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"I came a long way to see you die." -Slardar

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  • "I came a long way to see you die." -Slardar

    i hear this occasionally, particulairly when a slardar ganks from another lane or when a slardar tps in for a gank/counter gank, but he's the only one i've heard that has something like this. are there going to be more lines like this for certain heroes or was this something that was just experimented with for slardar and kind of fell through as a part of voice work for other heroes?

    for those confused, slardar plays this line and another one when he (i'm actually not sure, but) travels a large number of units and gets a kill.

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    i think it may be because he comes from the "depths" and thats along way to go to get you.


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      no lol.. the files are called slar_longdistance_x.mp3


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        Yes, Slardar is quite damn unique in this one. There are a couple of heroes who have similar gimmicks: Kunkka can say something among the lines of "the fog didn't save you" when he kills with a well-placed Torrent, Tidehunter has "You look ravaged"for killin g with Ravage, Tinker has that damn annoying overspammed "Ooooh, they never miss" for HSM and various lines for Laser kills, Clockwerk brags about long-distance Flare kills... But this particular line, that depends on what was the hero doing before getting the kill, is actually quite unique, i think the closest to that are lines for escaping with Shadow Blade(well, Ursa has them, dunno for the rest).
        Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


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          Maybe we'll see a return of this line for heroes like KoTL who teleport other heroes to him.
          Originally posted by 1337_n00b View Post
          There are a couple of heroes who have similar gimmicks:
          Don't forget Witchdoctor!

          Wait for it... Waaait for it!

          I, for one, welcome our new Russian overlords.