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Hero death sounds are repeating whenever you gain vision over them

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  • Hero death sounds are repeating whenever you gain vision over them

    The death sounds of most heroes are currently repeating whenever you regain vision of their death location. This happens until they respawn. Only a few of them don't repeat.

    1. Kill an enemy hero from the list below
    2. move away from their corpse
    3. ater some time (but before they respawn) approach their death location again

    Result: Their death sound (mostly body impact sounds, or some other custom death sounds) repeat as soon as vision is gained over their death location.

    Expected: The sounds should only play during the animation when reaching the triggering frame. Sounds from frames of the animations which alread played should not replay.

    Heroes with repeating death sounds are:

    1. Alchemist
    2. Ancient Apparition
    3. Anti-Mage
    4. Axe
    5. Bane
    6. Batrider
    7. Beastmaster
    8. Bloodseeker
    9. Bounty Hunter
    10. Brewmaster
    11. Broodmother
    12. Centaur Warrunner
    13. Chaos Knight
    14. Chen
    15. Clockwerk
    16. Dark Seer
    17. Dazzle
    18. Disruptor
    19. Doom
    20. Dragon Knight
    21. Drow Ranger
    22. Earthshaker
    23. Elder Titan
    24. Enchantress
    25. Enigma
    26. Faceless Void
    27. Gyrocopter
    28. Huskar
    29. Juggernaut
    30. Keeper of the Light
    31. Kunkka
    32. Leshrac
    33. Lich
    34. Lifestealer
    35. Lion
    36. Lone Druid
    37. Luna
    38. Lycan
    39. Magnus
    40. Medusa
    41. Meepo
    42. Mirana
    43. Monkey King
    44. Morphling
    45. Naga Siren
    46. Nature's Prophet
    47. Necrophos
    48. Night Stalker
    49. Nyx Assassin
    50. Ogre Magi
    51. Omniknight
    52. Pangolier
    53. Pudge
    54. Pugna
    55. Queen of Pain
    56. Razor
    57. Riki
    58. Rubick
    59. Sand King
    60. Shadow Demon
    61. Shadow Shaman
    62. Silencer
    63. Slardar
    64. Sniper
    65. Spirit Breaker
    66. Storm Spirit
    67. Sven
    68. Tidehunter
    69. Timbersaw
    70. Tinker
    71. Treant Protector
    72. Troll Warlord
    73. Tusk
    74. Underlord
    75. Undying
    76. Ursa
    77. Venomancer
    78. Viper
    79. Visage
    80. Warlock
    81. Weaver
    82. Windranger
    83. Winter Wyvern
    84. Witch Doctor
    85. Zeus

    Death sounds which do not repeat are: Arc Warden, Clinkz, Death Prophet, Earth Spirit, Lina, Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Shadow Fiend, Tiny and Wraith King. All other heroes have no death sounds.
    Please, just call me buny.