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Equipped announcer isn't selected by default

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  • Equipped announcer isn't selected by default

    The new feature where you can share the announcer is great, but for the love of my own announcer stop turning my own off so I have to turn it on every time
    Last edited by Shakmin; 01-16-2013, 03:26 PM.

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    Came here to start a new thread but found this one instead.
    Whenever I join a game it turns off my Bastion announcer and puts on the default one instead. So I have to manually turn on my own announcer pack every single game.
    It's pretty damn annoying and it started happening after this week's patch.



    • #3
      Same here, i have the StormSpirit kill- and announcer-pack... every game my announcer-pack is default and i must chose the stormspirit... the kill-pack looks fine.


      • #4
        Yeah noticed the same thing, kill pack stay my own, general announcer don't


        • #5
          Same here. I use the Bastion Announcer pack. Mega-Kill pack stays on, but the announcer don't. Kinda annoying.


          • #6
            I've had this problem before but now it seems fixed. Do you experience the bug in actual games, spectator mode or custom lobbies?


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              Originally posted by Radio View Post
              I've had this problem before but now it seems fixed. Do you experience the bug in actual games, spectator mode or custom lobbies?
              Now that you mention it (I don't know about the OP) the bug only happens when playing actual games/private lobbies. But it actually works as intended when I'm specting a match.


              • #8
                I have this bug with SS announcer. Even if equipped i need to enable it every time i start match. I am playing against bots in matchmaking if thats matter. Mega kill works fine, problems are with "normal SS announcer". Please fix it.


                • #9
                  +1 happens to me also


                  • #10
                    Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem, haven't checked spectator mode thou..
                    Last edited by Shakmin; 01-16-2013, 03:26 PM.


                    • #11
                      Happens to me too, hope it gets fixed this week.
                      Originally posted by ChrisC
                      - Fixed Bloodseeker getting slowed down by haste


                      • #12
                        It's turned off in captain's mode as well and you can't change it during drafting phase. Very frustrating


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                          I have this bug as well, but with slightly different effects. The Bastion Announcer Pack IS ENABLED during Hero Selection, but switches to the Default Announcer after I spawn as my selected hero; the Bastion Mega-Kills Pack remains active at all times.

                          Though I haven't done any careful analysis and I am working off memory, the currently equipped announcer pack should work during the Hero Selection phase. However, my best guess is that when the game performs the Shared Items check on every player it somehow disables each person's main announcer pack and lists it in the menu. I cannot figure out any possible cause for this, if this is the case.

                          Additional idea: it would have been neat to have a line for each announcer that alerts the player when there are other announcers available should they wish to switch to them. This likely couldn't be implemented in any existing or recorded packs since they wouldn't have the voice talent come in to add one non-crucial line.

                          INCOMING RANT (unrelated to the announcer bug, more related to the announcer pack idea and forum etiquette)
                          I'm not a moderator, merely an idea man, but I'm going to say this here and try to enforce some rules/common sense because I hate seeing good ideas fall short.
                          This is not an angry or raging rant. This is not meant to be offensive or insulting to anyone. This is strict but positive criticism that applies to ANYONE posting here and presenting their ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc.
                          (moderators/administrators, forgive me if I'm stepping beyond my bounds, but I cannot bear this poor presentation)

                          First of all, if you would like to suggest a Broodmother Announcer Pack, I'd suggest doing so in it's own topic. Mixing topics together by just tacking on irrelevant ideas at the end is a surefire way to make sure neither of them gain much attention, as well as look poor and unprofessional which impacts the quality of your arguments and ideas. Additionally, for an increased chance in obtaining results, I recommend following the Forum Rules and labeling topic titles with the appropriate prefixes like [Suggestion] or [Bug], which will likely draw it more attention.

                          Secondly, another note about the Broodmother Announcer Pack suggestion: if you're going to suggest it, if all you have to say is "broodmother announcer pls", then you can be dead sure you won't get one; please try to create at least a small list of sample lines that would be used in the announcer pack to really sell its appeal. I could see about working on this myself at some point, but I have many, many ideas on my plate to chew on - it's basically all I've been doing lately. To the rest of you, I can understand if you don't have any input for a suggestion, but do please try to give some feedback or additional suggestions.

                          Lastly, overusing emoticons such as ">.<" and "smiley faces" do not contribute to your cause in any way, shape, or form. This is a forum dedicated to the discussion and development of a well presented, high quality video game - not a Youtube comment, not a Livestream chat, and not a Skype message. Even though the forum includes a set of available emoticons, they are not to be used in lieu of punctuation. Try to use a sense of professionalism if you truly care about the game and wish to see it improved, and if you have any respect for your own ideas and opinions. If typing everything presentably and meticulously consumes too much of your time, you may need to rethink how much what you have to say means to you.

                          Forgive me if my rant may have seemed harsh and/or out of place. I can remove this rant section from this post and only leave the relevant bug information if need be. I've just grown tired of seeing ideas I like and support presented with a poor image that likely subtracts from its chances of becoming officially created/implemented.

                          ~ Mister Musashi, just an idea man
                          No matter how hard I try...

                          I can't carry the entire world.


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                            Mister Musashi, I see your point, but honestly, I haven't put more than 2 min. into this whole thread when I wrote it, but I will keep it in mind for future threads.


                            • #15
                              Still have this problem every now and again, I assume a fix is coming in next patch?