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I feel that the voice acting in WC3 was way better

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  • #16
    Y, indeed. Some 'inhuman' heroes (Tide, Ursa) could use RWAWARWRWARAWRAWR voices. They're awesome in their respective ways, but heh.
    I don't want my Slark to have a human voice. >_< Mrglmrgl all the way.


    • #17
      I disagree with the OP as well, as awesome as WC3's voice acting is I think Dota 2's brings a hell of a lot of personality to the heroes. Like The Ultimate said, I no longer feel like I'm playing just another re-used character model and voiceset. Having said that, I think the best voice acting I've ever heard was the Baldurs Gate series, Irenicus's voice was just incredible.


      • #18
        The voice actor for pudge and storm is epic ^^

        but id like more of the heroes to have inhuman sounds instead of everything suddenly becoming human ^^


        • #19
          Originally posted by DString View Post
          Here is the main problem of d2 voices as I see it:

          1)rikimaru - sounds like human
          2)pugna sounds like human
          3)batrider sounds like human
          4)everything sounds like a human ( with a little exeptions like shadow fiend )

          this is not like it was in wc3..
          I feel that this is part of the problem I am trying to get across. If you have 100 heroes and they all sound like some dude or some girl, you know like a human, there's only so many things they can do before it gets old.
          How about some roars, some animal sounds and more creativity with the voice effects.
          Like the ones in this list: Pugna, omg he was awesome in WC3 Dota, now he's a pretty boring dude, jolly sounding even when he isn't supposed to be anything like that, he's a damn dark mage.


          • #20
            Originally posted by Pomoch View Post
            Turn off the sound, and listen to music.
            Sound is crucial in game. You can hear blinking fogged players and stuff.


            • #21
              I don't mind Valve's take on voices, however I hate how just about everyone sounds human. Also hate how some things actually have voices... aka Tiny, Jakiro is reasonable too but why does everything need to speak OUR language. Warlock is the most interesting one. Weaver sounds like a flamboyant homosexual (I apologise for this and mean no offence) and being my favourite hero all I can say is I AM DISAPPOINT. I miss the "You rang" "Proceed" "Make your choice" in that creepy, slow, dual vocals voice.


              • #22
                I agree we could use a little "grrr" in some heroes, but the voice acting is awesome in DOTA 2.

                When Ursa says: "Dragon knight, you squander a great gift" (or smt like that) is the most awesome line ever.


                Guess that's why they all have human voices, so they can interact when they kill other heroes and such.
                If not:

                *Ursa kills DK* : "grrrrr"
                *Ursa gets haste* : "grrrraste"
                Last edited by murlou; 01-15-2012, 08:09 PM.


                • #23
                  "I said Good Day sir!"


                  • #24
                    yeah i also disagree heavily.. wc3's voice acting was horrible rofl

                    i think the comparison alone is an insult


                    • #25
                      Valve tries to add a little humour to the game, I guess a little bit of this wouldn't hurt:

                      Jakiro kills DK: Ggsgddsjkgdsj >


                      • #26
                        Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                        yeah i also disagree heavily.. wc3's voice acting was horrible rofl

                        i think the comparison alone is an insult
                        Pretty much this


                        • #27
                          Are you sure this is not a thread made due to nostalgia for nostalgia?
                          Yes some WC3 voices were quite much fun due to how humorous they were played, such as Zeus and his BEER BLOOD AND THUNDER.
                          But quality? Please?
                          Most of them did not have voices. It was sound effects. Do you honestly think the sound of rattling bones gave Clinkz any personality at all?
                          Oh boy Visage has such a great voice acting, he GROWLS at you in FIVE DIFFERENT TONES.


                          • #28
                            The voice acting is absolutely incredible. I can't stop playing Axe because his voice is so amazing. I always said, the best thing about Valve picking up Dota was the voice acting in Valve games. Dota 2's voices are brilliant


                            • #29
                              I couldn't imagine Queen of Pain's voice being any better than it is in DOTA 2.
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                              • #30
                                I really liked voice acting. Has many strong lines with cool sounds. Very impressive.