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Valve overdoing way too many puns/jokes in hero dialogue?

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  • Handsome devil aren't I.
    I appear to have found the melting point of Crystal Maiden

    The puns make the game 100% awesome. Leave them in

    I just wish Valve would do something related to Lion's finger of death. Something like "I just gave you the finger" or "Don't point the finger at me for that one". Lion is my favourite char, and he doesn't really say that many puns, and says almost nothing related to the finger of death
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    • If you dont chuckle at the silly stuff the heroes say, including the hilariously bad puns ('Bottle Royale' when QOP bottles a rune), then your soul is probaly dead and you require medical assistance.


      • I agree- puns all they way. They make the game much more interesting and kinda unique. It's the games "identity" if you ask me.

        Some char. need more of it though. The one mentioned ^ with the lions "Don't point the finger at me for that one" is more than fitting for him. I chuckle even just for thinking how he would say that.
        Hence came forth a cloudy mist to devour the very essence of the futures fortune in the city of the mind, yet a single thought like a golden lance piersed the all devouring veil and it's existance came to an end. As the mist dispersed into nothingness the writer shook his head as he took his quill - now that the mind was clear it was time to write again...


        • wow buddy.. If you have such of a problem with the hero dialogues, just turn of the unit speech.


          • Gotta say I'm with the majority here. Those voices in Dota 2 make the heroes seem more "alive" than their Dota 1 counterparts.



              I have to agree with OP though im almost fine with it.
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              • I personally love the hero dialogue.


                • why doesnt venomancer have a line that says 'i talk sick'


                  • Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                    why doesnt venomancer have a line that says 'i talk sick'
                    More importantly, why does he have a line that says "impaled"?
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                    • Many people seem to be misunderstanding what's going on in this thread.

                      Jokes and puns are actually amazing, and that's a fact also since they're made by Valve

                      The thing being discussed here is about THERE ARE TOO MANY. There's too much humour in-game, people arguing about it (like me and OP for instance) just want it to be a little more serious. OFC we love that stuff, OFC we love some sense of humour, jokes and sarcasm, OFC we love the way Valve gives personality to all their characters, that's one of the main things that make Valve so awesome at, but not "24/7". Getting it now?


                      • I like how most people simply jump on the bandwagon. "They are saying op is a stupid. They are saying silly puns are nice. Yeah, yeah, I'm with them, fuck you op, you are stupid, I love those really STUPID puns."
                        Last edited by OrangeSky; 05-09-2012, 09:28 AM.


                        • This is hardly a dark game by design. Valve does this since, as serious and edgy as you make a game appear, fact of the matter is that online play often becomes pure silliness. That, and it helps distinguish characters when you have such a big cast to flesh out.

                          You can't call Dota 1 darker in that regard, either. Everything that ever was in that game was a simple byproduct of Warcraft III, a game that -- at the end of the day -- didn't take itself entirely seriously.

                          (A difference in opinion is not a bandwagon~)
                          Last edited by Frump; 05-10-2012, 07:51 AM.


                          • More good than bad.
                            It is kinda understandable when a hero, that was all his life mastering fire is so much concentrated on it.
                            It is too noticeable only at some points. For instance the "I'll save it for next season" line when ench bottles a rune. Kind of forced pun. But hey, I can't come up with a better one.
                            Most of this stuff really enhances the uniqueness of heroes and overall VA quality.


                            • no its not to much ITS AWESOME


                              • A lot of the puns work well enough for me, especially if I compare them to the competition, though it also helps that most heroes have about 10 minutes worth of voice acting so you don't nearly hear the same lines as often as in other games of this genre.

                                My personal favorite lines are the ones that seem COMPLETELY out of place in a fantasy setting. I laughed for a good minute after I got a kill as Razor and he said "Zapped yo ass!". Another great example would be Necrolytes "You're a dirty bitch, Omniknight"