out of 113 heroes, about 22 heroes do not have any death sounds. They just kiss the ground silently.

These heroes could use the regular body impact sounds

1. Bristleback
2. Ember Spirit
3. Jakiro (lost his sound with the model rework)
4. Legion Commander
5. Lone Druid in Bear Form (human form has a sound already)
6. Puck
7. Skywrath Mage
8. Slark
9. Techies
10. Templar Assassin
11. Vengeful Spirit
12. Night Stalker in night mode (day mode has sounds already)
13. Dark Willow

And these heroes have special animations, so they'd need some custom sound

1. Crystal Maiden (when viewing the model, it already has a sound, but it doesn't work in-game)
2. Invoker (special animation and effects where he "evaporates")
3. Io (his death response could be used as a death sound instead, because currently, if you turn unit speech off, his death has no sound)
4. Phoenix (same as above)
5. Oracle (head-dives with a backwards flip into a portal or something)
6. Outworld Devourer (slowly crumbles down)
7. Shadow Fiend (gets sucked into the ground)
8. Spectre (fades away quickly)
9. Terrorblade (kind of "implodes")

Crystal Maiden has 2 death sounds in the game files. The longer one of them is bound into the model's death animation, but doesn't work in-game. The second sound is fully unused (could maybe be used for the arcana, since that one is silent as well)

These are the two Crystal Maiden death sounds

* sound 1 (currently bound to her model's death anim, but doesnt work)
* sound 2 (old sound, currently unused, could be used for arcana)

Shadow Fiend has a sound as well, but it doesnt work since the rework anymore.