1. Bloodseeker has this rivalry responses:

Blod_rival_14: "Ah, there is no blood in this."

It's currently hooked up to Wisp only (20% chance).

How about adding more heroes to it, since Wisp isn't the only bloodless hero? It should then have a lower proc chance as well, like 5% or 10%. Other possible heroes are:

* Tiny
* Outworld Devourer
* Treant Protector
* Morphling
* Clinkz
* Pugna

2. There are some Bloodrage and Blood Bath responses which are unused. They could be used as Blood Rite kill responses.

Blod_ability_blodrage_02: "Like the taste of blood?"
Blod_ability_blodbath_04: "I bathe in your blood."
Blod_ability_blodrage_03: "Choke!"

3. Bloodseeker's rare rune responses are unused

Don't see a reason for this. At least the DD and Regen ones have no reason to be unused

Blod_doubdam_02: "Twice the blood shall I shed."
Blod_regen_02: "I am renewed in a font of blood!"