Grimstroke has 7 responses for purchasing a Dagon. All 7 are currently used for level 1 Dagon only.

But listening to the responses, I feel like at least 4 of them were meant for Dagon 2, 3, 4 and 5.

These are fitting for Dagon 1:

grimstroke_item_04 Dagon.
grimstroke_item_04_02 Dagon.
grimstroke_item_05 Hello Dagon, my old friend.

This for Dagon 2: grimstroke_item_05_04 More Dagon.

This for Dagon 3: grimstroke_item_05_02 They have no idea.

This for Dagon 4: grimstroke_item_05_03 I almost feel bad for our enemies.

This for Dagon 5: grimstroke_item_05_05 Maximum Dagon.