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Color Blind Mode Feedback - *Needs Tweek*

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  • Color Blind Mode Feedback - *Needs Tweek*

    I have been asking for years about inclusion of the color blind mode, and thank you for finally putting it in.

    A friend of mine that plays DOTA 2 is severely color blind and has extreme difficulty in seeing the health bar colors.

    He has extreme difficulty in seeing Red and Green.

    I have gone over many color schemes with my color blind friend and found what helps him the most.

    The current colorblind mode is inadequate, as it does not really address his problem of being able to differentiate between the background and the hit bars.

    My changes, on the bottom, put larger black borders around the creeps and hero hit bars, making them easy for colorblind people to see the HP compared to the backgrounds. Also, the radiant is now Turquoise and Blue, with the dire being Yellow and Gold.

    I understand that everyone might not like these changes, but it would work best for people with severe color blindness. Please leave your feedback about my bottom two pictures if you are colorblind yourself.

    Regular Dota:

    Current Color Blind Change:

    Needed Change:

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    moved from Hero HUD -->settings
    If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


    • #3
      happy to see option in dota 2 settings, but people dont forget that colorblindness is a story about color contrasts, not actual blindness

      Let me state I dont expect valve to turn the game into a laser light show ala Farcry Blood Dragon just to appease. I tried coloblind mode and everything looked to be improving but my gfx card rendering health bars as a pink/purple combo which is 15x worse than original

      A good first step would be targeting and standardizing contrasts only for the minimap. Theres no reason that a piece of augmented info like minimap should be green vs. red so any change is better. With improvements like character names onscreen and complex colors I notice it so much less than SC2 where scout running in base and cant see it on minimap

      Be realistic community, although its important to set standards and filter that can be implemented, it would be dim to constrain the entire environment. How do people design hats? Should lvl 4 blur Phanton Assassin be allowed that muddled cloak?

      Prioritize contrasts on only the elements that are standard for all players... UI, minimap, healthbars. Differentiate those priority contrasts from ingame environment (hats... Character skins, trees, creeps, towers, etc)

      It doesnt have to be extreme contrast on every detail, just a little extra thought on standard info augments
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        There's different types of colorblindness, I have a colorblind friend who says valve's colorblind mode is much much better. Perhaps it could be an option?


        • #5
          after playing cs:go and having problems distinguishing the crosshair from certain walls i can safely say that adding a small black distancer around the hp bars would be enough to help colour blind people. Doesn;t have to be necessarily as thick as the one op suggested but it should definitely be an adition.


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            Originally posted by Pleau View Post
            after playing cs:go and having problems distinguishing the crosshair from certain walls i can safely say that adding a small black distancer around the hp bars would be enough to help colour blind people. Doesn;t have to be necessarily as thick as the one op suggested but it should definitely be an adition.
            Yes, my friend said that the black distancer helped immensely. The one I made was made quickly in Microsoft Paint. So it's not really skillfully done, it's just there as an example of what should/could be done.


            • #7
              may i suggest letting the player chose the color of the bars? wouldnt that solve all the problems since there are different levels of colorblind you just adjust the colors for you.


              • #8
                Why not just let them choose a dark blue option, such as 'Navy Blue' for the allies? I already complained about this colorblind mode. Not being able to choose the color is silly. And you clearly are showing yellow as a bar color possibly being preferred for enemies along with large black borders. So that is another concern. Back to your suggestion, perhaps what would work just as well would be changing the console settings for vertical lines. Notice how many vertical lines are on the Viper enemy hero for example? He has a lot of health. You could create many vertical lines and thus increase blackness ratio in the health bar by simply changing the code to suit you. The default for the line is:
                "dota_health_per_vertical_marker" "250"
                I myself use:
                "dota_health_per_vertical_marker" "400"
                I would like to suggest you change the line to:
                "dota_health_per_vertical_marker" "15"

                Or perhaps the following:
                "dota_health_per_vertical_marker" "75"

                The following I gave the input of 25, 50, 50. I took out the bad screenshots, including one I tried for 100 and others that were perhaps not great examples.

                Tinkering with the vertical marker in this way may be able to simulate the effect of stripes which could potentially make the health bar easier to identify I suppose.

                So, I tried out many variations and while I'm not color blind as your friend, if I had to guess which would be the best marker number for him, I would say 75. 15 looks pretty good, too, least until health pools rise late game. My best bet would be anywhere from 45-80 would be really good for him. But I could be wrong. 25 might look pretty good, too, I don't know one way or another for sure. Remember you get a thick vertical line for every four regular vertical lines.

                And of course, there's the possibility that you can add a hotkey for him to change the numbers on the fly, so that as health pools increase in size he can adjust it for greater visual clarity. That shouldn't be hard to do at all. Depending on how severe his blindness might be, this may be the absolute most practical route to go with.

                To do it, you can use the following or edit it how you wish in the autoexec.cfg file:
                alias "barblack_toggle" "barv15"
                alias "barv15" "dota_health_per_vertical_marker 15; alias barblack_toggle barv30"
                alias "barv30" "dota_health_per_vertical_marker 30; alias barblack_toggle barv45"
                alias "barv45" "dota_health_per_vertical_marker 45; alias barblack_toggle barv60"
                alias "barv60" "dota_health_per_vertical_marker 60; alias barblack_toggle barv75"
                alias "barv75" "dota_health_per_vertical_marker 75; alias barblack_toggle barv90"
                alias "barv90" "dota_health_per_vertical_marker 90; alias barblack_toggle barv15"
                bind "f9" "barblack_toggle"

                So really, I could be wrong, but I don't think your complaint is as valid as mine. We need to be able to choose the colors!
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