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Tidehunter level up phrases are in the wrong order

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  • Tidehunter level up phrases are in the wrong order

    When Tide levels up he proclaims he's so hungry he could eat a __, with some sea creature inserted in there. It seems implied that the creatures he could eat are getting bigger and bigger as he grows in levels. Now, i'm not sure about the relative sizes of a plankton and a diatom. I think plankton is made of lots of things some bigger and some smaller. It's the discrepancy at the end that i'm concerned about.

    At level 25, Tide is so hungry he could eat a plesiosaur. I know that sounds like it must be huge as it's a dinosaur and all, but it's not the biggest thing on Tidehunter's menu. The blue whale he hungered for at level 23 is bigger. Bigger than a dinosaur?! YES! The blue whale, topping out at 98' long and 170ish tons, is the largest animal that ever lived. EVER! It really should be the finale. It would dwarf a plesiosaur. It's twice as long, and instead of being all skinny neck, the blue whale is big and thick and strong, just like Tidehunter.

    In addition to that, whale sharks are definitely larger than colossal squid. 47000lbs whale shark vs 1000lbs squid. The whale shark is probably bigger even than a plesiosaur as well, as that thing was about the same length, but all skinny neck. However, since the plesiosaur is a dinosaur it's probably a bit more of a delicacy and would be eaten mostly on special occasions such as reaching level 24 instead of plain old level 23 where tide would most likely eat a whale shark.

    But that blue whale. It's huge. It's should be the culmination of Tide's menu.

    game is literally unplayable.

    Here is some reference material to the last four menu items ranging from largest to smallest.

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    david attenborough attests that the blue whale is far and away bigger than anything ever.


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      The plesiosaur line is unused. At level 25, he says "I'm stuffed".

      The current order is

      1. plankton
      2. diatom
      3. krill
      4. anchovy
      5. sea cucumber
      6. seagrape
      7. seahorse
      8. nautilus
      9. eel
      10. jellyfish
      11. mullet
      12. mackerel
      13. giant isopod
      14. tubeworm
      15. porpoise
      16. manatee
      17. oarfish
      18. walrus
      19. manta ray
      20. shark
      21. whale shark
      22. blue whale
      23. colossal squid
      24. stuffed
      Please, just call me buny.


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        thanks for the clarification on the plesiosaur line.

        I still think that 21 - 23 should be:

        21: colossal squid
        22: whale shark
        23: blue whale.

        I also think that a manatee probably has double the mass of even the largest oarfish. Though mostly i feel like it's a disservice to the blue whale to not put it at the end.