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[Misc] SPICE UP the KILL announcement

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  • [Misc] SPICE UP the KILL announcement

    Basically add some life into the kill sentences by highlighting how they killed. It works well for some heroes, not all.

    For example:
    When sniper kills via Assassination. Instead of "Sniper has just pawned Lina". Change it to:

    Sniper has assassinated Lina ..........assuming sniper killed Lina VIA assassination. It doesnt say that otherwise. It wont fit

    Similarly, instead of has pawned XXX, it could say:

    Juggernaut has omnislashed Lina or Juggernaut has omnislashed Lina and Rikimaru.
    Pudge has dismembered Lina ....assuming pudge kills Lina via dismember

    We have already added nice sounds for all the kills. So, why not add words as well.

    However, it does not work for certain heroes like Mirana:
    To say, Mirana has arrowed or starfalled Lina...........does not sound right

    It does not work for Lion either:
    Lion has fingered Lina ......................does not sound right either lol

    Examples of other heros that fit the bill:
    Axe culled Lina for xxx gold... assuming a kill via Culling blade
    Rikimaru backstabbed Lina... assuming a kill via backstab's passive skill
    Phantom Lancer has lanced Lina for xxx gold ..... no need to say phantom lanced
    EarthShaker echoed Lina for xxx gold ....
    Puck Orbed Lina for xxx gold


    P.S> I dont have lina, it is just for illustration purposes

  • #2
    They just sound bad..
    Please, just call me buny.


    • #3
      lol, sorry but this sounds bad for me on all fronts.


      • #4
        good suggestion
        the only one which i want is "Pudge has killed himself" just like in DotA 1 . "pudge has committed a suicide" seems weak as if he's depressed


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          Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
          They just sound bad..
          Originally posted by SolidAsARock View Post
          lol, sorry but this sounds bad for me on all fronts.
          How so? currently it is just xxxx has pawned xxxx .... no variety except when pudge kills himself...

          Originally posted by modarxtox View Post
          good suggestion
          the only one which i want is "Pudge has killed himself" just like in DotA 1 . "pudge has committed a suicide" seems weak as if he's depressed
          lol. Well, this is an add-on to all that for some abilities.
          Last edited by Skurai; 06-08-2014, 12:47 PM.


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            also another good one u might not know is " Headshot " for sniper like this
            or like this
            in fact the second one was in the early versions of DotA 1 ( u can see it if u watch the legendary videos of old stars)
            another good one i thought of is " Vengence kill" when u kill ur enemy and then he kills you ( let's say with poison or so )
            Last edited by modarxtox; 06-08-2014, 01:00 PM.