Anti-Mage has some unused responses which could be used.

1. Anti_haste_02: "The winds of virtue speed my steps."

- Could be used as a rare haste rune response. It's neither theme-breaking, nor is it hard to understand which rune it is.

2. Anti_illus_02: "I'll turn their magic against them."

- Could be used as a rare illusion rune response. Fits the theme and his most common playstyle (get fast manta for the mana break value).
- Could be used as a secondary battle begin/IsGameStart response. Would fit very well here.
- Could be used as a CastOrder response, would be kind of wasted though.

3. Anti_ability_manavoid_08: "Thou hath borrowed heavily against thy soul."

- Could be used as a rare Mana Void kill response. There are already responses for double/tripple/ultra kill with Mana Void. This could be used for a single kill, or a rampage.

4. Anti_resist_01 / Anti_resist_02 / Anti_resist_03 / Anti_resist_04: "Thy magic harms me not." / "I resist thy sorcery." / "Thou art a poor speller." / "Easily resisted."

- Could be used as rare responses upon Spell Shield proccing (when scepter-upgraded), upon blocking/reflecting a spell. Due to how often this can happen in a game with scepter, a low proc chance would probably be better.

5. Anti_level_06 / Anti_level_08 / Anti_level_09: *Laughter*

- Simple laughing, could be added to the laughing responses, instead of having them unused. Originally ment as leveling up responses, but it kind of doesn't fit.