Here are suggestions for some of unused Beastmaster responses

1. Why are his Wild Axes cast responses unused? They work well in-game. His exert responses could be used here as well.

beas_ability_axes_01: "Axes wild!"
beas_ability_axes_03: "My blades fly!"
beas_ability_axes_04: "Boomeraxe."
beas_ability_axes_05: "Wingblade."
beas_ability_axes_06: "Heyuhh!"
beas_exert_01: "Hoaarr"

2. Similarly, why are his rare immortality, haste rune and invis rune lines not enabled? They fit quite well, and are clear on what they are. There are heroes with much less clear responses and have their lines still enabled. Like the others, they should have a 25% chance of occuring.

beas_immort_02: "A strict no-kill policy."
beas_haste_02: "Fast as falcon wings."
beas_invis_02: "Even eagle eyes couldn't see me."

3. Again similar, some of Beastmaster's pain responses are not enabled. He is basically a feral being, so they fit him well.

beas_pain_09: "Eaow!"
beas_pain_11: "Heaa!"
beas_pain_12: "Hooer!"
beas_pain_13: "Owwaeh!"
beas_pain_15: "Hererere!"

4. Beastmaster is a man from the wild. He has many lines where he just makes noises (growling and similar). How about using them as move and attack responses, but with a lower proc chance?

The following would fit as move responses

beas_anger_01: "Heereh."
beas_anger_05: "Heneneh."
beas_anger_06: "Eurgh"
beas_happy_01: "Heh."
beas_ability_failure_01: "Herreh."

And these would fit as attack responses

beas_anger_02: "Heararaeh."
beas_anger_03: "Harreh."
beas_anger_04: "Heranene."
beas_ability_failure_02: "Heh-noo!"
beas_ability_failure_03: "Errehehehh."

And this one would work as a level up response

beas_ability_animalsound_02: "Aroo arooew!"

5. This line would fit well as a Spawn line

beas_ability_callwild_01: "Beasts, to me!"

And this line would fit as a BattleBegins line

beas_ability_callwild_02: "Wild ones, come!"

6. This one pain response would work well as an allied response towards Bristleback

beas_pain_14: "Hey, you poked me!"

7. I know these aren't enable for thematic reasons, but they still could be enabled as an easter egg, with a 1% chance of happening, and not happeing more than once per game. Talking about these rare lines which play upon repeatedly selecting the hero.

beas_rare_04: "Basshunter, on the hunt."
beas_rare_05: "Basshunter, on the hunt."