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Sound Bugs

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Jwsto
    Just played a Morokai match with Warlock and the area shadow word had sound coming from each target. Pretty much an ear killer.

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  • vladn
    The enemy's Alchemist's ACID Spray spell is being heard from everywhere you are on the map, if you have vision over Alchemist.

    Maybe this has something to do with the new Crystal Maiden announcer pack?

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  • bu3ny
    Moved this to sounds and stickied.

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  • imsopure
    Please fix wisp's relocate sound.

    It is not audible for the enemy team. Only the minimap-indicator is visible, but the sound is not going off.

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  • Noya

    Icepath is fully audible too

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  • hjort
    Alchemist ultimate
    You can also hear alchemist charging his stun when invisible (not sure how it is in wc3)

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  • blash365
    this was posted in another thread:
    Originally posted by mitcheroo View Post
    Have just been able to completely reproduce these bugs within a private lobby, videos are uploading now.

    So far I can tell you that these items are audible through fog
    -Mask of Madness
    -Blink Dagger (possibly known and intended)
    And these hero related things are visible and audible (have only tested a few so far):
    -Rubick Fade Bolt
    -Rubick attacks
    -Tuskarr Ice Shards
    -Skywrath attacks
    -Skywrath Concussive Shot
    -Skywrath Arcane Bolt
    -Skywrath Mystic Flare
    -Batrider Firefly
    -Ursa Overpower (sometimes works, sometimes not)

    Heroes/Items that did not produce any results
    -Vengeful Spirit

    All of these were produced with zero sight upon targets in multiple areas, will soon test more heroes out but as far as I can tell it's all of the newer heroes producing the bugs

    Rough video, I may end up testing more in the future but quite busy right now
    As the video shows however this is a major bug that is reproducable by alot of heroes and items in any area, the devs may need to go over their code for each hero/item to ensure that this is no longer an issue

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  • blash365
    Originally posted by The_Last_Dragon View Post
    You can hear antimages, qop's and see+hear void's blinks in fog of war.

    Repro Steps:
    1.Ask somebody to blink somewhere in fog of war where you have no vision
    2.Listen and look in that fog of war area

    You hear sound and visual effect

    Expected Result:
    You shouldn't hear or see anything
    qop blink is definitely still audible.

    i can also see several spell effects that were cast within the fog shortly before when revealing the fog (e.g. nyx vendetta, particles of spirit lance, etc).

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  • Tyneic
    Match ID: 151993239
    exact time: dota2://matchid=151993239&matchtime=2488

    I could clearly hear Lina's light strike array when they were roshing.

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  • lunatic3k

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  • Rixardo
    alche acid spray happen too

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  • BurningSera
    annoying indeed, ursa's roar and alche's stun etc. are they not supposed to be heard only by allies? how the hell this ended up allowing the enemies to hear too.

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  • Luffydude
    Worse than this is actually seeing Clinkz/BH using their invis skills in the fog, thus allowing you to escape or even place a sentry in the right spot to kill the enemy

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  • T3CHN0L0GiC
    i sometimes hear ursa doing roshan while im farming on top lane...and think hmm, team, let's go get em

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  • KamPwnda
    It does that for blinks, but also MoM, not sure if intended, but i am sure that you can hear the MoM's activation in Fog of war

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