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Anti-mage theme is completely wrong.

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  • Anti-mage theme is completely wrong.

    In dota 2, Anti-Mage's lines are all against the magic portraying him as a being that hates it, that dedicates his life to the destruction of magic. That is not a bad theme for a hero, unless that hero itself is a mage, like any mage they would use magic, anti mage uses his anti magic on his 2 passives and ultimate and his regular magic on blink, this is a pretty common theme for mages in dota 2, CM with 3 ice spells and 1 normal magic spell (arcane aura), Lina with 3 fire spells (her ultimate is not regular magic jmore like thunder magic but same theme), Rubick who uses arcane magic on all his 3 spells and his ultimate god knows what kind of magic it is.

    The theme is recurring in dota for all mages except Invoker, who is an special case, so as a mage, Magina should not be against magic but in favour of it, sure his magic negates magic, but that does not make him something different than a mage, like Lina who is a Fire-Mage, Crystal Maiden who is an Ice-Mage, Magina is an Anti-Mage, so his lines should be supportive of magic, maybe of its negation? But not to something that denies it, since he uses it. For example when he buys back, his line is "It is not magic that brings me back, but purity of will." That is nonsense, as a mage he should be able to understand the process that brings him back, he might be a combat mage but still a mage, a line more fitting would be "My magic is capable of even denying death!", well like that line there is a ton of lines that can be changed for fitting things.

    TL;DR His lines all need a complete rework in order to fit his theme as a combat mage rather than as a being who hates magic cause he uses it and he likes it.

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    You are the Anti-Anti-Mage.
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      It was discussed in another section, and the general consensus gets down to one of these:

      1. It is not magic, but "purity of will". You may find it ridiculous, but we also have a girl that sets physical traps with mindpower alone.
      2. He is actually a tragic character, hating something that he himself uses without realizing that. That is most likely not intended by Valve, but the concept can work regardless.
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        What Keowee said. This was discussed in lore, which I should say is actually the correct place for this topic, and not SOUND.

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          Um, what's wrong about a hypocritical hero? Plenty of people in our world are hypocritical, some may not even realize it while some do it to confuse the others.

          I don't see any problem with that.


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              If you used to play dota in WC3 and you understand the old heroes lore, you will find the heroes lore in dota 2 to be ridiculously not epic. Can't help it though.


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                Link to the thread, cause it can't be found by searching titles with anti or antimage.


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                  blade was a vampire hunter but he was also part vampire




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                    A vampire who kills vampire, a mage who kills mages, who fucking cares? For your example to be fitting Blade would have to be denying that vampires exist or some shit like that.

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                      Originally posted by Shamanics View Post
                      A vampire who kills vampire, a mage who kills mages, who fucking cares? For your example to be fitting Blade would have to be denying that vampires exist or some shit like that.

                      e2e4+ blocks the check, learn to play scrub.
                      Duh, magina does not deny the existence of magic. He wants the end of it. Just like Blade wants the end of vampires. Triple check.


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                        Why is your mind so simple? There are so many ways to interpret this and yet you can't find one. Clearly Anti-Mage is living in an eggshell of not knowing that he is what he is against; magic, but insisting that it's the "purity of will."

                        The wise knows himself a fool, the fool sees himself as wise. In this case Anti-Mage is the fool because of his "ignorance", perhaps he knows that his skills are inevitably magic but he is lying to himself.


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                          Originally posted by Shamanics View Post
                          Lina with 3 fire spells (her ultimate is not regular magic jmore like thunder magic but same theme)
                          Haven't you watched the Avatar TV series? It's obvious that lightning is a pure form of fire that fire benders can use with enough practice...

                          Anyway, on a more serious note I sort of agree "My magic this that" and then "I will defeat all magic" ... Sounds a bit off, so +1
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                            Who ever said it's magic?


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                              It bothers me more that Tinker and Timbersaw use magic for their skills. Clockwerk uses fuel according to his responses.
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