tick-boxes and the filter option.It will display every action,position in relation to the actual replay in time via icons and indicators.
    See #9 for further details on selectable option in the filter menu.It could even show with item pop-ups who bought what then that icon instantly move to hero item inventory and is greyed out until received via courier.
    Icons can also be clicked on this map ,which will expand more information.
    -Clicking the shops will open the shop tab as it is in-game.
    -Clicking a ward or enemy ward (if shown through option filters)will give info and owner info.
    -Clicking on Hero icons will show info and lock unto hero portrait and hero,meaning ; If I switch toggle back to game replay I will instantly be locked onto that hero and it`s position.
    -Clicking the Ancientif shown on map via filter option) will show health and other info regarding the base
    -Teleportation,creeps ,dropped items etc can be shown here.Every action you selected to see, should be shown here.

    6.)Display area is for Courier actions and shop.To indicate who is using the courier.Notice the pink border around the Radiant Courier;Ogre Magi is using it at the moment.
    The Dire Courier has just been slain and will disappear in a few seconds.The Courier will also show the colored border around it of the hero who has slain it.

    Next to courier there could be a quick shop access button that will expand the shopping list.

    7.)This area can display any click-able options and will show you that information here.It could also be used for stats or current game notifications.

    Timeline and Time-stamps :
    This is an example of a Death time stamp that can be opened.As mentioned in the topic below suggested topics from other community members this time line can show items ,towers , etc as well.

    The time stamps can be minimized into simple nodes to reduce clatter.Hovering mouse over Hero icons will display time of death , assailants ,damage and type of damage taken ,and who killed the hero(creep,tower,enemy hero,fountain)
    Time stamps for Roshan is also called and for hero with reincarnation Skeleton King Aegis of immortal it will show indicators.

    Buyback indicators can also be displayed.

    Why is this useful ? For live game broadcasters who want to come back at an earlier death event and talk about a players mistake or location of death ,they can do that by simply clicking in that hero and the location of death will be shown on map. Helps them to remember what happened and we do see this in sport,where commentators talk about things that happened ,mistakes,choices etc that effected the later game.

    Timeline/Time stamp Tab :CLICK FOR IMAGE
    Dota2 Timeline - Timestamps..bmp

    8.)This is the replay tab ,same one found in the normal replay and can be used just the same.Rewind either on the tactical map or replay and both screen will mimic each other in sync because they are the same.This screen is just an extension of the actual replay showing via options certain happening and their locations.
    The toggle button or quick-key can allow easy toggle between the two.

    Special Replay function :

    Using this option(toggle button) a spectator/caster can open the death replay-tab in a new separate window for any hero,listing all their deaths in chronological order up to that point in time if spectating or all their death of the game if in replay.
    These death replays can then be drag to a 2nd monitor and viewed.
    -Having all the death replays of all the heroes at any given time available for all caster,by using a mechanic within the game, I feel can make a huge difference in how their audience view live stream casted games.(Cutting out the middle man of recording video editing and replaying after a minute or 2)
    And they can can do it by themselves,easily switch to death replays while still casting.

    9.)This area can display among other things the filter options where any desired selection you would like to see be displayed on the Map.
    Icons are consistent with the game design:Pings,items bought,items used,abilities,Courier,Heroes,kills,towers(See Images),wards, creeps (auto-attacked ,lane pushed),neutral creeps,teleportation.


    Stats and mechanics :

    Consistency with other replay and stats mechanics :

    -The tactical map on replay shows the following stats and notifications as they happen in game-spectating and replay.

    They are other community member`s suggestions ,the Tactical map can tie into as an auxiliary mechanic : In short the following suggestion by members are for post-game stats.The replay can show them on the Tactical map screen and viewed parallel on the stats tab.

    (Credit for images and threads in links.)

    1.) Main link :

    2.) Detailed map for learning :


    3.A) Item Purchasing/Selling and Skill Build Timeline on End-Game Screen :

    3.B.) Show stash at end game score board :

    4.) Death list on match results :

    5.) Ward count at end of the game :

    No# of deaths to specific heroes :

    Display past kill notifications :
    Also an option to activate all in game notifications or only those to specific heroes.See outline.

