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Chen: "Leap of face." > "Leap of faith."

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  • Chen: "Leap of face." > "Leap of faith."

    chen_move_04.mp3: "Leap of face." > "Leap of faith."

    dpro_begin_01.mp3: "This augurs well for many deahts." > "This augurs well for many deaths."

    lina_cm_06.mp3: "Sorry, sister, you needed thawing." > "Sorry, sister, but you needed thawing."

    appa_bottle_01.mp3: "For at time of need." > "For a time of need."

    omni_firstblood_01.mp3: "First blood! An offering to the Omnicience." > "First blood! An offering to the Omniscience."

    omni_rival_10.mp3: "The Omnicience would like a word with you, Zues." > "The Omniscience would like a word with you, Zeus."

    omni_rival_17.mp3: "The Omnicience sees all of you, Chaos Knight." > "The Omniscience sees all of you, Chaos Knight."

    omni_death_09.mp3: "A blind spot in the Omnicience." > "A blind spot in the Omniscience."

    omni_respawn_05.mp3: "The Omnicience sees fit to restore me!" > "The Omniscience sees fit to restore me!"

    wdoc_rare_04.mp3: "Where there is war, there are no old chickens. Same with war and heroes." > "Where there is hunger, there are no old chickens. Same with war and heroes."

    tink_levelup_08.mp3: "Consider my curiosity, peaked!" > "Consider my curiosity, piqued!" (Unless this is a pun?)

    tink_inthebag_01.mp3: "My friends, this one is indubliedy in the bag!" > "My friends, this one is indubitably in the bag!"

    beas_killspecial_zuus_01.mp3: "Calm your beard, Zuus." > "Calm your beard, Zeus."

    beas_killspecial_zuus_02.mp3: "Zuus, calm your beard." > "Zeus, calm your beard."

    zuus_spawn_01.mp3: "Zuus!" > "Zeus!"

    zuus_spawn_02.mp3: "It's true. I am Zuus." > "It's true. I am Zeus."

    zuus_spawn_03.mp3: "I am Zuus! You heard me." > "I am Zeus! You heard me."

    zuus_spawn_05.mp3: "Make your offerings. Zuus is here." > "Make your offerings. Zeus is here."

    zuus_respawn_01.mp3: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Watch out, mortals, Zuus is back!" > "Ha ha ha ha ha! Watch out, mortals, Zeus is back!"

    zuus_deny_02.mp3: "By Zuus!" > "By Zeus!"

    Credit to many dota2wiki posters who caught these.
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    tink_levelup_08.mp3: "Consider my curiosity, peaked!" > "Consider my curiosity, piqued!" (Unless this is a pun?)
    Actually, this one and many others is just plain wrong. It's not a Level Up line, as far as i recall, it's one of his attack lines. Same for using Laser - the lines listed there are, in fact, used when you KILL someone with Laser. And Rearm is not listing an unused response, making it look like it's used.
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        Wait, are those complains about audio or about transcribed text on wiki? Because if it's latter (which I think it is), then you should have either edit pages or bring this to their relevant discussion page. Also most of them seems to be fixed.
        All hail St. Regina!


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          Originally posted by spektor View Post
          Wait, are those complains about audio or about transcribed text on wiki? Because if it's latter (which I think it is), then you should have either edit pages or bring this to their relevant discussion page. Also most of them seems to be fixed.
          The Wiki has pulled the transcription from the subtitles files that have been supplied by Valve. Subtitles have not been supported yet by Dota 2, but if they were activated right now, you would encounter the typos as pointed out in the OP. Krooc is pointing them out already before they are activated, so that Valve will take notice and fix the errors.
          To be honest, I would not be surprised if Valve already knows that the subtitles are riddled with typos, but leave them be until they are finally going to implement them.
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            Sorry, I didn't knew that.
            All hail St. Regina!


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              Just fixed the typos, they should be in the next update. The "peaked" line is a level-up line and the spelling/pun is deliberate for Tinker's level up.


