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Anti-mage theme is completely wrong.

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    Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
    It bothers me more that Tinker and Timbersaw use magic for their skills. Clockwerk uses fuel according to his responses.
    not using mana as a resource would greatly alter the balance of the game
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      Take silencer as an example, he's a mage pretty good against um..mages?


      • #18
        his lore dictates he is the ultimate mage because he can snuff out any other mage. Funny how that works, right?

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          Originally posted by Shamanics View Post
          For your example to be fitting Blade would have to be denying that vampires exist or some shit like that.
          when does antimage deny magic exists?


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            Originally posted by Lord_Talron View Post
            not using mana as a resource would greatly alter the balance of the game
            So.. what would happen if Clock uses mana instead of fuel :s
            Please, just call me buny.


            • #21
              What if they use Mana as fuel?


              • #22
                well this happens when someone makes a custom map on a game where everything is almost based on that game and another company starts to make a "sequel" of it it will end up beeing a total bs... since copyright infringements
                The "quotes" of some heroes are stupidly childish and even if the lore fit them..the fking logic and the prequel game denies it..and this comes from a company that made a new player (new in DotA) buy arcane boots on sniper on tutorial...rly do u even know the game ?
                It's a fking anti mage because of his pasive unique ability to mana burn anyone that has it and deadly to heroes with bigger mana pool not that he hates magic ffs anyway i think i will laugh my 2ss of when terrorblade is released since they kept the part where they're brothers
                Also kunkka and tidehunter...being natural enemies of each wut ? cheap remake and copy of the original..enjoy the game play and the features that DotA (1) could not offer also not the sh1t behind it (lore,hero quotes etc etc)
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                  Originally posted by Shamanics View Post
                  Link to the thread, cause it can't be found by searching titles with anti or antimage.
                  Here you go.

                  Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
                  It bothers me more that Tinker and Timbersaw use magic for their skills. Clockwerk uses fuel according to his responses.
                  They don't. Tinker's lore specifically states that the Kee refuse to use magic in their inventions. The mana they 'use' is just a game mechanic, something that you should ignore when you look at just the lore. There are plenty of examples where skills use mana when they are not magical in nature - all technological skills, Tusk's ulti, Dragon Knight's shield bash when in human form, etc - while those same skills usually are also blocked by magic immunity.
                  It's a concept called 'Gameplay and story segregation', where lore does not influence gameplay mechanics and vice versa - and that's good as well. I don't want Valve to explain why heroes can change side, why the battle is (in a normal game) always 5 vs 5, why heroes such as Tinker and Clockwerk use mana, how it is possible for multiple Demon Edges to be on the battlefield, etc, etc. If they would try to explain that via lore, it would just simply feel shoehorned and would only end up being detrimental to the lore.
                  The greatest tool for a writer is to not explain everything. The more one keeps open, the more people can fill in themselves, and that is better for both.

                  Anyway, this discussion was already taking place in the Lore section. The link to that discussion is at the top of the post. Meanwhile, I'll close this one as the other thread is in a better fitting section, and tackles magic more broadly. That would mean discussions about Tinker and Clockwerk would not be off-topic.
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