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The "LEARN" dialogue.

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  • The "LEARN" dialogue.

    Alright, this has to be corrected. When you select a hero in the LEARN section (not everyone yet), they now start to speak. They all have multiple lines they can speak, at random.
    This is no problem, but i think there are some small tweaks needed:

    1. First sentence should be short, like, "Hello" or " I rise!" or whatever. Because atm, if i want to check ex. Warlock, he can go into this long tedious rant that lasts forever, that
    i really don't want to hear when i only want to check how much HP his summons has quickly.

    2. Having their different lines at random is fine, but make it so that if you want to hear them all, that they do -every- line they have before they start over.
    So not(as it is now):
    "I am a monster, as was my granny and her family, i will tell you of that story in moment, here i go...blabla!"
    "I rise!"
    "I am a monster, as was my granny and her family, i will tell you of that story in moment, here i go...blabla!"

    Instead should be:
    "I rise!"
    "I am a monster, as was my granny and her family, i will tell you of that story in moment, here i go...blabla!"
    And next time could be(if you absolutly want it not be a set line of dialouge):
    "I am a monster, as was my granny and her family, i will tell you of that story in moment, here i go...blabla!"
    "I rise!"

    I hope this is contributing and not just nitty complaining, it's not really -that- important, but it could be fixed rather easily when someone has the time i assume.
    Last edited by Svampsoppa; 02-19-2012, 06:33 AM.

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    +1, I was suprised when i clicked invoke and he started giving me a few sentences of lore as opposed to the previous few who gave me 1 or 2 sentences.


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      The lines they use for in the Learn tab are the so called 'rare lines'. Some, such as Alchemist, have only short ones, while others have pretty long ones, such as Storm Spirit and Invoker. Since not all heroes actually say them yet (for example Outworld Destroyer and Dragon Knight remain quiet when they are selected in the learn tab), I think they are still trying to work out where they can fit those rare lines.

      Iin my opinion, the learn tab is a good place to put them, although I can understand how the longer ones can become annoying when you only want to check something real quick. It is worth noting, by the way, that you can interrupt heroes by clicking their portrait a second time, at which point they will say another line. So if you know it is a very long one, you can cick it again and the next one might be shorter. Alternatively, they can say a longer one or even the exact same one again.
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        To be honest the voice is a nice touch but it can get annoying quickly. Sometimes I check a hero and it starts rambling and rambling.


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          This is great. Ascending order of length of voice clips. Don't see a reason why not.