    8.) Add Roshan respawn spectator popup message :

    9.) Item Notifiers :
    As with the drawing tool mentioned in the outline that casters can use,I think another very useful feature for them to keep track of core items being bought by all 10 heroes could be a tool that will allow these core items of heroes to be automatically be highlighted in the heroes item Inventory grid as shown at #4.) on the Mock-up.
    Added to this Caster/spectators can also highlight any item in the shop #6.) Mock-up that will notify and highlight that item when bought and received and by which hero.
    For instance if casters predict use of Divine Rapier will be made or who will first get smoke of invisibility or gem of true sight etc,it will be set on notification to highlight it when becoming available in-game.

    10.) Item bought at "xx:xx" ...

    11.) Hero-portraits - webcam feed

    Better than LAN, A Suggestion to greatly improve the DOTA TV Pro viewing experience.

    12.) Game-pause HERO-portrait ready indicator :

    13.) New scoreboard concept :

    14.) "Base race" Hot-key for casters :


    This will show on the map (# 5.) information from a single birds-eyed view absent both in stats and Replay all the desired happenings off where it occurred and when.
    Now when a player views his replay and stats and where severely out-ganked he can see the enemy icons moving to his location(if fOW is toggled off) ,pause the tactical replay,click his hero portrait which would lock camera on hero,jump to actual replay ,un-pause and view his mistakes.
    Perhaps you want to see where the enemy invis-heroes where at all time or simply to see where your team mates jungled,creep stack or even warded and when.
    Teams can train specific heroes together ,items and ability combinations and roles.Everything will be shown to them ,they will have constant feedback.

    I believe this could be sort of a useful feature,it integrates the stats and steps away from the close up real-time area of a normal replay and combines it rather on a map with a big brother birds eyed view ,giving a grander scope of what happened.

    Thank you for reading.

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    If this suggestion garners interest I will make a mock-up of how it could look as an example.

    Created discussion on Replay section.My bad posting in wrong thread.
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      ill support any suggestion that adds more stats to the end game screen.
      ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your hype ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


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        Originally posted by Lord_Talron View Post
        ill support any suggestion that adds more stats to the end game screen.
        Thanks for the support.
        Imagine 5 radiant heroes on the left of the map and the 5 dire on the right with slots for their skills and 6 slot for their items.
        Now the idea is to show stats on the tactical map using the replay game function.It will be shown with all the different icons on the map.If Shadow Shaman (radiant-left) buys an item it will show where on the map he bought it and move to his slot.If a hero uses an ability it shows on the enlarge tactical map and highlight the ability on his portrait and show (cooldown)It analyses the stats + replay in a much wider spectrum.

        Cool find :
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            who would benefit from this feature?
            commentators because they can post-analyse within the framework of dota 2?
            clans to have their "strategy" discussed post game?
            clans to have their "strategy" (whatever that might be) available ingame on a second screen (aka gameplan/playbook)?
            coaches to teach other players how to play by watching a replay together and providing a persistent analysis (within the game or post game?)?
            players to look up certain strategies or tactics by watching (commented) (post-game) analysis?

            i am not quite sure which kind of interest group you had in mind here. so far it only seems suitable for the commentators, if you ask me.
            every other group would need analysis that is in-sync with the game itself and is just on another (optional) layer.

            the problem with that optional layer (playbook scenario) would be that it possibly gives people with multiple monitors an advantage over other players.
            Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

            Contributions i'd like to highlight:
            My Suggestion: Coaching System
            My Sticky: Intended Changes List
            My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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              No this system could benefit many different groups and purposes as it tracks every single selected option,its not an in-game system that can be abused as a playbook by that definition then everyone could print an enlarged map.
              Its a post game tool,like replay and stats.It uses a statistic tracker and the replay feature similar to that of the mini map.
              It should be absolutely be in-sync with the replay.
              *It is the replay viewed like Google maps,using legend icons as all the actions.
              Many member on Devdota2 want more/better stat but it also important to know how we got to have the post game statistics after a game.
              Coaching,commentators,spectators,players,learners, everyone could benefit.

              But its over all purpose is to simplify the stats and the replay by smashing those two components in one feature.

              Watching a replay I should be able to open the post game stats,or open any stats at that current moment in time of the game(replay).It should have 3 pages.Replay stats and this feature so a player can seamlessly switch between the action and the analysis(stats and Tactical map) of the game replay.

