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[Fixed] Missing announcer voice during draft/picking screen

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  • [Fixed] Missing announcer voice during draft/picking screen

    I haven't played the game in a few months, and I can't find any patch notes regarding this issue, but did they remove the announcer speech during the draft screen? The voice that says "All Pick", "30 Seconds remaning", etc etc...
    I asked a few people in game, but I think I'm getting trolled.
    I verified my cache and tried resetting the custom announcer to default -- didn't fix. Then I reinstalled completely after deleting the entire dota folder... still didn't fix it. I'm convinced the announcer was removed.

    Please someone tell me I'm not going crazy?

  • #2
    no announcer in hero picks

    After accepting a match, I usually minimize Dota 2 and browsing the internet while waiting for loaders. A few updates after Manila Majors, I always picked a hero so late, the creep already spawn, unless I heared the "Courier/Wards purchased" coin sound. I just realized that there's no more announcer, no matter who I equipped, game after game, nothing! I even verifying Game Integrity, and clean install steam.

    There are also some particles, and textures missing. Spell sounds in heavy team fights too, but it rarely happens. I also feel that Announcer speaks less often.

    Sound settings are in default.


    • #3
      me too.. I already verified, and even redownload the whole game


      • #4
        no announcer at pick screen

        Can anyone help me?
        Since 6.88b i no longer have an anouncer at the pickscreen
        Am i the only one?


        • #5
          [Bug] All pick screen announcer sound doesn't say anything.

          only for me or everyone ? because announcer always says : All Pick - 10 Second - 5 Second