Not sure about this one. I didn't hear a single oracle prophecy line for some time now. Looking at the response rules, they should trigger between 30th and 180th minute gametime

criterion "IsProphecyTime" "gametime" ">30,<180" weight required required

and have a 75% chance for every hero and be able to trigger on allies and enemies. Here an example

Response oracle_AllyNearIsProphecyTimeChance_75%IsEnemyWisp
	scene "scenes/oracle/oracle_orac_prophecies_110.vcd" nodelay noscene speakonce

Rule oracle_AllyNearIsProphecyTimeChance_75%IsEnemyWisp_Rule
	criteria AllyNear Isoracle IsProphecyTime Chance_75% IsEnemyWisp
	response oracle_AllyNearIsProphecyTimeChance_75%IsEnemyWisp

E: I just saw, the criterion says "weight required required", instead of "weight 5 required", like any other criterion. Maybe that's the reason?