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A Treatise on the Language of Skeletones

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  • A Treatise on the Language of Skeletones

    Open your jaws and shut them. What do you hear? The familiar clickity-clack of teeth on teeth, bone on bone.

    How then that the mighty Skeleton King speaks, as though he were some mere ventriloquist's puppet?

    Millenia of rich cultural heritage is being trampled upon by the perverse rewriting of history. Skeletone language is an intricate web of clicks, this been established through decades of laborious research and observation by many of humanity's greatest minds. Heavy tomes record the syntax and diction of the language of skeletones, and yet these game-makers have seen fit to ignore this wealth of knowledge, opting instead for falsity and deceit.

    FACT: Skeletones have no vocal chords

    As you can see with your own eyes, simple logic dictates that skeletones are incapable of uttering human languages. What thought is more absurd? What might they next hoist over our eyes and our ears?

    We can be sure, however, that even had they the physical capability, skeletones would not handicap themselves with the clunky languages of flesh.

    FACT: The crackling bones of the Skeleton King resonate in the hearts of his enemies

    What pride and malice would drive them to do this? I know not, my friends; I can only humbly beseech you to demand that they make right the grave wrongs they have perpetrated against truth.

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    Stop it.
    Its like veawer and etc. Its made for more effect and fun...
    Dota 2 Content


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        "Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter."


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          A fascinating piece regarding physiological mechanics of Le Skeletones. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
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            Your hypothesis on the Osseus Sceletus is engrossing.

            But good sir, I would counter your arguments quite simply with the following: firstly, although logic dictates the impossibility of vocalizing speech, that very same logic indicates the same difficulty in one such skeleton being capable of movement. You would respond, naturally, that this motion is not unaided - then why, pray tell, can the speech not be formed through mystical means as well? Secondly you put forward that the mastery of speech would be a handicap but I beg to differ. Regardless of their individual strength, they would still have to rely upon allies who are often capable of, or at the very least understand, speech.

            I, for one, welcome our new Russian overlords.


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              This has been bugging me too - but mostly with clinkz.

              Skeleton King/Clinkz are heroes that would sensibly respond with "clakity clack." But I guess if you go way back to Mr. Leoric's original incarnation he was somewhere in the middle - unable to enunciate but was capable of a "snarl" of sorts when attacking:

              Ultimately I like the idea of both heroes getting voices and becoming more interactive, but if the powers that be want to leap forward and implement an actual skeleton language as you've hinted at (surely someone out there has wasted the time), that'd be sweet too (with subtitles)


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                The lack of a certain organ is but a minor setback for King Ostarion, you bone-bag.
                Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.


                Visit the Dota 2 Lore Megathread. Renovation ongoing.


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                    According to the original lore Leoric was a good king for his people untill a certain villain that names a Blizzard game we all expect to be launched soon (not telling the name) corrupted him, drove him mad until his servants were forced to commit regicide. Of course the villain didn't let poor Leo to rest in peace(s) so he brought him back to rule his army of undead and cause havoc and chaos. So according to the lore Leo was brought back as a skeleton but is controlled by a darker power soooooooooo

                    When i think of possession after all the horror movies i've seen i suggest a grave voice, but with an echo, like it`s resonating from inside his skull, ok he is dead, his body is decayed, he has no vocal chords, but he is controlled by a demon. His voice tone is too soft atm imo... Imagine him with a voice as grave as Doom's for example and with sound effects similar to Krobelus

                    Ok so now you'll say yeah, but that`s the old lore which has nothing to do with this game.

                    The fix can be very easily done with a small change to the current lore which shouldn't be that hard to do: The current lore says:
                    "The victim of a longevity spell that backfired, the Skeleton King Ostarion has built an empire from the bones of his enemies. He lives only to extend his reach,"

                    And the change would be:
                    "The victim of a longevity spell that backfired, the Skeleton King Ostarion has repossessed his long decayed body to build an empire from the bones of his enemies. He returned only to extend his reach,"


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                      He's a walking skeleton. A magical force allows him to move and attack. That same magical force allows him to speak. What's so hard to imagine ?


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                        The Skeleton King speaks because otherwise he could not bid THE PEASANTS good day while he KILLS THEM ALL FOR THEIR GOLD.


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                          LOL Map Hack in the WC3 DotA Screen Shot!!!


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                            This never gets old.


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                              skeletons dont get up and walk around so i guess we can let this slide
                              ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your hype ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