              But at the moment a replay is measured of a recording/time and the post-game stats are statistical trackers averages. Each player`s stats,items ,level and abilities are tracked in game as the game progresses as well atm but the most difficult thing to see in a replay is how every single thing and all hero choices happened without manually moving the camera.

              Because we don`t have a view of the entire battlefield at a single time this feature by simply showing icons on an enlarged map,using filters we can decide anything what we want to view at any time anywhere,instead of as a replay shows only have limited access to information.

              *You want to view only Vengeful spirit`s support play.Tick only her box/only her action icons are displayed.
              You notice she bought X amount of wards but you would like to see where she placed them?
              You want to view how a mirror match occurred regarding all player`s abilities upgrades and item choices?
              You want to see only all the items all the heroes bought and used during the first 10 minutes in order to learn to play better?You can view that all at once and where they bought them on the map.
              You want see how the Radiant only used their courier?
              You want to see how your team managed to give an easy Roshan kill for the enemy Dire?
              How you got surprised ganked?
              You want to see how the enemy managed to push their lanes so well?
              You want to see where Brood mother was at all times when your where laning against her?
              An awesome 3 minute juking moment happened and you want to see how you lost 4 enemy players?
              You want to see how PL used his illusions effectively or in-effectively?
              You want to track enemy team`s Riki Game in relation to all other players?
              Two players troll feeded the game,you want to report them they say "Go watch our replay"No problem simply open this feature put it in fast forward and watch how those two players, played at the same time.
              Perhaps you suspect tactical pause but can`t proof it?

              Anything that happened in the game as in a replay ,that eventually resulted in post game stats, is now displayed on a big map single view map using only icons,making the entire game analysi and result of the post game statistics crystal clear.

              In short this feature shows you all stats and decisions and WHERE they were made.Combining replay with a game`s global stats.
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                i still dont get how you want to display all those things on a map?
                you have several coordinates:
                - map coordinates
                - time stamps
                - player alignment
                - type of "event"

                some of them would be smarter to display on a minimap (as some kind of snapshot of the next ~30 seconds of the game - otherwise you would have every lane plastered with icons),
                other would be more accessable on a timeline similar to the current gold/exp graphs (e.g. player events).

                i dont see how you want to combine those two very different views to provide a post-game analysis that is worthwhile spending time on.
                i understand it perfectly from a commentators perspective, who will quickly rewind and replay some scenes and draw/comment on it.
                but when it comes to teaching you will have to face the fact that many people are more or less lazy. many people dont want to read guides, many people dont show up for training sessions when you provide them (not saying that i couldnt/shouldnt plan them better, but thats another issue). i dont see many "noobs" saying "oh, i just lost, but i i think it's best to look at the map for half an hour to find out why". i dont think you will reach many people with such a feature, simply because the match in question is already over when you provide it.
                i would love to be pursuaded of the opposite though.
                Make sure to read the Forum Rules as well as the stickied Threads of the Forum Section you are posting in.

                Contributions i'd like to highlight:
                My Suggestion: Coaching System
                My Sticky: Intended Changes List
                My Challenge: Completely Fixed Hero Challenge: Skywrath Mage


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                  Sure I appreciate all feedback.
                  Whether this feature is worth while spending time on I can`t really say,need much more feedback and opinions if people would like something like this.

                  Originally posted by blash365 View Post
                  i still dont get how you want to display all those things on a map?
                  you have several coordinates:
                  - map coordinates
                  - time stamps
                  - player alignment
                  - type of "event"
                  In theory it converts the entire replay of the physical battle field,player coordinates ,map scale coordinates,movement , time stamps of the replay feature to an enlarged MAP with extra features.(as the same with the mini map)
                  As you play back/view a replay(physical battle) the exact same things happens on the tactical map in the background on another page/behind a toggle-key.Pause,rewind ,forward on the replay and the same happens on the Tactical map and vice versa. Meaning switching between these two features makes viewing replays or spectating more dynamic.
                  Its nice that the stat should show when certain things happened,why is it important to see where an item was purchased and delivered to what player?Because the information is honest real indicators of all events ,,multiple or simultaneous.No doubt in any player`s mind will ever be left unchallenged.
                  It would be a massive library of information right there for the pleasure of your viewing ,available every time after a game. I library you could easily filter through.

                  This tool is also meant to be used parallel with the replay and the stats.Its an optional tool if any players(new) wishes to use it.

