The behaviour (HSHF) is weird. I want to use it, but the change in hero selection behaviour puts me off.

Usually, with HSHF off, when press "Select Hero", it just selects the hero but does not center the camera on him. We have to double-press to center on our hero. We all know how useful this is.

With HSHF on, when we press "select hero" without holding it, it centers on the hero right away, which is not practical when you play heroes like Meepo. We don't often need the camera to be centered on our hero.

It would be better if we could change the behaviour of HSHF to:
- Single-click: select hero
- Double-click: select + center camera on hero
- Long-press + hold or double-click + hold: camera follows hero

So it preserve the behaviour of "select hero" while also have "hold select to follow hero" feature if needed

Thank you for listening