Probably one of the most minor bugs ever, but whatever.

Abaddon has a response rule for when he dies to Mist Coil and the killing hero is Abaddon.

Response abaddon_DeathIsAbaddonCoilIsEnemyAbaddon
	scene "scenes/abaddon/abaddon_abad_deathcoil_08.vcd" nodelay noscene 
	scene "scenes/abaddon/abaddon_abad_deathcoil_09.vcd" nodelay noscene 
	scene "scenes/abaddon/abaddon_abad_deathcoil_10.vcd" nodelay noscene 

Rule abaddon_DeathIsAbaddonCoilIsEnemyAbaddon_Rule
	criteria Death Isabaddon IsAbaddonCoil IsEnemyAbaddon
	response abaddon_DeathIsAbaddonCoilIsEnemyAbaddon
A neat little thing which makes him say special lines when denying hismelf with Mist Coil.

However, the criteria do not specify precisely. The conditions are just "dying to Mist Coil from an Abaddon". This means, he also uses those lines when an enemy Abaddon kills him with Mist Coil.

An additional condition would be needed which limits it to a Mist Coil cast by self only.

I'm not entirely sure, but maybe changing "IsEnemyAbaddon" to "IsAllyAbaddon" would fix it.