                  The #1 reason I submitted this suggestion is for stat-junkies.
                  An omnipresent account of the replay that leads up to the stats they are presented with at the end game.
                  Whether noobs would consider this feature I`m not sure.You can lead a horse to the water.
                  Perhaps it stepping away from the close up view and giving them the grand scale + filtering the criteria, they can minimize the amount of information and focus on single events and time.

                  It should be quickly switchable (quick-key) between actual replay and tactical replay.Jumping easily from a broad perspective (Dire Team planning team battle) to Actual replay where the battle occurs.

                  For it to work it must be a very dynamic non-restricted feature,and because of this anyone can use it for any reason or multiple reasons.Because it basically an enlarged version of the map(Top down view of actual terrain replay),it displays all actions and Heroes as icons which can be filtered via many different relevant options as to prevent clutter.
                  This is also a single feature taking up your entire screen,meaning much bigger map to sparse icons out more visibly.

                  To help prevent excess clutter more ; because its basically the a map version off the replay ,the announcer and action notifications are present (optional-toggle) + a filter option.

                  I can for example only ever want to use it to quickly check where all my team mates and/or enemy placed observer /sentry wards.After viewing the stats I go to replay tactical map,filter options and tick only wards on.
                  It could take me less than 20 seconds to get that information,because I have a replay time bar I simply drag it until icons start popping at those times they were placed and disappear when they got destroyed.
                  Now I want to see who destroyed them had vision ;Pause replay ,select show player icons.Trying to do this using the normal replay feature will take much longer nd I won`t be able to get multiple ward data all at once.

                  Another person might like to look at Ganks/Hero kills by selecting hero icons only.
                  Another might want to see lane pushing or jungling by ticking the show creeps show neutral creeps option in the filter tray.

                  View on a single screen simultaneously all 10 heroes` ability and item upgrade paths,deaths buybacks,anything all at once.

                  Why not just view the actual replay which has notifications and a mini map?
                  The mini map has restricted information and is small which are assisted by the announcer and notifications which is great but still the game play view is just a chunk of its entirety , the size off your screen. This feature allows any desired information at anytime that occurred anywhere on the map to be easily viewable.

                  With post game stats(statistical) you can see who did what, how much and when?But you cannot see where.
                  In a replay(physical) you can see how and where who did what but you cannot easily see what everyone did without jumping to another vantage point.
                  This is more Analytical.
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                    Originally posted by mynamesranonymous View Post
                    I can for example only ever want to use it to quickly check where all my team mates and/or enemy placed observer /sentry wards.After viewing the stats I go to replay tactical map,filter options and tick only wards on.
                    It could take me less than 20 seconds to get that information,because I have a replay time bar I simply drag it until icons start popping at those times they were placed and disappear when they got destroyed.
                    Now I want to see who destroyed them had vision ;Pause replay ,select show player icons.Trying to do this using the normal replay feature will take much longer nd I won`t be able to get multiple ward data all at once.
                    this sounds more like a "meta replay" similar to what the dota replay manager offered back in wc3 dota which was labeled "timeline" there. very helpful when writing/verifying reports.

                    it was a feature accessable outside of the actual replay by simply browsing the file. i would very much like to have something like that again. ofc it could be included into the replay as well. but i want to stress it again: rough view of all important actions outside of the actual replay.
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                      Agree a Dota replay manager would be nice to have ,I`ve linked a parser fro DOTA2 on the 4th post from the OP.
                      Having replay synopsis/rough view outside replay will make searching for them easier too.Agree.



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                        Originally posted by mynamesranonymous View Post
                        Agree a Dota replay manager would be nice to have ,I`ve linked a parser fro DOTA2 on the 4th post from the OP.
                        Having replay synopsis/rough view outside replay will make searching for them easier too.Agree.

                        note that i said outside of the replay, not outside of the game.
                        ofc a third party replay browser would be cool too, but simply skimming through a replay without having to load it and fiddle with the timeline, would be helpful enough already.
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                        Contributions i'd like to highlight:
                        My Suggestion: Coaching System
                        My Sticky: Intended Changes List
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                          I would really love that. The more available information the better


                          p.s The map is missing a tree outside of roshan pit!!!
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                            Added mock up image (Tactical map 1) : scroll on OP to red description Tactical/Event map image :
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                              Added Connotations and reference threads in blue.