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                Ha! I didn't even realize these weren't in the game yet. Have some more delicious corrections!

                dazz_rival_03.mp3 Shadow Shaman, over the hills with you!

                dkseer_rare_02.mp3 We are not so different, my enemies and I. Except my brain is much larger.
                dkseer_rival_10.mp3 Slithice, I've seen your end. [Presumably "Slithis" is a typo, but I suppose she might be renamed.]
                dkseer_kill_10.mp3 A pointless life for a pointless head.

                doom_level_01.mp3 Ahhh, my flame burns brighter
                doom_rival_07.mp3 Storm Spirit, shut up.

                drag_lasthit_01.mp3 I'll melt this down for armor.

                face_win_03.mp3 Just as I envisaged.
                face_rare_02.mp3 Time is a river with many eddies. I have seen its head waters, and I have seen its currents reach the sea.

                jak_inthebag_01.mp3 Oh, it's so in the bag. Remember what happened the last time you said that!

                jug_rare_09.mp3 By the Visage of Vengeance, which drowned in the Isle of Masks, I will carry on the rites of the Faceless Ones.

                invo_items_07.mp3 Linken's Sphere!
                invo_thanks_01.mp3 Why, thank you!
                invo_thanks_02.mp3 Why, thank you!

                kunk_killspecial_03.mp3 May the surf run green with your scurvy blood, Tidehunter.
                kunk_ability_xmark_03.mp3 Back so soon?

                lifest_death_06.mp3 Better dead, than caged again!
                lifest_death_10.mp3 You're not the master of me.
                lifest_cast_01.mp3 Wait until I get my claws in you!

                lion_haste_02.mp3 The flames of hell lap at my heels.

                mir_ability_star_01.mp3 Stars! [", I call you down" removed]

                nstalk_ability_dark_07.mp3 Now for some Me time.

                omni_rival_21.mp3 Sven, your dedication honors us.
                omni_invis_02.mp3 I've always put my faith in unseen things.

                odest_rival_04.mp3 Harbinger of bad news for Anti-Mage.
                odest_rival_05.mp3 Call me Anti-Mage Destroyer.

                pain_rival_01.mp3 Nightstalker, you aren't the only thing that goes bump in the night.

                skg_level_02.mp3 I grow a grain at a time!

                spir_rival_03.mp3 Earthshaker, time for some shake and break.

                tink_rare_06.mp3 I hope someday I'll run into another survivor of the Violet Plateau Incident, but it's not looking promising.

                wind_lose_07.mp3 All that practice for this?
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                  appa_bottle_01.mp3 For a time of need.

                  lich_mechanism_01.mp3 Ah ha, Mekansm!
                  lich_mechanism_02.mp3 Mekansm!
                  lich_mechanism_03.mp3 Gather round--Mekansm!
                  lich_mechanism_04.mp3 I have Mekansm! Gather round!
                  lich_mechanism_05.mp3 I have Mekansm! Gather round!
                  lich_mechanism_06.mp3 Mekansm! Gather round! ["I have" removed.]

                  omni_fastres_01.mp3 I gave a solemn vow to never die for long.

                  slar_blink_03.mp3 I'll crush them in a blink.

                  sven_thanks_02.mp3‎ A rogue's thanks be with you. [Unless you're saying something about Sven's politics...]

                  warl_defusal_01.mp3 Damnable Diffusal Blade!
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                    In another thread, you specifically reiterated that Gondar is a "kit", not a "kid". That, I think, is as it should be. But his lore now says "kid". So, uh, maybe that was intentional, and maybe not. :-|


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                      game_sounds_vo_drowranger.txt contains two instances of "drowranger_dro_purch_02", instead of one of "drowranger_dro_purch_02" and one of "drowranger_dro_purch_03".

                      drowranger_dro_purch_02 is subtitled "Sometimes you just have to splurge…", but should be subtitled "I've been saving for so long.".

                      drowranger_dro_purch_03 is not subtitled. If it is used, it should be subtitled "Sometimes you just have to splurge…".


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                        blod_move_13.mp3 Flayed Twins guide me.


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                          tide_rare_02.mp3 By Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Lurker in the Whirlpool, may my enemies be sucked down in spirals!


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                            Sven_item_04.mp3‎ Not omelette, Armlet!


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                              dpro_kill_02.mp3 Such a beautiful death. I envy you.