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Heroes speech lines.

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  • Heroes speech lines.

    Hello testers.

    After awhile playing this game i feel there is lacking in dota 2 in terms of the diversity of languages. in dota, there are elven/troll/orc languages. things like "andufalah" (or at least thats how i hear it) makes the game very much more interesting, as we know each character has its unique phrase. now everything they say is understandable and kills the mystery air of certain heroes.

    i know those lines are blizzard's property, but i am suggesting that valve makes a greater and improved lore of heroes and just a few words of their own language to be put in the game. anything good is appreciated, so long it makes a hero truly 'unique' from another in terms of language/race not just in skills and backgrounds.


    p/s:i really miss specter's gibberish talk. now she speaks english.

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    Spectre talks in reversed. Some lines of Spectre in Dota 2 is also reversed.
    EX: That's a good idea, okay one more time please. , Twice.

    Weaver does has some insect-ish lines.
    EX: Checklichicklilehechiaz. , Hechehchchehka!

    Shadow Shaman also has some lines in his language.
    EX: Suluchi-nomus-fotri-cali! , Moto-hay-yiyah-yoya-taykiyahmeh.

    Invoker, when he use his spell, he sometimes says magic lines.
    EX: Sadron's Protracted Frisson! , Myrault's Hinder-Gast!

    Warlock also talk in another language sometimes.
    EX: Karabas kor koramond!, Zan korobos kor koramord!

    Witch Doctor also has a line:

    I don't want any heroes to be completely foreign like Broodmother in Dota 1, but some lines with her exotic voices won't hurt. This applies to all heroes.
    Last edited by ShadowThanatos; 01-29-2012, 09:14 AM.


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      well, i can only catch specter speaking normally, with maybe the effects of her sound like in dota 1 but never really as interesting as her old voices. and really? i didnt notice them at all. might be my oblivious self or just it isnt as catchy as how those lines are compared in dota. how about mirana? or natures prophet?

      if this post made you mad sir, then i apologize.


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        double post.
        Last edited by Kaedy92; 01-29-2012, 10:50 PM.


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          Nah, I was mad at first.

          It is still in beta, you may suggest for ideas for those lines if you want them.
          "HUMAN ELEMENT"


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            Mystery air? Can you care to expand on that?

            I know people managed to grow attached to voiceless characters, but there has to be more than just complete blankness to make real personalities.
            Last edited by Frump; 01-29-2012, 02:10 PM.


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              @ShadowThanatos thank you, i believe i heard some of them already. but currently might be 10-15 lines in - half the heroes roster? i think adding more wont hurt.

              @Frump i take specter as an example (she is my fav character in dota), she speaks in a very weird way that its not understandable, which gives me the impression (opinion) that specter is very mysterious and very cool. i believe her hero dialogues in dota is one of the major factor i play her more often than any other carries.


              • #8
                Oh. Well, she's still fairly difficult to understand. Mysterious characters are fine and good but I do think it can be overdone. I guess its about striking a certain balance.