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Minimap ignores input after clicking Mouse5 on it.

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  • Minimap ignores input after clicking Mouse5 on it.

    I have bound Hold Position to Mouse5. If i hover my mouse over the minimap and press Mouse5 and then try to move the camera by left-clicking on the minimap it will ignore the input and leave the camera where it is.

    Repro Steps:
    1)Bind Mouse5 to Hold Position or an item. It does not cause problems when you bind it to move or attack move.
    2)In a game, hover your mouse over the minimap and press Mouse5.
    3)Left-click anywhere on the minimap and observe how the camera does not move.
    4)To make it responsive again give a move command either by right-clicking on the minimap or ground, or by hovering your mouse over a part of the screen that's not the minimap and pressing Mouse5 again.
    5)Left-click anywhere on the minimap and see that the camera has moved.

    The camera will stay where it is even after left-clicking anywhere on the minimap.

    Expected Result:
    Left-clicking on the minimap should move the camera even after clicking Mouse5 on the minimap first.

  • #2
    I was thinking why I couldnt click on the minimap from time to time, it was VERY annoying...


    • #3
      Discovered this while using Phase Boots (item slot 1) on Mouse5. My mouse is a Logitech MX518, if that's of any relevance.

      All bindings under UNIT ACTIONS, except Attack Move and Move, cause the problem. I suspect there are more, but don't feel like going through them all right now.

      In step 4) above, it is sufficient to hover anywhere else than the minimap, you do not need to press any buttons to make the map responsive again. Pressing any mouse button except Mouse5 also works.
      Last edited by Lorde; 03-29-2012, 03:45 PM. Reason: Added comment on point 4) above


      • #4
        I can confirm this issue. And I have a4tech mouse, so i doubt it's mouse specific...
        But topic is a bit misleading, you can right click on minimap, just left click is not working.
        Sorry for my bad English.


        • #5
          Confirmed, now I know from where it comes.


          • #6
            I get the same problem. Mouse is a logitex G500, but I agree that the mouse probably has little to do with the problem. Has anyone found a fix for it, other than not using mouse_5?


            • #7
              This problem still hasn't been fixed, and when I searched, I can't find any real fixes, only workarounds. So I'm bumping.

              Another thread with mention of this problem (last few posts):


              • #8
                This problem still occurs for me, so bumping.


                • #9
                  This happens to me without having Mouse5 binded to anything. I too have an MX518.


                  • #12
                    Still happening to me.
                    Last edited by Gyre; 08-03-2012, 12:17 AM.


                    • #13
                      For me too. Could reproduce though.
                      But happens at least once per game. You need to right-click somewhere on the minimap to make it work again.


                      • #14
                        Same for me, but I am almost sure its happening after todays patch, that previously worked. Mouse steelseries XAI.