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I feel that the voice acting in WC3 was way better

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  • I feel that the voice acting in WC3 was way better

    It's just a feeling I get. Heroes don't have personality and most of the voices seem too similar, as well as what they are saying.
    What I mean is, when hearing a hero like Pugna or Lich in Dota they felt so original and you couldn't mistaken them for anyone else.
    In here it just feels bland.

    Even the better voiceacting done, like Death Prophet seems inferior to its DotA counterpart. Nobody will ever forget that "Hiiiii" that she did, like a real banshee.

    Anyway, not very constructive feedback here, but I thought I shared it nonetheless.

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    You're just used to it, in my opinoin.
    I'm glad that we are getting rid of unapproriate and overused soundsets for hero models in Dota 2 though.


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      Well yea that's your opinion, I love the new voice sounds. I mean look at Spectre, she is amazing, her laugh always gives me chills. Or sniper, refering to TF2 sniper with "Thanks for standing still Wanker!". Or Nightstalker with his dominant "t". I could keep going and going, It really is a matter of preference, I prefer the new ones.
      Originally posted by vladhood
      boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


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        yes it was.


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          Turn off the sound, and listen to music.
          I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow in the knee.


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            There are 16 voice actors currently working on the game. Each will voice around 8 or 9 (maybe some more than others) unless Valve hire even more (16 voice actors for one game is already pretty heavy, especially for anything that isn't an RPG). They are, of course, limited to how much they can change their own voice and digital editing - while still being understandable (Spectre is an exception). Take a look at the list of voice actors and you may be surprised at who voices what.

            You also may be looking through rose-tinted glasses. Remember the Warcraft Dragon Knight?
            "I will do my best"
            "I will do my best"
            "I will do my best"

            Okay I get it!

            (There's also no such thing as a "real banshee". That said, I totally agree with you - Kel'Thuzad was my favourite voice actor but it seems like he may have died or retired since he's been replaced even in WoW. But that's personal preferences.)

            I, for one, welcome our new Russian overlords.


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              I think Valve is doing a awesome job.
              Storm Spirit's voice is amazing.


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                Voice acting can't really get any better imo.


                • #9
                  dota 2's voice acting is amazing


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                    I respectfully disagree. The wide range of sayings is so much better in DotA2. After a while I couldn't even play with unit responses on in WC3, hearing the hero say the same thing 5000 times a game was just awful.

                    There were some cool sayings in the WC3 acting, but to say that it's better as a whole sounds like rose-tinted glasses to me.
                    Change has kept DotA alive, evolving, and improving since 2002. And now DotA has an entire new engine at it's disposal, with infinite new capabilities.

                    So why are there so many DotA fundamentalists/conservatives that oppose new features, options, and information?

                    Embrace the change.


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                      Well, you're probably just used to the Warcraft 3 voice acting. I also am not a fan of SOME heroes from dota 2, but I know why's that : The immersion factor of the old Warcraft 3 game can leave marks on how you want things to sound like. Dota 2 is taking a step towards being different from the style of the wacraft 3 one, and it's doing mostly good.
                      You'll get used to it. If not, meh. Mute them ;D Or wait for the option to mod them, if it will ever be available.


                      • #12
                        Here is the main problem of d2 voices as I see it:

                        1)rikimaru - sounds like human
                        2)pugna sounds like human
                        3)batrider sounds like human
                        4)everything sounds like a human ( with a little exeptions like shadow fiend )

                        this is not like it was in wc3..


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                          Originally posted by DString View Post
                          4)everything sounds like a human ( with a little exeptions like shadow fiend )

                          this is not like it was in wc3..
                          Of course. Warcraft 3 didn't have enough different human sounding unit voices to give each hero a unique and fitting voice...
                          Last edited by pramo; 01-15-2012, 10:27 AM.


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                            I liked bloodseeker's voice acting in DotA way better[


                            • #15
                              The voice acting in Dota 2 is tremendous, the voice actors that Valve hired are all reputable voice actors and are very good. Not to take anything away from Warcraft 3's voice acting, because I also think it's good, however...It's not really quite as good as Dota 2's.

                              One thing that Dota 2 has over Warcraft 3 is that Dota 2's voice acting allows for a wider range of personality and character. Sure, some of the voices in Warcraft 3 fit the hero, but a lot of others didn't too; like Bloodseeker having the voice-set of the Firelord; those two types of characters are nothing alike. Also, I never really felt like I was playing this unique character in Dota 1. Sure, I might be playing as "Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper", but he's using the Rifleman unit model and the Rifleman unit, I just felt I was playing a regular ol' Rifleman...nothing special. This all changes in Dota 2. These characters have now been brought to life and have their own looks, personalities, and most importantly...voices. No longer do I feel like I'm just playing a foot soldier, I'm actually playing a hero.

                              'Course, that might be just me.