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Hero varying speech recording qualities

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  • Hero varying speech recording qualities

    Am I the only one that has noticed this? Either some of the speech is not post-produced with effects the same way like other quotes, or the recording quality has been jumping around for each quote. Let's take our dear Sven as an example.
    Clear speech Sven
    Tin can Sven

    The reverb effect on the "Tin can Sven" is massive, yet there is no such thing in the "Clear speech Sven". And this applies to MANY lines across many heroes. Allow me to give you another example of different sounding speech for a single hero. Axe speaks.
    Axe is clear
    Axe is... clearer?

    Really, it sounds very odd when you get two such lines one after another. Sometimes it doesn't even sound like the same hero once you've been getting the some specific speech and suddenly the hero just starts speaking in a different voice.

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    Yeah, a lot of the heroes are like that.
    Bane and Zeus are one of the worst probably.



    The other heroes that are like this are Razor, Nature's Prophet, Windrunner and Witch Doctor. Oh god, Witch Doctor.


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      it seems to me that the devs are simply keeping two or more different filter setups in the game to see which one suits the hero more on the long run.
      you can see the same trend when you look at the hero portraits. they are morphing at least 4 or 5 times (not in a natural way, the jaws get shifted, the nose moves, etc.). maybe it's just their take on facial expression and voice work but i still have hope that i am not entirely mistaken.
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        Either way, there should be some consistency. At the moment it sounds quite odd.


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          It's not some kind of an experiment:
          Originally posted by Lamprey View Post
          It turns out that matching voicework from sessions conducted years apart is nontrivial, even with the same actors doing their best to directly match the work from their original session. The differences are exacerbated by the fact that we have heard the heroes say these lines over and over and over again and they are embedded in our minds. We know exactly how they're supposed to sound. But the actors might never have heard these lines since the day they recorded them. They are reprising a role they played for maybe an hour, close to two years ago. We're doing what we can to match the original voices, it's WIP, but there are some issues of drift that seem fairly intractable.
          Originally posted by Lamprey View Post
          There's no easy "sound effect fix." Actors' voices do change over time, and every performance is a little different. Many sessions are done over ISDN, in a variety of studios, and something like an engineer at a remote studio using a different microphone for different sessions can have a subtle impact--it is especially noticeable and can be jarring for fans who have been hearing the original voices for a long time. Other things that happen: Audio software is updated continually and the creators may stop supporting older versions. We have been fortunate in having some of the vendors go back and reactivate older licensed products to match the original set-up as closely as possible. That still doesn't really solve the issue of actors trying to recreate something they did many months previously and may not have heard since that day. We thought it was valuable to flesh out the early voice sets with a number of speech categories that were added months after we started the sessions and we're planning to continue till we have this in place for the earliest heroes. But the feedback is useful in helping us gauge the tradeoffs for future pickup sessions.
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